Where do I find or how do I make the Exceptional Hardened Lemurian Sword?

I have the receipt to make the Lemurian Sword.
The Volcanic Forge show you can make the Legendary Hardened Lemurian Sword, but you need a Exceptional Hardened Lemurian Sword to make it. But I can’t find anywhere where it states how to make or where to find one.
Can anyone help me out on this one please.

I think you might need a T3 Lemurian Blacksmith to make exceptionals… which is stupid. Progression problems are one of many problems with this game.

Where u get the recipe from? To craft any exceptional weapon u need a t3 blacksmith . But the lemurian sword that u learn from witch queen in the epic version requires a handle which u can craft at lvl 60,.or someone that is lvl 60 can craft for u. The other lemurian sword that u learn in dagons dungeon ( sunken city) , requires other things as well , like scales… so which sword u wanna craft?

The Exceptional Hardened Lemurian Sword, so I can take it to the Volcano and make the Legendary Heardened Lemurian Sword at the Obsidian Forge.

Do you play in an official server or a modded one?
In the volcanic forge on official servers u can only craft obsidian composite…
No weapons or tools since a really long time

There’s no “Legendary Hardened Lemurian Sword”. Since Lemurian sword does not have different qualities it must be the Hardened Steel Sword. It should be the flawless version, unless Legendary is missing…

This says it’s made in the Blacksmith’s Bench and that you need a T4 blacksmith to make the flawless version. I’ll ask other wiki editors about the Legendary quality.

If you do mean the lemurian sword, it’s missing any qualities whatshowever. Be sure to let me know in that case!

I do mean “Legendary Hardened Lemurian Sword” Which is made at the Volcanic Forge. To do it you have to get the recipe from the Witch Queen, where you learn the basic Lemurian Sword. The issue is, at the Volcanic Forge it says you need a Exceptional Hardened Lemurian Sword to Craft the Legendary one. But I can’t find any place in game, on Redit, this forum, Wiki or any other location as to where the EXCEPTIONAL HARDENED Lemurian Sword is crafted or found so you can make the Legendary one.

From Estha:
There is no exceptional or flawless version for the lemurian sword, and the basic version is already “Epic”. None of the craftable weapons have a legendary quality, not the late game things I checked, except Havoc and Malice or WW blades, daggers of Dagon, hook sword…

no weapon can be crafted at the volcanic forge anymore

Could you specify the details mentioned in the following post:

Also, are you playing on live or testlive? A screenshot would be nice.

I Play on a Private Server with Mods, so I guess it’s a Mod Issue and I will have to try to figure out which Mod has it. It’s one of the following mods wew use;


Less Building Placement Restrictions




LitMan Loot Legendary Chests


Glass Constructions and more…


Stygian Building Kit


LitMan Level One Fifty Six




Conan Sexiles 3.1.4


Savage Steel


Emberlight 1.1.9


IMMERSE RP & Building Décor






This way they can fix it and add the Exceptional to their Mod otherwise you can’t make the final weapon.

https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/901911361/1743352529785787507/ maybe?

@One_Pissed_off_user The forums mainly deal with vanilla gameplay and it is highly unlikely for the mod author to see your post here. When you have issues with a specific mod, you should contact the mod author directly via Steam or Discord (if they have provided one).

the difficult part is to recognize that this is a mod topic. unfortunately still too few mods mark their items and recipes clearly (name extension, watermark in the icons, …)

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