What QoL improvement would you like to see?

Hearing Quality of Life improvements more and more I wondered what ideas people have for QoL?
Maybe just maybe we can collect enough good ideas to warrant a QoL patch. I mean we had one that was I think widely accepted, so why not show we can go for a round 2.

Everything goes and we try to not rip each other apart so that it goes on for a decent while, k?

In addition here a few of mine:
-AR/Weaponbalance: Thanks to shambala happening more often I realized how out of wack some weapons are and how poor others perform. Most obvious contender is AR and while a lot of people might not like having their AR get weaker the overpowering capability of it sucks the fun out of Shamabala and probably other pvp maps in general. They have incredible range and nothing is more frustrating than getting hit by a grenade crit for 60k or more.
That said how to balance it I think is better left in hands that have the experience with it but balance is needed else you amplify the imbalance with every content release

-A vendor in the kaidan orochi housing project. With all vendors sitting on the north or west end of the map the south and east are completly without vendor. Take one of those vending machines and place it either in the housing project, the place furthest from any other vendor, or in the docks for people using keys. Heck I take both. But as a free to play Kaidan is frustrating in how it spreads vendors, especially on keyruns.

-A small thing I realized during the grind of chainsaw. The chainsaw mission in Blue Mountain breaks if you pause it, not giving you chainsaw after restarting the mission. Minor thing but equally frustrating especially since chainsaw is one of the last grinding projects on my list.

First off i would make this a bug report. No mission is supposed to break =).

QoL i would like to see:

  • Bank access from the Museum of the Occult. More often than not i will go to the museum to do an upgrade, then realize that the special item needed is in my bank.
  • For upgraded items to go back to their pre-upgrade inventory spot. I imagine this is a bigger undertaking however.
  • Once you have typed /g , for instance, I would love for the chat to change to group until another chat is chosen. Yes i know nobody wanna touch it, but one can dream =P.

If I could single down one QoL improvement that would have the most dramatic effect for me in the game it would be to bring back the usefulness of defensive glyphs (or stats as would be the case from a PvP standpoint). This is more then just relating to the PvP Equal footing buff though. In general having a significant advantage to using defensive glyphs in PvE for tanking or scenario builds would open up half of the gear grind for me in this game that is yet untouched due to there being no point in investing time into defensive glyphs and related gear. It would also open up a wide degree of theorycrafting possibilities for both PvE and PvP.


Weapon balancing, level scaling and gear change is QoL now? I think me and some of you put very different meaning in the term QoL.

Sin and I are on the same page it seems.

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My largest and oldest pet peeve is that my Pets constantly unsummon when changing zones. I want to keep my critter by my side. It’s not exactly difficult to resummon, it’s just annoying.


Based on the OPs initial topic I’ll assume he meant improvements to the game in a more broader sense including but not limited to what you would personally define as QoL. Personally I think QoL is subjective and in the purest sense of the term if it would improve the quality of your gameplay it meets the definition. Whether it is realistic or not is another matter entirely.

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I would like to see AR given the same range as Blood and Elemental, and balance passes all round on abilities and passives.

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More bank space and bank shared with alts.


I’d really love some more cabal controls. So stuff like more bank tabs that different ranks can access.

Then it’s basically the same as the suggestion thread…

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I want a console in the lobby of the museum where I can quickly check where I stand on my upgrades and what items I need.


Personally think the feedback thread at this point is completly bloated down. I want/wanted a more modern & more slimmed down slice of were people see corners. I keep notes here and if I find the time to skim through the nearly 900 posts on the feedback thread I see what is floating around there and than I would like to attempt formating it in a way that it’s sellable to the devs and they can sell it to the higher ups easier.
Bit foolish of a project but I think it’s worth a shoot and it should give me the chance to poke a little in what is doable but would cost a bit time and what is just not doable with the current system.

Doesn’t hurt to try. Should it get to similar to the feedback thread than the moderators still can move it, until than lets see what comes from it.
Be a small community Daimon and poke a little in the patching pie.

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My two cents on QoL. For me it means seemingly minor changes to existing systems. So no bugs, no balancing, no straight up new content or implementing old content. Maybe not what you went for, but it is what i put in the term. The others go under Feedback, Bugs and Larger suggestions.

From what was posted in OP i would say the first one is too big to be a simple QoL. The second one is QoL, and well, already said the last should be a bug report ;).

I will however agree the Feedback thread has gotten too bloated at this point. No way anyone will scroll through and see if their suggestion already exist.

Show crit chance on agent missions separately from success chance.
A bad luck counter for agents that’s not rng. (my attitude to <1% chance of drop: stop grinding. >100 tries for a guaranteed loot, but it might drop early? grind grind grind)

Account-wide sprint unlocks on the paid tiers.


Non-typed distillates, please. Every content in the game cound just drop generic distillates, then we could convert them (at a vendor or by any other way) to the distillate type we want. Basically, give us back Black Bullions.

@Leogrim It’s been at least 8 months that feedback about assault rifle inconsistencies has been delivered (the passive for Burst Fire is an example). I’m not sure Funcom are planning to do a balance patch soon.


I think that whilst it’s an attractive prospect from the player position, it’d have unexpected consequences for the amount and variety of content that was run. It’d promote the most efficient chest opening strategies and the less than optimal content would then have fewer players interested in doing it.

I think that the keys would mitigate it a little, but for example why bother with scenarios any more? If you could run a dungeon and level your glyphs/anything faster, then scenario keys would be the least valuable for time:reward. World bosses would be another one which would suffer.

My assumption is that funcom wants us running as many different types of content as possible. More players doing different content then makes it easier (in theory at least) for people to find groups, which means that people who have a strong preference for a certain type of group content are more likely to stay active in the game.

It’d potentially be a nice idea for agent rewards, but caches would probably give too much of a boost to patron status.

In TSW, you could upgrade your gear AND glyphs by running group content, and it was perfect. Scenarios won’t get more abandoned as they’re now since the rest of the content requires people to play with, while you can chain scenarios if you’re solo.

Your statement about: “scenarios will be the least efficient content to run” doesn’t seem like a problem to me. It is MEANT to be like that, it’s a solo content! How can it rival the XP you’d get out of group content that requires way more efforts? Besides, only hardcore people who know how to run dungeons efficiently will beat the XP provided by scenarios anyway.

World bosses? They’re a way to use lair keys for undergeared people, won’t change a thing if distillates were generic there as well.

Now, my point: what if i don’t ever need weapon distillates anymore because i’ve got 7 lvl 70 weapons and i don’t know what to do with those distillates? I’d like to at least get talisman distillates instead, you know.

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I remember TSW very well, and if it was such a great system then why did funcom feel the need to change it? Best guess is that it didn’t work out as intended. TSW had the augment system to encourage people into scenarios. SWL uses the attraction of it being the fastest way to level up your glyphs. With the new tier system of elites, you don’t have to be hardcore to run dungeons, and they give the same level of distillates, so there’s no extra efficiency required. Hell, you can even do lower tiered elite runs if you really want to pick up the pace.
Making something which is done solo or duo actively worse than 5 player content is another great way to alienate players. If a group feels that their preferred play style is being penalised, that’s not really going to encourage them to remain with the title.

World Bosses would suffer because there would be fewer geared people bothering with them. As they are they’re only worth it as a high IP player if you’re in the summoning group. Reduce that incentive and that will make World Bosses even longer, more tedious fights. That’s not a great way to attract the undergeared people you mention.

I agree that it would be nice for us to not get distillates we feel we don’t need any more. I’d question the idea you’re never going to use them again, because there’s always the option of levelling more items. Hell, it’s what we did in TSW before sitting on hundreds of thousands of BB is it?

But my point remains that what a player wants isn’t necessarily the best for game design. There’s plenty of people who’d happily just sit in agartha and push a button marked “LOOT”, but it’s not going to be great for retaining players. To attract the widest base of interests, you need to offer variety. Making it so that one game activity is vastly more attractive than others doesn’t really help - which is why the big raid loot is limited to a weekly thing for example. They want the incentive to run it there, but they don’t want to make something which is the best thing to do all of the time.

And do you really think that SWL is doing better right now? Let me enlighten you: the itemization is totally broken from day 1. The itemization alone is i bet one of the main reasons so many people left the game and won’t ever get back. If TSW “failed” so hard, it’s probably not because of its itemization, you’re just using this fact for your argument by betting that people would trust that.

That’s the best joke i saw on the forums so far. So you’re basically stating that it’s as easy to get an efficient group of 5 people (1 very skilled sustain tank and 4 beasty DDs) and be able to perform E9 (or rather E10) dungeon runs in 20min maximum (the time it takes to do 2 E10 scenarios, the dungeon gives 7 distillates and 2 scenarios give 8 so it’s basically equivalent, but a scenario lasts 11-12 min). How about no? There are very few experienced and skilled people to make dungeon runs as fast as scenarios.

That’s called incentive and challenge. The game needs both. People don’t give a sh.t about grind if they play solo, period, they lock themselves up from dungeons and lairs / regionals anyway. The game in its current state is doing worse than TSW during its last year, and the reason is because of the lack of content and of challenges. By the way, solo players are already being “alienated” since endgame players just make s much more mof out of dungeons & regional agents, etc… In every single healthy MMORPG that has existed so far, the group content always had and must have the highest rewards. If you want the solo content to have the same rewards, then nobody will do group content anymore. Also, SWL isn’t a solo game - for people looking for solo games, there are lots of better games (check the Witcher 3), at least one won’t wine about group content locking them down from progressing at the same speed.

Not at all. WB still give regional sized distillates, and it’s still way more XP than E1-E4 dungeon spam, or even E1-E4 scenario spam.

That has NOTHING to do with my solution. The HP of WB has to be tuned by Funcom, so you should rather complain to them about these issues.

Until there are no more players in the game?

Variety would only be offered if they bring back the missing TSW content. For the rest, as i said, the itemization of the game is totally messed up because it is built for monetization, this part is everything BUT player friendly at the moment.

Except that it always existed no matter what, the best example being people running the first 1-2 bosses in dungeons because of how annoying the rest of the bosses are (also why i laughed about your statement about dungeons being already more efficient for XP then scenarios, which is far from true for full runs, and most of people do full runs now since expensive agent dossiers can drom from the last boss). If people want to minmax something, give them the option to do so in the way they want, instead of forcing everyone to do boring half-assed content (i’m talking about scenarios here) just to progress glyphs.


I already play the content I want to play, the outcome of the current system was “my gear is just imbalanced”, I have max mythic glyphs and max legendary signets due to playing regionals periodically (I’d say I do 3-4 lairs a week and then 13x multiply the regional summons that drop) and scenarios almost never (I ran the E10s once each to unlock achievements).

Of course I agree with @Szalord that it’d be nice if dungeons had proportionate loot for the time input they have… particularly the imbalance from boss 1 to boss 5 (identical loot, 5x as much hp) is not a good way to incentivize doing proper dungeon runs. Curving it like tsw (1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 6 BB per boss iirc in Pol) brings that back within reason but would almost require an overhaul of how distillates work to make them more like BBs.

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