You put out more DLC, but haven't fixed the game



DLC is good ofc, after the core mechanics work… good that you bring up the steam statistics…. now take a very close look at those stats… And Funcom has only themself to blame for that… Do you see a spike when this DLC was released? People are not stupid… Funcom acted in bad faith and is paying the price for that.


I took part in the preflight contest for free DLC, and got in and out quickly. So did most everybody I know, and that means every swinging tasset around here, and Steam, was playing. It seems to me this might put a dent in the urgency for a great deal of people, as “free” things rarely set the world on fire at first.

Now maybe I’m biased, but then again when you put the hours in you reap the rewards. Last night on 1X Vanilla I benefited from someone else’s Purge by recruiting a unique and my first T4 Smith, and I found a T4 Armorer all on the post-baking trip to collect So it’s been going pretty well. There are still glitches with thralls, but I can even reliably rope them with elevators now. Seems fairly good.

The thralls on the other guy’s tower were laser-beaming me with arrows and axes. I collected about 30 dragonbone axes in 30 seconds, so I’m extra bubbly. I’m sorry you feel like the game is broken.


Try the official servers first, then tell me that the game is not broken. I can go in SP and spawn whatever I want and trigger whatever I want whenever I want it, but that is not how I play the game.

You are biased? noooo? Common Barnes…


Yeah I’ve had a great time! Clearly that makes me happy with the game, and thus positive about it.

Most of my 2,800 hours of gameplay is on official PVP servers. :slight_smile:

When I lost my Conchakas on Official, I wrote a poem about it, then joined a server where the purge is operating correctly. A poster here named @science came up with the solution, and it has been quite satisfying on a Private 1X Vanilla PVP.


I’m happy for you that you still enjoy the game without the thralls working, without the purge working correctly and with the countless bugs. Good that you found yourself a private server. I play on an official server on which the core mechanics do not work, as on all the official servers and I expect, as many others clearly on this forum(not taking you into account), funcom to fix it before they release money grabbing rushed flawed DLC and pets that will work like the thralls that do not work in the first place. I want funcom to come with solutions, and they do not include playing SP or going to a ghost private server.


I bought this game today, spent hours getting iron gear, only to die for the first time and have my body no where to be seen, relogged, ran away, died again and still nothing. I’ve seen countless post about this bug and by the looks of it its been months with still no word of being fixed? Can I have a rebate for wasted hours?


How did you die again the second time if I may ask?


lol, I think you got the wrong topic here. You can get a refund if you played < 2h in steam.

About your body: if you do not see it at the marker, leave the area and return. Your corpse will be there, it in indeed a know bug that has been around for a long time and has been flagged ‘solved’ in past patches. Clearly it is not. If you cannot get a refund, welcome to the club of unhappy funcom customers.


Well no, I’ve played tournament tennis where I could pick the court, from among a bunch across town because of my Bye. There are some places in town i just stopped playing, you know? I took a break from the courts downtown because the nets weren’t adjusted right. Officials are like that now. When they get adjusted correctly, I and we will return to Officials in hordes.

I offer a lot of my gaming time to TestLive, so after the 16th, honestly I’m going to be out of cycle with something as easy as a Raid Window. TestLive is 24/7 raid. Who’s the OG now? :stuck_out_tongue:


Broken is an oft used phrase that is oft used in the wrong context
Broken is not being able to play at all. Or having a game breaking bug so bad that it prevents any playing. Obviously that is not the case.

Mod edit: Very minor typo :grinning:


Also your corpse may have blown into seperate pieces so watch out for a foot or hand sticking out of the ground as they can be hard to spot. If you died next to a slope your corpse may have slid down a hill. If you died next to a node your corpse may be inside the node.


“Funcom Quality” I guess


We don’t use mods. It’s just the raw basic game. When is as soon as the game is loaded, single or multiplayer, and as to what causes it…it’s anyone’s guess. You just run across the terrain and it starts. You don’t have to be fighting or have any other sort of action. We’ve also tried multiple settings variations to no avail. It’s up to Funcom to figure it out at this point. Our best guess is game optimization and performance…that’s their territory.


So we get 1 reply from funcom in 1 workday, and this is the topic you choose to answer? It was not even a question… There is not 1 other topic/question you deem more pressing or necessary to reply to? Nice to know that there are easter eggs in the game… Are you sure they are not bugged? Seriously? Sorry for the negativity, but common… this is really getting ridiculous.

No statement on the current status? No statement on the missing stats in the DLC? No statement on thralls, pruges, performance on official servers, etc… ?


Skinny, please be positive, I see you leave every comment are negative, can you give some time for team to develop the game?


Agreed, this is getting quite ridiculous at this point. There is no communication, no action, nothing.

For some reason, they’re disregarding the game-breaking bugs in the game. But they “fix” random things like yellow-lotus potions, functional warpaints, never fixing little bugs caused by TYPOS.

Quite the circus funcom is.


Actually @myungl there is communication and action as there is a post in pc updates and bug reports about Issue status and about game breaking bugs they are working on, investigating and have fixed.


Seeing as I’ve had some peeps at Funcom reply to me personally within the last 24 hours, this is false.

Here’s how you get communications from them.

  1. Be polite and considerate.
  2. Ask constructive and detailed questions.
  3. File bug reports in the PROPER location using the format they provide.

I’ve worked customer service before, and have thrown out people for less than most of you behave here in these forums. Insults and abuse should never get a foothold between customers and business. But for some reason you all think you can abuse these people thinking that it will some how irate the devs into working harder.

That never works. So knock it off.


This will forever be an issue. It started the day developers were able to produce patches to full release games that were sold in retail boxes. I remember it back to the initial sales of games like Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, and even earlier.
Unfortunately, people are so accepting of the “early access” platform that has become the norm, devs seem to always release buggy games and are slow to fix. We are their beta testers and have fully accepted it at the cost of buying the incomplete product.

I personally have only seen a few minor bugs in the game and I do play solo. Nothing has been game breaking, but minor annoyances. I purchased this in the Humble monthly Bundle. It is slightly annoying to know that it was quite recently released from early access and already has paid DLC. That is a cash grab in my opinion. Maybe they need the money to continue fixes and development, but DLC released so soon should have been part of the original game content.

That said, I don’t think adding DLC, paid or otherwise, before all bugs are fixed is wrong. They seem to be working on bugs as well and new content can always introduce more bugs.

Some have said the player base is shrinking due to the bugs, but I doubt that is a significant factor. As with most multiplayer games, co-op or PVP, when people join larger groups to quickly accomplish most tasks, the game gets boring when not much is left. For PVP, you end up with exceptionally strong groups decimating anyone new or less accomplished, leaving them frustrated and not wanting to try anymore. Following that, the stronger groups become bored from no further challenges. That is the nature of most PVP survival type games. World of Warcraft survived, and still does, because there is so much more to do and you are not constantly trying to only survive against other players.

If the devs stop fixing bugs and stop adding content even solo players like myself will reach the end game content and move on. However, didn’t old school games have a final quest or goal? You beat the bad guy or became king, an end?


I strongly agree with your opinion, but I did not “accept” being a beta tester because essentially I do not have the patience to play game modes like “early access” or other similar variations and I do not even consider it a good business to pay full price for it under these conditions. When I think of buying a full game on its official release date, I “imagine” that the game will meet those prerequisites. We are talking about mere logic and honesty here. But without wanting to appear to be the “poor victim”, I was deceived in my good faith. In my experience with games purchased on ps4, I did not imagine that such a game could be sold on different platforms without serious consequences (ie excluding disappointment on the part of players and Funcom’s reputation / credibility).

Maybe I was naive, but I relied on the perfectly plausible sale of a game that has not yet been delivered, and there is no guarantee either that it will. No deadlines either. Oh, no, I did not pay to sign a blank contract with Funcom. So I stopped playing CE and did not agree with Funcom’s stance and decisions. Part of the consumers were wrongly wronged - based on each individual’s experience - and this could have been avoided if there was greater respect and responsability with the players.

Obviously, this was a personal choice. But I do not like the idea of bugs and other problems being part of the CE “tradition” for an indefinite time and I do not cope with it. This goes for any game does not fulfill its part on its official release date.