World boss blocking on official

I wont report some one till zendesk actually starts investigating reports, and gives a warning and explanation. I have no issues helping to make my server a better place by helping to enforce the TOS. I have big issues with being ignored, arbitrary time outs with out explanation, and as far as I see it misinterpretation of the rules.

If zendesk can’t even get their own rules right how are we expected to?

So does pretty much everyone else.

Because some place I read it is our civic duty.

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@MrsMisfit What is the source of this comment?
Is this comment specifically related to the incident in the Original Post, or is it a general internal comment regarding this issue?

@Community could you verify this?
Also, is there anything else that may have changed recently that Players should be aware of regarding acceptable practices?


After some internal discussion, it was decided that blocking bosses is no longer against our Official Server Rules.

You can check all the changes we made right here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@Sarealac Thank you for the response.

Would it be correct to say, So long as the resource is available by an alternative method building over an object/item/resource is acceptable?

Following that logic, wouldn’t it be possible for ALL objects/items/resources to be blocked off, if different players or groups blocked one, and other players/groups block the others?

This seems problematic to me.


What’s the rationale behind such decision, may we know? It seems utterly absurd. You can’t block useless POIs, but you can block a world boss? How does that make any sense?


Killing World Boss yields a Skeleton Key.
Said Skeleton Key gives you access to a chest which holds a Legendary Weapon.

Per the Official Server Guidelines, Please remember that other players share the server with you. Do not restrict access to unique or high-value in-game content.

I wonder, are Legendary Weapons not defined as unique, or high-value content?

Is it permissible to block the World Bosses, but not the chests containing the Legendary Weapons, or is that also permissible?



Thanks for convincing me to go play something else :roll_eyes:

Slippery slop and funcom just pored oil on it.

Like I’ve said building n octagon around a boss now. Have to make I far enough out it still spawns, then set the top so you can’t climb in. No gate, I’ll put in a transstone thing.

Hey it’s a free for all TOS no longer means :poop:
I’d like to thank funcom for making the public servers even bigger hell holes. The only purpose i see for this is to let them got to :poop: then say they have to close them down.

I got better things to do with my time.

Well you can find those chests in a lot of places so I don’t see the problem.


I should say, that I can appreciate the difficulties in creating a set of Conduct Guidelines that meets the needs of the Player Community, while not becoming so restricting that general gameplay is negatively impacted.

That said, the decision to allow World Bosses to be built over/blocked seems to go against the overall sentiment presented in the Guidelines.

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Just place a few good archers with legendary bows defined to attack at max range. It’s 50m plus the bow range. This will easily allow it to spawn and they’ll attack it until it dies, as long as you are at render distance. Free keys each time the wb spawns without even having to fight for them, @DeaconElie .

So what is the critical mass of non-spawning bosses before the standard world bosses are considered “unique” and keys become “high valued content”?

I understand that the clause of grief building (“no other purpose…”) will cover structures that block the world bosses and we should adapt our reporting accordingly. However please reconsider this decision as world boss locations are also very nice build spots and you can very easily run into the situation where real bases are at every spawn point and we loose out of the keys.

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Well I got to enclose him, but yup. But would closing in a world boss to farm keys; and his near by chest, be considered an ornamental build :thinking: I mean it does have a purpose so not truly ornamental. But than that can be said of every path, stairway, or bridge, so no builds are truly ornamental.

And now we got more banned people that need to have their ban removed.

Ya’ll starting to get what we mean by “slippery slope”? Funcom just gave us skies and a push.

I am about done with my octagon. Now lets see zendesk admin ban me for it. Because you already said it was OK.

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It can’t be considered grief building. If you can block them, you can block them. I can think of a dozen ways to build a base, block a wb and keeping it legit. The only infraction would be blocking the wb. If that’s not an infraction, you can do it and hoard keys.

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One, yes. More than that? Nope and anyone could report you for it. Just because you have crafting in there doesn’t mean it’s legit. If you have crafting elsewhere, then the structure at the WB serves no other purpose.

But this is why I’m asking for reconsideration. The one legit base is too many because all players would be considered equal and there are what? 40 ish WB? So if that means you can have all WB blocked by legit bases (base for each player).

I’m not even taking into consideration alt accounts and how people will abuse it to create a situation where one real player blocks them all with 40ish player accounts to create bases on WB spawns. I don’t know if there is a way to determine if alt accounts are linked or not when these are offline but I suspect they isn’t a good way to do so.

I would consider this decision myopic. At it’s very best intention, it’s set into an idea that the game is declining and therefore it’s not a concern to block one of the limited ways to get legendary gear. Its a decision based on decline and not in growth of players.

I am utterly appalled by this decision and declaration.
It is either to save facade in a dishonest way, or the result of a tremendously flawed logic.

As mentioned by others, if it is considered okay to block world bosses, then it is possible for all world bosses to be blocked. The only exceptions are the few instances of World Bosses inside dungeons or other non-constructible areas, but the options are very limited compared to what can be found in the world:

• Wine Cellar → Demon Spider
• Weaver’s Hollow → Demon Spider
• Warmaker Dungeon → Undead Dragon
• Arena → Giant Snake
• Unnamed City → Giant Snake
• Skittering Cavern → The End of All Hope (Giant Spider, and unique content anyway)
• Abandoned Silver Mine → King and Queen Scoprion
• King’s Niche → The Tortured King (who only spawns once every decade because he is bugged.)
• Circle of Swords → Rotbranch
• Bin Yakin’s Seal → Feast on Flesh (unique content anyway)
• Lockstone Cave → Shrouded by Darkness (unique content anyway)
I haven’t checked everything because really it’s a pain and I have better things to do.

If you will notice, I couldn’t fingd a Giant Crocodile that cannot be built over; similarly, the Sand-Reaper Hive Queens can be built over except the one next to the Passage, but you can build close enough to prevent it from spawning…

Now onto the next question, the real question.
What if I want to fight Rockslide but it’s been built over? Is it okay because it is a world boss, or is it not okay because it is a unique entity?
Same thing with the Reptilian Monstrosity (which is a world boss that drops a key, but is still labeled as 1-Skull by the way) as it is unique?
What if I want to fight Thunderfoot as well? Is it unique or is it just a world boss?

And then, what if every Giant Crocodile has been built over, but I specifically want to have a fight with this kind of entity?

I also checked, and it is possible to build around the spawn point of The Emissary of Atlach-Nacha in the volcano… I suppose you cannot block this spawn point because it is unique, despite being a 1-Skull Miniboss spawn.

Now let’s say that hypothetically a second spawn point was added for the Emissary of Atlach-Nacha, the content would not be unique anymore, so it would become okay to block those spawn points (and both of them at once of course) :spaghetti:

Also, again hypothetically, what if I blocked every Blood Crystal spawn point (which isn’t technically possible, since there are some in non-buildable areas, but still consider the argument).
It would most likely be fine since all the resources granted by blood crystal spawns are accessible in different ways!

You can go inside Kurak’s Lair to farm Blood Crystals (which requires Blood Crystals to enter of course, so you better have some already) and you can also collect random golem parts from sorcerers to build a golem then let it die then harvest its corpse.

So, hypothetically, it would be fine to block every single spawn points for Blood Crystal, at least per the same logic that permits blocking World Bosses.

Just to conclude, I also have to say that this does not affect me personally as I do not play on Official Servers. I mostly play Single-Player, so why do I even care about the world bosses in officials?

It’s not a question of personal gain/loss, it is about truth and logic.
And the truth that comes with your statement is that Funcom is hypocritical about their own rules.


Well I’m very sorry to say this, but if internal discussion has led to this decision, either there is a terrible tyrant enforcing the worst possible decisions on your whole group, or the group as a whole it terrible in making those decisions… It genuinely seems impossible to me to arrive at your conclusion if a tiny bit of logic is applied. :eyes:


finally a clear answer!!! tyvm for that

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only one question plz. who of the team that internally discussed this plays the game? (i am just curious!!!- and glad that finally we got a clear answer on SOMETHING about building do’s and don’ts!!!)


Calmed down and here is my response. I do not think your internal discussion took the “fun of the many” into account. You have done this before, in TSW for instance. I can’T believe how things never change.

i am so freaking tempting in going in an official with an alliance and BLOCK every single boss spawn…
not as a clan , but as different individuals, that each will block one boss only…

@Sarealac, plz IF ANY of u play ON any pve server plz dm me, i may wanna join there
for science reasons ofc


you can’t block all of them - at least the big snake in UC gives a key and there is a chest … and you can’t build there

I’m thinking of building a warlock house in silkwood , it’s got the right atmosphere and if I make it big enough I’ll block BOTH big spiders

I’m kidding, I’m playing as a knight, and that kind of attitude is against my personal principles.

i want to do it in the server ANY of the devs play on
i will block all and for a couple of weekends we will hunt the remained ones every 15 mins they spawn
i wonder if this will annoy other players gameplay…