World Breaker Nerf, please

Is there any hotfix coming soon for the World Breaker ?

The 100% armor pen is kinda ridiculous and overpowered.

Thank you

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I agree.

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Not everything.

No point getting any other hammer atm

You can kill any1 with a single light combo.
It’s just plain broken.

Why nerf annihilator and not world breaker ?

I think funcom hates two handed swords thats why

Why is nerf needed ?

if you get hit by a full light attack combo, it’s not the weapon that needs to be fix, it is your dodging roll skill that needs to be improved and I do not mean to be offending anyone here.

Once you have masterize the art of PVP in conan, you are extremely hard to kill if you know how to dodge. Nerfing weapon would make killing people even harder. Killing new or ok player is easy. But once you fight master of PVP, it’s a never ending fight…

The annihilator was nerfed cause it was one shooting people, my 2cent, they nerfed it way too damn low at a point where other 2h are as good but annihilator is a rare legendary one…

You have to give a small extra advantage on NON craftable item or what is the point on looking for them… All the legendary weapon are terrible except Black dragon pike, world breaker and jhabbal prowl pretty much…


Learn to dodge or stop playing PvP…

Enough things got already nerfed because of whinnig of bad PvP players.


There’s always a balance to these things. I agree the World Breaker is OP.

But a super nuke nerf is usually not the solution. It’s better if they gradually nerf and buff things over time. Reduce something 10-20% and see how it feels. Increase something 10-20% and see how it feels. Devs get in trouble when they nerf or buff too much. Gradual small nerfs and buffs over time are the way to go. Players will adjust to the slowly evolving meta and nobody gets mad :slight_smile:

Persobally the only weapon im fine with having 100% armor pen is the Seven Winds Katana. It is very balanced. It made it unique.

While most peolple don’t do it. Strength and Accuracy builds can offer a flat 30% on top of a weapons existing AP. Meaning a hammer with a pen mod can range up to 60+ % AP. This is highly significant because it balances the weapon damage, with stats because you need to sacrifice something else statwise to achieve this higher AP.

I dont much think of balancing this weapon as a nerf. Nor do I think the concept of “play better and roll better” is the answer.

AP is something that was exclusive to accuracy builds and while it still is in many cases a weapon that fully trivializes Heavy Armor (Which barely gets used anyways) is odd to me.

A person who sinks 40 points in accuracy deserves to hit harder against armored opponents but at the sacrifice of being a glass cannon.

As it stands now there is one really well used meta build which bulks strength vitality and Grit. It had been this way since as long as I can remember.

So I think that Worldbreaker should be tuned. Offer it a high base AP. Perhaps 35. That coupled with a kit will range it to 45. If you want the extra 30% flat you get accuracy to top it off. Then you have 75%.

This promotes the use of heavy armor as a viable option. Light and medium will still be crushed by this weapon even if you dont take accuracy for the 30%.

This also is a perfectly balanced solution for all play modes ranging from PVP to PVE and does not hurt content.

Considdering how powerfully thralls are…having a Worldbreaker on them is highly trivializing to all game modes.

Not calling for a Nerf. But balance needs to be reviewed.

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Annihilator negates nothing anymore… Altough it has the legendary effect, which says so… Even when “balancing” sth, FC cannot change the description.

But what do other PvP players say about the world-breaker?

I am mainly PvE and IMHO the hammer is so slow, so that you should be able to dodge it most of the time and the weapon-attacks/animation didnt got change like the 2h sword (with its overhead chop).

This is the first thread I personaly see that wants to nerf worldbreaker. Never saw one at reddit either (but I could have missed some).

After some PVP practice against clan mates (left clan for better feel for dmg), we noticed the Critical hit works as an RNG on weapons that have it. I got 1 shot with epic flawless medium armor, and 4 vit full bar when i had my clan mate down to 1/4 health. I say this, because if that works, then maybe with the annihilator they can do a RNG ignore armor (higher rate than critical happens. Maybe 10% chance on every heavy strike???) .

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Peter Griffin: “Is that like one of them jungle fish that eats ya?”
Lois: [sighs] “No, Petah.”

Thank you for this. Have you figured out the details of the criticality, and whether it can be countered or blocked?

I didn’t have a shield, so do not know if it negates the hit, or crit strikes thru it. that would be the only thing i could think of to block it.

Other notes in general, they did sorta fix the roll mid attack trick. If you roll before the damage actually occurs (their bar moves) it seemed to “miss”. Which i like. This may get rid of the mid hit weapon swap phantom damage that was a skilled meta, and cheesing the animations a bit.

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The thing about the Blade of Seven Winds is that with a decent strength it can ramp up. But even on the lowside of damage the fact that it bypasses all armor put it on par with most other weapons. In some cases it would do more than legendary axes again heavily armorerd opponents.

That was it’s benefits. Highly overshadowed.

That being said. Bows still can be used to bypass the hammer users.

With a red mother and 40 pen you are topping 60 AP. Which is solid for an archer. With the right arrows you can erase a hammer user.

It might even be beneficial to remove hyper armor from the light attack of the worldbreaker.

However I am not sold on the 100% armor ignore. Very little reason to use any other weapons.

2 handed swords are for PVP content.
The Short Swords animations are actually pretty sound for PVP. The closer is great

Hammers are very solid now. But this hammer is a little OP.

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I have not had much issue against Hammer users. Not generally. But I use a lot of different tactics to keep them out of my face. Lol.

Then again my bar is aloe soup, Fishstrips daggers and arrows. Thats about it.

Daggers are only for the back flip.

I saw a thread on here that AP doesn’t seem to affect Bows? Have not fully tested it out though. IT may just be modding AP not adding on. Have to scour through to find out if it was ever confirmed.

Tested my archer build, tested against clan mates.
He had 3 vit, epic flawless heavy (1100 armor).
I ran 4,1,3,4,2,2,0. with derketo voice basic armor pen (pre patch), dragon bone arrow, 1/3 of health bar heavy charged. 5-6 lights finished him off. Technically not a glass canon, but more of ranged support build.

Shields are my nemesis. Shhhh. Its a secret. I don’t want people starting to run around with them.

Usually my bar is

1: Daggers or Lying Bastard Sword. Daggers mostly.
2: Aloe Soup
3: Fish Sticks or Explosive arrows.
4: Bow
5: Healing arrows or torch for night time or posioned harvesting tool to poison people try and swim to safety using the water combat rules.
6: Serpent Man arrows
7: Smoke Arrows
8: poison arrows. Either Set or gas. Usually set. Or firespark. What ever is called for.

Geneally if its day I just swap things to arrows. Smoke arrows really screw up combat for melee.

Always keep my posioned hatchet out though for water runners

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I haven’t dabbled in the smoke arrows yet. How do they work? By that i mean, does it add some sort of debuff, can’t lock, lose veritable health bar of opponent? Or just caase excess graphical lag lol?

Smoke arrows create a wide area effect. Anyone whos in it gets a wierd graphical blur which results in visibility or line of sight issues. They serve a great distraction. Best arrow out there for what it does.

Personally I launch them should I need to get some distance with someone who can close the gap.

If you are smart. You fire one and then instead of moving backwords you move to the side. The person in the cloud 95% of the time will just keep moving in the direction of your previous location. So you move opposite of that. It does minimal damage, but people feel the pressure. So when they emerge you are literally opposite of where they thought youd be. So you can aim for a cripple. I have blanketed an entire area in them so that I could fire explosive arrows in the fray.

It does not do a lot of damage but it does serve as a distraction and a way to drain stamina so that I can close melee should I need too

Sweet. I wrongly assumed they were a RP thing. But hearing they have a tactical use is awesome. Been doing the PVP thing for a while, and really wanted to be the archer of the clan, as chase and poke got boring. This seems great support wise, as I can try and navigate enemies to our top end fighters, etc. Especially from a tower defense position in our main base. I jsut have to get someone to raid us when we are online :slight_smile:


They can hinder as much as help. So be careful with them. They also obscure your vision and your clans vision as well.

These are more of an Oh S button for me. I keep about 20 at max.

Good for escapes etc