Will we ever get the delving bench in CE?

I bought the Siptah DLC, just to see what it was about etc, but I am not interested in playing it. That being said, I PAYED for the Isle of Siptah DLC (hint). As far as I can tell, the delving bench is IOS specific, did I miss something?

You can spawn the delving bench and the eldarium if you want to use them on EL but delving bench without eldarium is going to be useless on EL anyway. If not mistaken, there is some mod already that adds eldarium to EL and the ability to craft the bench. Some servers are using admin crafting area with the bench and trade basic resources for eldarium.



I think at least the ability to craft spec items should be, yes. After all, it was promoted as a “DLC” and I paid for it. You can keep the surges, thanks…

I play vanilla, so I dont use mods. Nothing against them, I think some are amazing. Just my preferred style, but thank you. Hopefully they will add it to CE since it sounds awesome.

This private server gives you the ability to trade with the admins to get the delving bench and armor recipes + eldarioum.

You can then enjoy the new Siptah equipment on Exiled Lands.

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We stopped playing Siptah because of the everything listed above…
Please dont bring that crap to Exiles

They said on one of their streams that they’re working on making it so you can travel back and forth between Siptah and Exiled lands on the same character. My guess is you’ll have to wait for that to get a delving bench in Exiled Lands without mods.

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Why would anyone want this bench in the Base map its RNG is over the top and its broken and mostly gives you nothing, nothing and more nothing, tons of info on the forums no it not working. Leave it on Siptah, no need for it on the Exiles lands, it does not fit in the lore at all.

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When I pay money for a DLC, I do so to get the items that come WITH the DLC, screw the lore. Also saying the RNG is over the top is like going to Vegas and telling people not to play the slots because of the percentages. Newsflash, they still play the slots. And yes, I have read and watched videos about it, did you just think I was some silly girl that said, “Oh, I want that!”…

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Are you speaking from experience here? The weapons are working with 30% chance to get 1/10 recipes per weapon type. It is a bit of a grind to get what you want unless you are lucky but the chance is not that bad. Armors are supposedly fixed, I have not tested them yet to confirm. The chance is also 30% and the armors are actually much easier to obtain especially on EL where you can go and craft the stuff you need for the good recipes instead of grinding it from T4 surges.

Quite some people actually like the new weapons and armors, at least as per my observation.

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Can confirm that i love my bench. Nightstalker ftw. Also completely stopped using legendary weapons, they go straight to the dismantling bench. Would love to see more recipes, as in shields, maybe torches that provide slightly different light etc?

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Yes I am speaking from experience, brought the dlc map, played it all, to be honest found it mostly broken with vaults not refreshing, with chests being empty , with glowing stuff broken so could not do the water vaults for weeks unless you wanted to get blinded.

Many of the things you delve do not drop things, other drop the same thing from many armors delved, then you have the stats on the armors are broken. Many of them are not even as good as the ones we can build in the exiles lands, so yes Why would anyone want this in the exiles lands, its sure not gonna be lore and no reason for there to be elder ore anywhere in the exiles lands. For me that would break the lore that all of a sudden elder ore starts falling form rocks it never did before, that all of a sudden we can find stuff not even in the lore of the Exiles lands.

If you want that stuff go to Spitah is my idea, if you like that map sure have at it and have fun but bringing stuff from that dlc that does not even fit in the base game sound silly and unneeded to me.

Its the same as why would the Silent Legion armor even be on Siptah to start with to delve, its a recipe you have to learn by killing the King scourge same with his weapons and you need a heart to build it, so makes no sense at all, he is not on that map or will you ever met him to kill and learn that recipe but its just willy ( lmao w i l l y is a bad word on this site lmao, so stupid is that ) nilly thrown on a piece of paper you might get if the RNG allows you after weeks of pulling surges down to get it I guess.

I supported Funcom by buying the DLC map as I have every other DLC, I played it for over a month, got very bored after built and did all the vaults a few times, its to easy, you can find every thing just laying on the ground, do not even have to search and then there is the RNG of finding every thing that is not a resource so yes IMO I do not want them to bring that stuff to the exiles lands. A couple of armors if you brought the DLC to work on the exiles lands, a new building set fine but the elder ore , that dev bench, the surges, not even a question for me , I prefer they stay on that map but again IMO

And a new complaint today about the armor from the Siptah map.

I hope the delving bench stays on Spitah yes for a reason, just saying the poor exiles lands has enough bugs of its own, lets not bring new map bugs over to it if we can help it . Again IMO>

Just a couple of side notes. I do believe the portal brings thralls from the exiled lands to siptah, so that’s for instance how you get silent legion. It’s looted off of slain exiles. Similarly, the summoned surges can hit calamity which brings big baddies. One of which I do believe is Kinscourge. Lastly, the beastiary and mob races are the same in both lands so there is clearly some tie that has not been revealed or adequately fleshed out.

Either way I do agree that new game elements should probably stay in, and will probably stay in siptah.

The bench is ios only and i would never want it in exile lands… Id prefer a new dungeon to drop the recipes rather than this random rng kind of thing (like uc library)… bad mechanic.

Dungeons are still RNG, just ask my chest full of Mountaineer scrolls.


They have pointed out that the 2 maps will be linked in a way when the game go live next year!

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If you buy a car and then decide you don’t like it, but the stereo is cool, is the car dealer then obliged to install the stereo in your old car??

I don’t think you were ever promised you could use the new stuff on the old map.

Worse analogy ever, try again.

Read the headline please. I asked if we were ever going to get it, then take your meds.


I didn’t reply to the headline. I replied to the stuff I quoted.

You seem to think FC are obliged to let you play with the IOS stuff wherever you want because you payed for it. You imply this multiple times. It’s the same as my analogy.