World boss blocking on official

How’d you know where I was building my octagon

With this logic the kill a miniboss challenge might as well be removed. Last time I had to go to 3 to find one that still spawned.

Already suggested that.

Ya but I’m the villain on my server, already have a build there.

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must have missed it! great syggestion i am 100% with ur opinion about that!

They have no scope of understanding, mate. Don’t waste energy.

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sometimes the best way of making one understand is to make him see…

(but how they can understand when there is none of them playing the game?)

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This has been such a fun thread to read from the sidelines. Im chuckling at how many people that have claimed to be virtuous in other discussions have now tossed their moral compass into the wind because something can be done, even though it shouldnt. It truly does tell you alot about those kinds of people.

Meanwhile, Ill just sit back, smile, and keep playing the game without changing anything…because why would I want to be that kind of player on a server. Ha. Thank you all.


It is the issue with Funcom. They don’t play their own games, at all. It was the same with TSW, it is the same with this I suppose.

I ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted to see some devs attempting the Nightmare Penthouse as it was first released. You wouldn’t believe HO MUCH I wanted that.

It’s annoying already , there’s sometimes a line at UC for the bone lizard …

Funcom just didn’t think some of the changes through , the Predatory Blade is just a popular weapon and when you calculate how long it lasts , what chance you have of getting it and add the fact that more people will farm it over and over again because it doesn’t last very long = annoyance

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we have a saying in Greece: we say that the purpose of something , brings forgiveness to the means u use to achieve em!!! (translated very loosely)

so sometimes u MUST make one step in another persons shoes (meaning u NEED TO MAKE HIM see from another perspective) in order to understand a situation and its consequenses…


I suppose the usual quote in English would be: “The end justifies the means.”

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yes , but i did not knew that. in Greek is literally : ο σκοπός Αγιάζει τα μέσα.

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So let me get this straight. The Age of War is released, making legendary items non-repairable. A Developer Letter is published, explaining that the intent behind this change was to force people into engaging with the content, meaning world bosses, among others. As a consequence, players on official servers are, indeed, farming bosses like crazy and it’s harder than ever to get the loot, because everyone is trying to do it.

And in the middle of all of that, Funcom staff sits down and decides that blocking world bosses is no longer against the Official Server Rules?

There are only three ways to explain this decision:

  • The company is so dysfunctional when it comes to communication, that this “internal discussion” never included game designers, or indeed anyone who understands how the game is played.
  • This was done to “save face” because an admin made a mistake and rather than admit that, the rules were changed.
  • Nobody actually cares about anything other than cutting costs, and reducing the admin workload is a way to cut costs.

Pick your poison, ladies and gentlemen, but either way this company has become an utter disappointment.

I honestly regret being one of the voices that kept asking for server moderation, back in the days when any troll could wall off anyone’s base on PVE. In my years of playing Conan Exiles, I’ve come across several of those trolls, and all they ever accomplished was to make me even more determined to play Conan Exiles. Funcom, with their latest streak of utterly incomprehensible decisions, has done more damage than all the trolls I’ve ever met.


I understand that fully, and I also have done things like that back in EA when dealing with the exploiters of that time. We fought fire with fire, and I dont deny that. I just get a chuckle from people who would claim never to be like that (or at least they appear to be like that) then jump ship just because the opportunity is there to.

How long do you think it will take for everyone to realize they can have their own personal and private legendary source?
It takes a special kind of $$@# to come up with this rule. Read @CodeMage and @SpherisCore posts. They detail it pretty well.

From the forums? Not much but once it gets on youtube, it’s going to go ugly and FC will have to back pedal.

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Legit question: why would anyone want to have their own personal and private legendary source? It’s entirely counter-productive. Much more efficient to run laps around the map, killing world bosses and looting chests, instead of focusing on one specific boss and its chest.

The only way I can see that becoming a real concern is if we get a bunch of people going from the forums (and YouTube) to the servers, deliberately enclosing “their own” boss to make sure they have one “before everyone else blocks all the bosses”, turning the whole thing into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Which, after all I’ve seen here, wouldn’t surprise me :frowning:

Honestly, I was much, much more concerned about the effect of this decision on the building practices in general and the effect of those on the legendary grind. Despite the few voices that keep repeating that “grinding for legendaries is not an issue” – because their playstyle obviously applies to everyone who isn’t an utter fool :roll_eyes: – the grind is actually much worse than before, precisely because everyone is trying to keep the handful of truly unique legendaries in stock.

The last thing we need right now is to have a bunch inconsiderate asshats blocking bosses and/or skeleton-key chests with their bases, and then refusing to fix that because “there are other bosses and chests, so it’s not against the rules”.


It will be commented everywhere. Then players will start seeing it in game. Monkey sees, monkey does.
On pvp you at least can do something about it. On pve you better change server, at least until it becomes a plague.

But in and off itself the fact that blocking a wb becomes acceptable explains a lot about the current state of the game. Idiots have taken over. Nobody with a sound reasoning would fail to immediately understand the shit storm that awaits us if this isn’t quickly reversed.


Because they can. It will be cool to have a wb as a kind of pet. It’s not about efficiency either, but you can go afk, check from 15 to 15 min and you have a new key. Your thralls will kill the wb and all you have to do is collecting the key. 30 min refreshes the chest.
Don’t worry, they’ll find motives to do it, sound or not.


You don’t even have to collect it. Golems can harvest it.

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So you can automate key farming, @CodeMage . :rofl:

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I got a necro toon going with base in Silkwood. It’s been nice having 2 world bosses around constantly and a chest. Its only a week old character and I’m sitting at a chest and a half of legendary gear.