Would you, 10K block limit

An opinion is “I like color blue”. That’s something that can’t be right or wrong. As soon as you start discussing why blue is better than green, you’re starting an argument, and an argument can be wrong – e.g. by being internally inconsistent or fallacious – even if it’s about an opinion. Case in point:

Thats not same thing, that’s more subjective topic - not stricte objective thing like colors being colors.
You think it wouldn’t work but i think it would, it could work similar way to v-rising. It wouldn’t screw ‘responsible builders’ if limit would be appropriate. For example if limit would be 5 mil blocks (official servers only) would it hurt ‘reasonable builders’ playstyle? I think not, otherwise they would be hurting server performance if they go past limit - i know that 5m limit won’t fix anything but that’s an example it could work if DONE WELL - saying “no it just can’t” is just childish, like little child stomping on ground and saying it won’t work and that’s it.

I think you’re mixing up subjective and objective. I can’t think of anything more subjective than personal preference for colors.

If you mean 5,000,000 blocks, then the answer is it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s playstyle, because it would be completely pointless.

How is it done well if it doesn’t fix anything?

Except I didn’t say “no it just can’t”. I actually gave several reasons why it doesn’t help. You’ll have to excuse me if I didn’t regurgitate yet again all the arguments, in excruciating detail, about why exactly it won’t solve any of the underlying problems, but I get tired of repeating the same things across different threads when the onus is on you to back your claim.

If anyone is childishly asserting their position, it’s the pro-limit people, because I’ve yet to see someone explain exactly how it would actually solve any of the underlying problems – such as resource blocking or server performance – much less explain how it would solve them without crippling other people’s playstyles.

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But in this thread it was off topic, you grabbed this thread by the short hairs and drug it in the drirection you wanted it to go with your first post.

No one has said it would solve those issues because we know it wouldn’t we just don’t feel the need to go on about it ad nauseam.

This was never about solving those issues, how many times do you have to be told that before it seeps in?

I feel like you’re trying to take a dig at me but it’s so bad it’s laughable. I would do none of the above because there is no such limit. Yet here you are whining on the forums about others peoples builds when you could go to a private server and live your best life. Entitled gamer much? Play and let play.

You do get I can dump your advice back in your own lap. In fact I did say if you want to build Rome do it on a private server, one you don’t share with 30 other players.

I didn’t know common courtesy and considerations by my fellow players was some sort of entitlement. Thought that was how nice folk played.

And you didn’t answer my question if funcom set a 10K block limit on official servers would you rant about it in the forum, go to a private server, or quit the game?

I don’t think so. Not sure what “2+1” means in this context but three thralls and yourself (plus a horse) is enough to defeat any purge! You might (maybe) get a little building damage but probably not more than 10% off a few blocks - given it’s T3 and built with purges in mind. But yeah, if you know how to play, are properly geared for a purge, and are ready for it you, three thralls and a horse can defeat any purge! You probably won’t capture any unless you wanna sacrifice parts of your base but…

Leaving aside the very logical question of why you’re even discussing something that doesn’t solve any real issues, I’d like to point out that someone did, indeed, say that the limit could “work if done well”. And that someone is the person I was replying to. It wasn’t you, by the way.

Several people have already told you that the way you made the thread is the reason why people – not just me – assumed you were asking for the limits to be implemented in the base game and on official servers. How many times do you have to be told that before it seeps in?

Besides, like I said, I’m replying to @Wielder here, not you. It’s @Wielder who asserted that the limits will help and it’s @Wielder who claimed I was childishly saying “no it just can’t”.

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Would you, 10k block limit… what does that even mean? I’ve been banned with 3k and not blocking a poi… so I’m confused at this thread in general. Block limit is pointless without some sort of flag systems. Like you get 1 building flag that you can make a base with that has a certain radios around it. A couple flags for wheels etc it’s just an idea but with a block limit nothing stops someone from just putting their blocks all over the map.

Not to mention it’s all pointless to talk about if there is 0 feedback from the company and what their ideal scenario is.

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Come’on admit it, you’re a big childish lug! Thinking critically in a storm of emotion, using reason in the face of seemingly nonsensical proposals, being open to and responding to real questions… The evidence is in - the verdict has passed! :smiley:

I think it’s one of the three things I offered solutions to above:

Yup! A 5k block limit builds one of those bridges everyone loves to hate but doesn’t hate to use, around 2,000 blocks (about 5 kilometers) long. LOL

How could I make that more clear? Please explain to me so I can make sure EVERONE; including you, gets it next time?

@DeaconElie There’s almost no difference between a normal official sever and a 10k block limit server. You’ll get banned on both just as easily because people aren’t getting banned for big bases. They are getting banned for all the unknown reasons that aren’t specified in the rules. If you read through the rules you’ll stumble across some very very vague wording.

If it were up to me I’d bring in new servers with no admin intervention other than cheats and exploits. Make all the ares that shouldn’t be built on into no build zones and just leave it be. I think many would be surprised how populated they would become. Obviously that’s not going to happen.

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Personally, I think block/piece limit is taking a hatchet to something that needs more precise surgery. I’m in the camp that favors a progressive maintenance system: the bigger your build, the more maintenance required. If you want a big build, knock yourself out, if you can afford the time and resources to maintain it. This would help keep the official servers a ‘sandbox’ while still allowing a degree of freedom so long as you’re willing to pay the cost. This would be especially helpful, IMO, on PvE and PvE-C where servers cannot ‘self police’ massive buildings by showing up with bombs, LS, and Avatars. At least on PvP that’s an option that helps cut down some of the mess (still can be problematic, but at least it’s there). But yea, I can see how the system needs to be changed, but a straight block/piece limit I think is awful.

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Only if forced to… and I would recognize the stupidity and pointlessness of it. I would also feel sorry for clans with over 3 or 4 members - what a BS meaningless imposition to put on people!

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Probably no because i am styled , as u call ‘‘megabuilder’’
so this

is more than limit because in clan we are 4, where 3 of us live seperated but never blocks anything just like to build stuff… that even some way help others

And then there is this type of players

the thing is that NOT everyone use much building placeables but even with low 1000 blocks can cause blockades and so on. So basically this , yours advice is punishing normal players not griefers…

— Just to prove : how much are clan placeables edit line for screen
it goes 25000 + so my answer - i wont play with 10 k limit… because griefers can just landclaim spam while good builders will just never play on officials and then it will turn out into ARK or other game where anyone just loot everyone and build cubes without style… this thing with limit will really just block good builders out more than griefers…

And mini info : i play on server wiith others and one more clan from week 1 on the 6422 , and actualy none normal player( Non-looter who builds near in hope of tear down to loot boxes) ever said anything bad, actually only hearing how clanmates buildeed helpful city in medieval style and that my turan palace are nice but empty… :smiley:

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You started your post with the following preamble:

This implies that the reason you are proposing this question is in order to satisfy your dissatisfaction with the above complaints. If you wish to discuss the question on the merits of the question itself, you should simply state the question. By including this preamble you invite people to discuss the merits of the preamble itself as the question itself is now implicitly tied to the preamble.


Now to answer your question, if given a choice between an official server with a block limit and an official server without a block limit, I would NOT play on a server with a limit.


As I pointed out earlier, and as others also pointed out on their own, if you make statements about the devs putting up a block limit on official servers, people will assume that you’re asking for the devs to put up a block limit on official servers.

But you seem to be asking more than that. Judging from your insistence on how “this was just a simple question” and how discussing the merit of the limits is somehow “off topic”, what you seem to be asking is “How do I make people not discuss my ideas critically on a public forum?”

The answer to that is “You don’t. You came to a public forum whose purpose is to discuss things.” :man_shrugging:

If I asked “would you play on a PVP server with monthly wipes”, I would expect PVP players to meet that question with a discussion about the merits of monthly wipes. Trying to stifle that discussion would be pointless. And if it just so happened that some of those PVP players reacted with “oh no, not the idea of wipes again, haven’t we already explained why that idea sucks”, then I could take that personally, or I could perhaps ask myself why they reacted like that. If I didn’t want to use the forum search feature to look for previous discussion, perhaps I could ask them to explain again.

I can’t help you deal with the fact that people will discuss the things you said, rather than just answering your question and shutting up like good little boys and girls. That expectation is your problem, not mine. All I can do is try to point out the incongruity of such an expectation in a place like this.

This might work, but there are a few things missing.

One is to have better servers and some admins doing the housekeeping on them. Both are necessary for the servers to run smoothly when people can build without restrictions.

Another thing missing is to add “griefing” alongside “cheats and exploits”. Maybe you play PVP only, so you don’t automatically think of how griefers and trolls act on PVE(-C) servers, but I assure you that getting your base walled in by some shіtlord who didn’t like something you said in global chat is behavior that merits admin intervention. And so is paving over all of the brimstone nodes in Shattered Springs because someone ran away from a PVE-C fight. Those are some real examples of griefing that can’t be solved without a human admin.

With those two things, unrestricted building might be tolerable. What would make it more than tolerable is an upkeep system, to prevent serial refreshers from building a theme park occupying 2 grid squares and then logging in once a week for 2 minutes to keep it from decaying.

Now in a separate comment to separate it from your stated question, I will discuss the merits of your preamble since you included it in your OP.

By using the word artistic, you are therefore implying that the aesthetics of the building are not to your preference. Build limits would in fact make it harder to make pleasant aesthetic building as many things that would make the building more pleasant can in fact be detrimental to the stability/defensibility of the building. If you force people to choose how to use their allotted pieces between utility or artistry, most people will choose utility. This will likely increase the number of ‘square block’ building you will run across.

This is a more valid complaint as it impacts the gameplay of others, not simply their preferred aesthetics. However a build limit doesn’t address this as someone could build a few blocks on those locations and still block the spawn points.

All in all, build limits are more likely to make your grievances worse, not better.


Personally I’d love for there to be more options when it comes to official servers. Monthly wipes with dbd turned on would make for a lot of pvp. There a lot that can be done with it and would require little to no admin work. Without the hassle of worrying about a private server.

I do play only pvp although many issues are making the game not so enjoyable anymore. I also get how griefing on pve/pvec would get very annoying and I can see how reporting someone is really your only option. Unfortunately reporting can go both ways and can be very easily exploited by those very same griefers. for that I really don’t have a good answer other than crystal clear rules. Why shouldnt the rules be more black and white? I’ve read many posts about pvers and pvpers getting banned when they thought they were within the rules. Why is it a guessing game?

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