What to do with report abusers (official server)

yeah this! , apologies for not typing it more clearly x.x

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Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile: ,im gonna talk with my friends we play in same clan to see if we de spawn any resource , i have a question , we have 2 buildings in the starter river and other than palm trees and puddles (no big rock formations) are we ok :o ?

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i want to thank you and everyone that replied my post , i appreciate it! :slight_smile: , ill ask the people if anyone have pictures of the threatening , and i truly wish for peace with the new players


You sure can appeal a ban, but by time you appeal it. All your bases are already gone. Everybody on the server has most likely looted all your stuff, so damage done.


NP and it is actually my pleasure.

If we want a better game, that means we gotta rally and defend against the toxic jerks that abuse the system.


Wow. You really did look at that and say “nah, I’ll be fine spamming a row of foundations without building anything on top”.

Here are some quotes from the official posts about rules, but I’ll add some underlining that wasn’t there:

At this point, I’m reminded of something @Taemien said recently, something I sort of disagreed with him about:

And he seems to have been right about at least some of you. Anyone who has actually read the rules and still comes up with the idea that they can put down a row (or any arrangement) of foundations specifically intended to prevent other people from building there and for no other purpose – anyone like that is beyond help when it comes to “clarification of rules”.

No, my solution is to obey the rules of the servers you’re on. If you’re on a private server and the admin says that you’re gonna get banned from that server if your character doesn’t wear a pink-dyed armor on Wednesdays, then you either wear that armor on Wednesdays, or you don’t play on that server on Wednesdays. Or you get banned.

The rules for official servers are publicly posted. The mechanism for requesting admin action is described in those rules. If someone break the rules and you want that dealt with, you report them. If you don’t report them, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be dealt with. If you break the rules to deal yourself and someone reports you, you’ll get banned.

You can play the game free of any rules in single-player, co-op, or on any server without rules. Some private servers don’t have rules. Others do. Official servers also have rules. You get what you pay for. More importantly, you get what Funcom is legally obliged to provide you, and the EULA is very, very clear on that.

Yes, I am. None of that has anything to do with what you replied to, as usual. @Foggy presented a case where he broke the rules to prevent someone else from breaking the rules. I replied to that. Then you replied to me with all the usual stuff you say without any regard for what we were actually discussing. As usual.

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I really cannot speak on whether you are or not within guidelines as the guidelines are incredibly unclear.

I know people who have been banned for blocking a goat spawn. Goat. Spawn. Not babies (no babies!), not 1 or 3 skulls or any other specialized spawn.

I also know that there have been noob river bases of 4x4 that have been devwiped for no justifiable reason.

Use your best judgment and adhere to the spirit of the rules. No guarantees as we have been learning Despite what some others say here there are honest stories.


I was able to appeal a ban and did not lose my base. They even told me exactly what part of my base caused the ban and I went in and fixed it.

There is a difference of how the reports are responded to because I got a ban without a delete while others have gotten a ban and delete and still others have gotten a delete without a ban…so that part is upto the Admin that is handling the report.


Tuis is where i get confuses by the “Everyone on server is getting banned” gripes. If that is true, then how can everybody loot the decayed/destroyed bases?

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I guess i am jaded. Because the ones griping are usually the offline raiders. And tbh, alot of the ToS reporters are ones that keep getting offlined by them. So i guess the offline meta has finally been countered by the report meta. Stop offlning, and be surprised how ToS reports will go down.

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It happened to us but we weren’t raiders. The only clan we raided was one that had not only used exploits against us for months, but hired (actually paid) someone to Ruin System wipe us.

Based on what he said to me the day of the suspension, I’m pretty sure he was the one who reported us as well. And it killed the server. From having a queue some days to literally having zero people on right now.

Other clans were so disgusted by both the repeated hack-wiping by this guy but also the unfair banning of our clan, that they all left officials. One bitter guy ruined the server and Funcom helped him to do it.

Too bad, because it was a super fun server, with no other toxic behavior, other than this one dude.

I’ve asked Funcom to please clarify what content we blocked (our suspension was due to “land claim abuse: blocking content”) but they have not answered me. But I know we weren’t blocking any content other than a couple of iron nodes, but this was up north in an area with a lot of iron around, so that shouldn’t have caused a block imo.

It was bad enough to be wiped repeatedly by hackers, but then to get suspended without a clear answer about why is just unsettling. We’re looking for a good private server but Funcom really needs to get it together. This is a great game, but the support is really lacking.

prettt sure you dont have the actual numbers like FC does. Again, resaerch done earlier in thread said about 2 per day over the last month of new complaint posts. so 120 new compliants out of how many new threads?

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Arguably this is one of the few pvp games of its kind that you can actually be online to defend. Other games are 24/7 raid windows so offlining is just a normal thing because you can’t expect someone to be 24/7. So if you are looking for a survival pvp game then this is your best bet because it gives you chance to get on a put up a fight. There is no simple answer to address offline raiding it is what it is. That’s why you don’t see that many people other than you complain about it. It’s part of the game so to say the reporting is caused by offlining is nonsense. Even in your post you are admitting that it’s a current meta in the game that can’t be countered. At least if you get offline raided you still have a base location and maybe a secret stash to rebuild with.

if you want another 35 hour job, then yes i can be online. But gaming for many people is escape fro job. If i want a part time job, ill do data entry at 15$ an hour.

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Not really, those 24/7 games are built around that. Where recovering is another work week. Taking 1 fay off to lose 30 hours of pkay is just bad game design.

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I understand what you are saying. The raid dynamics could use a lot of tlc but these are two very different issues.

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Yeah, that totally doesn’t make any sense, because we obviously all play on the same server, so it couldn’t be that some servers are much better and some aren’t. Good job disproving this, that’ll show those nasty people!


Whether the servers in general are better off now, I can’t say, as I’ve only been playing on officials for about a year.

But this is what happened when the hacker who paid Ruin System to hack us over and over again (literally pulling stuff out of locked chests and vaults without breaking them, dropping bombs on us from vast distances, speeding around, passing through mesh, etc.) reported us apparently and Funcom suspended our clan.

Our clan left and these hackers attacked every other clan, and at least 4 other clans that I know of left the server in disgust. You can see the server was doing great before this. Now - it’s a dead server.

Instead of solving the Ruin System hacker problem, Funcom punished the people trying to create a community of players having fun. So, the entire community left.

It was incredibly disappointing.

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