Agent system feedback



I agree with a lot of the sentiments already expressed. It seems like the agent system will eventually be an engaging and fun form of lateral play. But right now, it has little to no effect on me.

I only have one agent, so my interaction is already limited (I choose a mission, and assign them and thats about it). That agent is now incap, so now I have absolutely no interaction with the system. I might as well not have it at all.

I totally get that Funcom needs to find ways to monetize this stuff, but I think they went to far with scarcity. I have no enticing reason to invest in the system further, currently.

If I had just one or two more agents, and could see some kind of tangible return on investment, than that might entice me to spend at least a couple of real bucks on boosting my assets. But right now, I’m not sure the system does anything useful for me whats so ever, and I certainly have not played with it enough to find any kind of emotional investment in it.


@Glaucon I’m looking at 96 E9 scenarios without a dossier drop (I would really like to know the probabilty of that), so your words about “availability” leave a somewhat bitter taste.

But thank you for the free key event that made that number possible in the first place.


why you need to be competitive?
Does your car don’t work properly if you don’t down Lurker E10 in under 4min?

Agents drop for free, I do not need to invest money to send them on a mission and lvl them.
You do not need the Agents to play the game, you can use them to get more performance.

Grind Agents via normal means, sell those u don’t need purchase the one you think you need, to get better performance. And if you just play the game you will have some day all Agents on lvl 50.


I only have one agent, so my interaction is already limited

I have 4 and i’m bored :joy:


I have 7 now
One for free
3 drops, I need to sell one Agent I did get 2 times (Astrid) and purchased one in AH
and I did purchase 5 booster and pulled 3 agents out of it.

I don’t have enough mission slots to keep all busy.
I will bring my Faction Henchman to LVL 50 then I will focus on +2,5% DMG I believe it is Dex Regan.
Meanwhile I use the others to grind resource’s for the big Missions.
If I get an equipment mission I will send my best agent to finish this mission.

Did get 4 equipment missions and got the drops, I do have 7 Equipment right now.


I doubt that he or any other dev can talk about it. Else we would probably ask them for the general dropchance from missions etc.


That’s there already.

There is just long standing bug when you open the AH the category, while being selected, doesn’t reflect into sub category. Just reselect “agent” and subtypes appears.

Or write “dos” in search field.


imho the droprate is something about 1%


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It has been said long before release that All agents are available as drops. Only a limited number can be found in boosters.


That’s the assumption that fits for ballpark estimates. Not something that one could consider halfway exact.
If I ever have the time or interest I should organize some drop research.


And, since the agents are not actually NEEDED, no one NEED spend any money at all on the agent system.


That is not actually true, if you don’t play the agents game you lose the buffs se YES, the agents are VERY NEEDED


I looked at the community spreadsheet and the agent I had only been seen as a drop and the only thing I heard was “community have to discover where to get the agents”.


The community spreadsheet is a work in progress, and with the droprates that will take a while before it is 100% accurate, so i wouldnt use that as a source for the full picture.

It was said both on stream and on discord a few times that ALL agents will be available for free. I realize not everyone watch either of these two sources, so not trying to blame people of anything here.

A List of what has been said, and found out.

  1. Some Agents drop in specific Zones from Sabotage and Action missions; Solomon Island, Egypt, Transylvania, Tokyo.
  2. The Agents are not Mission specific, and different maps, for each zone, drops the same Agents (KM excluded)
  3. Certain Agents drop from lvl 50 content; Regional Lair Bosses (Blue chest), Dungeons (Blue boss 6 chest), Scenarioes (any chest) and Raids (i assume the weekly chest).
  4. Some Agents are additionally available from Boosters (which will be listed on the Booster)
  5. Booster items/Agents can be exchanged for Hexcoins to buy Gear Packs, Random Agent or Resources. (I assume same agetns as in the Booster and nothing more)
  6. Booster items are Character Bound.
  7. Non-Booster Agents and Gear can be sold for Anima Shards at a vendor, and are Tradable.

This statement was made when someone asked if the devs could reveal where some of the Agents dropped in more detail.


Because I want to, I can’t say no to +7% +3,5% damage!

Well since I can do one dungeon on weekdays if I am LUCKY (queue is ridiculus) and in that dungeon we need to down the endboss which happends maybe? 50% of the time on E5+ and it has to be a blue chest with an agent. You will also end up in farming groups which doesn’t do the hard bosses. I don’t see this happening really.

Same with lair maybe one each evening and there are usually 1 maybe two blue which insanly low droprate for an agent.

I also to the big bosses, usually 10-20 per week sometimes more and I usually 1 or 2 blue chests at the end which also has a ridiculus droprate. We did 26 bosses this sunday, 1 agent dropped.

…and NO I’m not gonna quest, I am done with questing until s2. I have been here since TSW pre-launch, I am done with questing.


ok, I can live with that.

what time zone you are? well add the tanks you run with, ask them if they are on if they want to run a dung.
ask in agartha in LF group, AF is not the only way to get a party.
Have you consider to join a cabal with tanks in it?

that are your rules that bind you. I am here before Kaidan, you have much more time in here then me. I do understand questing over and over again the same stuff can be lame, but try to do at least 5 quick main from one map, than next day another map and so on till season 2.


The only feedback I’d have is I’m at T3 missions and the distillates are a waste of my life. I’d rather get nothing as a reward because at least then I wouldn’t have to delete them…


we have mod for that, once again fixing devteam decisions

Bad thing is, it’s not much better for T5 missions. I mean you need to work for them. It’s far beyond “just one click”. You need many more low missions just to get resources. They are rare and long, you can’t do many of them in a day. Not to mention only very few rare agents can even run them. And yet all you get is 1k “purple” distillates.

Even 4k would be “yay, I can spend 5mins less in dung” but at least it would not feel like an insult and one would be more inclined to gather resources for half a day to run those. But no, 1k it is. With 40% chance to get them ofc.


If that many missions is required to find agents, I am done. I haven’t the free time to spend so much time in game. I think that I am giving up on trying.