Xbox Patch (24.09.2020) - Memory optimizations and crash fixes!

Icant even get past the chose online or story option at all starting today? Was able to play last night with only the ocasional crash and sign back in. Again cant even log into my story mode? Dont understand why this happening???
Sorry if this reply is in the wrong spot. Im new to the forum

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Youtuber Wak 4863 just posted a vid showing how much they favour pc over console. Hopefully they’ll see it as negative press and take action (or not). I love this game but if they’re not working on fixing it I’ll have to play something else. I’ve had it 2 years and would have PURCASED ALL DLC by now, but i won’t if it’s not getting properly worked on.

I suspect the official response will be “we are continuing to look into crashes and optimize for the consoles”. Their more honest, unofficial take will probably be “if you upgrade to a Series X, you won’t have these problems”, just like they’ve advised people to buy an external SSD for the XB1 in the past.

Edit: And I have no doubt the game will run a lot better on the Series X, because in terms of hardware it’s a lot closer to modern PCs in terms of memory and horsepower. But it really leaves XB1 owners who aren’t in a position to upgrade to Series X in an unhappy place.

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Which is a shame, because I think in terms of the graphics, UI and building mechanics, it’s one of the best survival games on the Xbox. But that really doesn’t mean a bunch when it’s as wildly unstable as it is right now and there doesn’t seem to be any relief to these issues in sight.


So… When is conan going to be playable for us x box players? You broke the game you need to fix it.

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I do love this game, you’ve done an amazing job but everytime i come back to it there’s something new wrong, its been 2 years i shouldn’t have to stop and come back later in the first place. I haven’t bought dlc although i want to and I can’t be the only one, you’re losing paying customers.

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Hi Megaton238
If did buy an SSD would the game work ok do u think? Do you know anyone who can confirm it ? They are a bit pricey just to make colon textiles, sorry conan exiles playable. I think I’ll wait for next gen which means better games which means probably won’t come back which means I’ve saved some money by not buying dlc, hey thanks FunCom for saving me money !

Still waiting on a fix…


It performs better off an SSD, but it wouldn’t fundamentally solve the crashing issue they have right now. If the choice is spend money now on an SSD, or wait for the Series X, I’d just wait for the Series X.

I should be clear that Series X is not going to magically solve all their problems. But it will kick the can down the road, because it has more (and faster) memory, an NVMe SSD, and a better CPU and GPU. The Series X is a lot closer to a reasonably current PC than the One X is.

I’ll also note that Funcom has made no commitment to updating Conan Exiles to actually take full advantage of the Series X. So it’s not going to perform as well as “native” Series X games (for example, it won’t be able to use the Velocity architecture at all, because it will be running in backwards compatibility mode on the Series X). But it will still inherit a lot of the benefits of being on much beefier hardware.

And that’s really a shame, because CE is a game that would really benefit from the new Velocity DirectStorage APIs, the sampler feedback system and so on. But, I doubt they see it as being a benefit to them at this point. They’ve burned the Xbox community pretty badly over the past couple of years. Attempting to sell a separate Series X version the game would likely not go over too well.

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CE is roughly 3 years old on xbox. The most advanced console then was either 1s or 1x. We shouldnt have to upgrade our systems to the newest console to play a 3 year old game.

This should not even be considered as a viable solution.


Ideally, no. But using new hardware to solve an “old” software problem is a long, storied tradition in the world of software development. Faster CPUs/GPUs, more memory and storage will cover for a multitude of sins.


jesus is this still hasn’t been fixed??? WOW

I left a game after the last 7GB update, which is broke my game so bad Im not even able to join a server because while loading I get booted to the menu or dashboard lol (before at least I could join a server and play for 20-30min before crashing to dashboard)

I’m so glad I spent money on this game lol

I can’t believe it’s still hasn’t been fixed.


so is it fix or not

No, it has not been fixed.

Have not been able to play this game in 4 or 5 days now. Does anyone have any answers?

I have actually lost track of how long it has been since xbox CE has been like it currently is. Must be over 3 months now. Prolly a month since we were told," we are working on it, please be patient."

Anyone else running a little short of patience?


how long do we have to live with this momentary cruel condition. camps do not spawn, the sinner’s refuge all npc’s invisible crash every hour.
But one thing I have to say positively, npc’s fight and 99% of the time don’t get stuck anymore. It’s actually sad to say something positive, but of course we all understand that you want to advance the new dlc. Marketing works great

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We don’t even get " we are aware, be patient" message…me thinks console fixes have been filed away…far, far away…le sigh…

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Clearly they have gotten their money from us, the xbox community, now they dont care if they get any more. They couldnt pay me to download isle of shithaps when they finally do release for xbox, some time next year, ha. I urge all xbox community to go to store and give review of game. People are still getting ripped off and downloading this game. I have watched all the people I played this game with leave. But yet no fix. Update almost every day for isle of shithaps tho. Lol. See where we stand.

It has been 25 days since you last asked us to be patient. Can we please have some kind of communication, other than a request for unlimited patience?

A few details would go along way. How far along is the hotfix? Or how much time is still required to complete the hotfix? Which bugs have been fixed so far? How many coders are working on it?

You are prolly feeling fustrated. Constantly nagged by the posts of xboxers. And are prolly reaching a point that you do not wish to deal with us. I can sympathize, but the fustrations you prolly feel towards us, do not compare with the level of frustration xboxers have been experiencing. Please keep this in mind.