What’s one thing Conan is missing that it could really use

-Mummy of the ring
-markets where you can trade basic materials for materials in big scales
-this: https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/2764620.jpg
-SHIPS!!! You can have different tiers with different properties (trade ships with plenty of storage room, ramming ships that are fast and can be used to ram into other ships, warships that you can equip different siege weapons with)

Sheathed weapon display on character back.

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I was going to post, but you said this so well @CodeMage.

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I also agree with this… I don’t think that this sort of direction is what FC was ever going for and I think the game is good as it is on the survival front.

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I’m not going to go with Huge Gameplay, UI interface or changes like that, I am sure there will be dogpiles of those. Here are a couple of my little ones:

-More culinary recipes and expansion of poultry, milk, dairy and a few other things as well as some farming. There are a lot of simple recipes and food gathering things that could have been expanded upon that would be very welcome by a great number of players (from what I have observed). Although, only minor changes in terms of actual game play, I am sure there are people who enjoy the culinary part of the game and having fellow clan mates look in the fridge and remarking on how well stocked with 4-5 star restaurant meals for their survival and enjoyment.

-Don’t laugh at this, but an outhouse or privy mechanic. Some sort of sanitation measure that must be present in a camp of a certain size footprint which would prevent debuffs of followers and players who spend more than a certain amount of time within the footprint. Hey, I am not saying anything about the animations of excrement, just something sort of symbolic that takes care of nasty stuff in the water and food. The thrall pot was somewhat symbolic, but simpler in that once placed it doesn’t need any more attending. It could produce Grubs I suppose. Or it could be something away from the footprint, if you want to go the other way with it.

Yeah, nah. The only survival thing is drinking because it has 10 drinks in the pouch, unless you get rng luck for a special drop. The rest is button mash gameplay and building.

I wouldn’t mind a DLC that includes “civilian” clothes based on the already released DLCs, as well as a few more placeables.

The ability to have snake pets. Talk about breaking canon.