Your game is very unforgiving

It has an enterally different design…



The target lock is exactly what I do so I know to avoid or not :slight_smile:

Also useful at night or tall grass, etc when you hear the music but don’t see anything :slight_smile:

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Coming back to this…this quote. I know I have said it many many times in the past. How many of you have done the same thing?


It’s a frustrating game with a huge learning curve. HOWEVER that is what makes this thing so much fun. Because there is this huge learning curve, every discovery is epic and rewarding. The problem is that each discovery is epic and cements in your brain so you are practically rote memorized within a few months to where you know each node of iron, each area for brimstone, the most efficient path for gold collection, and know where each specialist cooking recipe is Its then that it becomes more…problematic in playing.

Early on, fights are ridiculous, and everything kills you. Anybody else get caught in a sandstorm and not make it to shelter? They seem to move so fast. But, after a while, you learn their attacks, and you run out of your base naked to kill Lester the giant scorpion with a spear and take no damage while recovering a Love Tap from the chest. Just me?


plus they have 1-3 skulls above their heads to signify their level of difficulty.

Well, to be honest, the shelter mechanics are unintuitive and inconsistent, so getting killed by the sandstorm while seemingly safe in your sandstone hut, or in a cave, or underwater, probably catches every new player at least once.

I’ve played since Early access, and I’m still not sure I understand exactly how shelter works, or is supposed to work.

The best solution is to always look for the shelter icon on your screen as standing too close to windows will still allow you to be killed.

In the early stages I always carry what is needed to build 1 foundation, 4 solid walls and a roof piece so I can build a quick safe shelter, I learned the hard way to it was necessary to do this.

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He’s called ‘Lester?’

Struck me as more of an …Ian.

He answers to Lester. Has a brother Fester over outside Sepermaru near the dry lake.

Doug, the werehyena outside The Den who tells you all about the Midnight Grove, was the first to call him Lester.

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You have a point there, Testerle.

But mostly told by those in brown pants running for their life :grin:

Because of too many real life obligations, I’ve thought this game requires too much time to maintain. I’ve played since launch on and off. I’ve quit out of frustration from loss, especially in PVP. For me the game felt frustrating because the glitchy fighting mechanics/lag would get me killed or the server would crash when I was out in good gear only to lock me out a hour + and to return to a dead looted body. Once I learned the recipe for silent legion armor and dragon bone weapons and always had multiple back up gear, the game became easy and much less frustrating.

You have to find a server that matches your lifestyle.

Not one that has day in and day out requirements. There are servers that can accommodate your needs. There is an endless amount of ways to play Conan Exiles.

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skill issue

I know I’m late to the party, but it struck me as odd that it would take a week to tame.
I’m guessing you’re playing single player, because on a server it shouldn’t be longer than 24 hours real time.

If you want faster tames in single play, remember lower numbers are faster, “thrall crafting time” and “pet taming time” are what these setting were called or something to that effect, last I played.

0.0 is an instant tame, 0.1 is as fast as possible and still take some time,
I used to use 0.3 in single player. You adjust these in “server settings”

Your computer acts as a “server” when in single play, so nothing was running when you were not in game.

Hope this is still helpful.


For me, I wish the single play aspect could be paused. I really can’t play too much because I get called away a lot. I’m not talking about a server, I mean the actual single player game.

I get what you say about having to answer a call. Getting killed by a boss is part of the learning process, but not being able to pause in single player is a game mechanic.

Unless the game has changed so you CAN pause and I never caught it.


The bugs, exploits and glitches alone on their own are bad enough to keep people from playing this game lol.

A? A certain mechanic or bug? You mean many mechanics and bugs because I doubt it was just one or two particular things that made them say, “Screw this. Peace out.” Some mechanics are broken that have never been fixed since day one. The end? You have any idea how many people have never seen the end of the game because Funcom consistently keeps breaking it? Dare we talk about the fatal errors?

Just because you’re willing to put up with a mess of a game doesn’t mean they should. Some gamers have no time to allocate to a bug laden glitchfest exploitathon of a game. Our time is limited in this life. Some people won’t tolerate games that are so busted and messy as Conan Exiles and they shouldn’t be faulted for that.

Me I’ve tried to beat the game on many occasions over the course of years, but Funcom keeps messing up the game so bad that it breaks it in ways I can’t play it anymore. Sometimes they fix it to the point it won’t even launch. From 2.0 to 3.0, I could not play. Game wouldn’t launch. 2023, AoS releases, a hotfix lands which fks everything up yet again and wow, wouldn’t ya know it, I’m unable to play anymore - again. The game ran fine before they started point patching the battle pass and hotfixing AoS - which ended up breaking the game for me - again. Do you think I want to continue subjecting myself to this historically repetitive bug, glitch and broken updates never being able to finish the game nonsense?

I think you already know the answer to that. Anyone who walks away from this mess of a game shouldn’t be faulted for their choice. Most the community is very well aware Conan Exiles is a mess. IMHO, they made the right choice.

It bugged the crap out of me that I was under water (like 5 meters below), and sandstorm still had effect on the character. WHY?
Probably this is a “feature” too, that will never be checked and fixed.