Xbox Patch (09.04.2020) - Vivox, Hannuman's Grotto and dashboarding fixes!

Alright here’s the bottom line to help you developers solve you’re problem can’t seem to find the issue with console and why it’s crashing so much don’t want a bad rep for you community or game? give everyone there refunds switch back to ( game preview ) hope for the best… I wasted 50$ dollars to now realize that you can now buy the game for 20$ That’s really shameful in a sense part of me as a player regrets getting this game but lucky for me and you single player is holding up its bargain… Fix you’re act and game! or give people there money back!

They are legally covered, and can refuse to refund any sales of this game, because they hide a disclaimer in the user agreement…call microsoft, i hear they are more open to refunding players for this game…they know its broken…

I’m constantly crashing instantly when I join my server 2104. My character died and is in the dessert. I’ve redownloaded the game multiple times and it only affects me on that specific character. please help!

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