Abusive construction of player closing passage

Official server #1976 Pve

There is a guy who built the bridge obstructing the passage, we would like it to be removed, this is extremely toxic to other players, on the 11/10E Bridge on the ice.

It is not possible to see action by posting on the forums. As instructed in the Terms of Conduct, you must submit a Zendesk ticket.

However, consider that there are other modes of passage from the snow to highlands side other than the Bridge of the Betrayer.

Yeah, NO. The Bridge of the Betrayer isn’t some random passage through a hill, it’s literally a highway between the highlands and the north and an obelisk. Anyone that I’ve seen build on it leaves the passage open and usually even builds some kind of helpful buildings like hearths/torches to help warm undergeared people up.

Actually blocking such an important access route off completely is a whole new level of d-baggery.

OP: Report the guy. Anyone that would block such an important structure is someone that can’t be reasoned with outside of an admin wipe and possible timeout. It’s the only thing that gets through to them. Luckily Funcom responds to reports of blocked ingame assets pretty promptly.

I don’t play on public, PvP servers, but can’t you attack someone’s structure? Like isn’t that part of the point of the game?

OP indicated it is a PvE server… which other players cannot just attack the offending player or their obstruction.

You can literally swim across or run across on the ice. Additionally unless they put anticlimb chances are this person can climb easily up and over it.

I am not disagreeing that it’s dumb to do this only that there are just as easy alternatives that avoid clogging up Zendesk further.

Oh whoops. Okay yeah.

So you expect players to literally jump into the ice cold water and swim across because some ass is blocking the bridge? WTF?

Of course there are “other ways around”. The point is that this is literally a highway in the Exiled Lands and someone was asinine enough to block it. Aside from hackers/exploiters, I honestly can’t imagine anyone more deserving of a report to Zendesk.

Yes, I do it all the time even without the bridge being blocked. I rarely even take it XD

My point here is that there ARE easy alternatives. It is not the only way to cross the river. The other methods are barely an inconvenience. Zendesk will probably think the same.


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