#AnimatedAngst Alternate Reality Game - MEGAversary Edition

Celebrations run rampant throughout the Hollow Earth. Balloons, piñatas, candies, and joy have wormed their way through every inch of the World Tree. Even the Stationmaster himself noted the joyous atmosphere in his own way when the Immaculate Machine began to prepare for the education protocol.

However, not all was well. A week passed. Gaia excretes her treats.

Will you help the Stationmaster? Will you guide Gaia’s loyal worker, her kindly Sisyphus?

This is merely the beginning, sweetlings. There is more to come.

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the Sefirot signal - RECEIVE - initiate the shemira protocol - DOWNLOAD - initiate the wisdom of Kohelet - DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? - grasp the genizah grammar - WITNESS - Animated Angst.

Animated Angst

Animated Angst is an ARG set within Secret World Legends and is primarily player-run. Nevertheless, it is highly suggested people explore and experience it!

Much like the Twitterverse Experiments of old conducted by Funcom through various NPCs through Twitter, this is both a series of puzzles and a roleplay experience with Twitter utilized to better engage players.

Twitter is not required to solve the puzzles once they have been initiated; however, it would be wise to watch the Stationmaster and interact with him.

On June 19th 2018, strange things started happening with the Stationmaster’s messages and befuddled him, but thanks to the aid of a few helpful players, the #AnimatedAngst message has been received and the hidden meanings began to be seen. Legends began to be learned.

It was not long after that a strange, silver guardian was found lost and lingering on a shuttered platform. Not to leave him in the dark on, a kind player informed the Stationmaster of the unfortunate fellow. Ever since, he has kept his watch on the wayward ward.

While all seemed quiet, on June 26th 2019, the Buzzing began a scan. Eleven pulse.

Just a day later on June 27th 2019, the Stationmaster found himself beset with a curious cipher with a meaning unknown. With help, the Conductor’s refrain was initiated.

By October 11th 2019, Kaspu Nasiru was keyed up.

The Stationmaster became increasingly worried when, on June 24th 2020, he attempted to share a photograph of the golem only to see the film riddled with unusual artifacts. It was but a day later that Kaspu Nasiru dashed off. And so Kaspu Nasiru waits.

On July 15th 2021, the Stationmaster made further note of Kaspu Nasiru’s mercurial nature when the quick silver guardian golem raced off during his rounds.

Going forward, any future developments will be tagged by the #AnimatedAngst hashtag, whether they be from the Stationmaster himself or others.

When discussing Animated Angst or any plot developments over Twitter or when you wish to notify the Stationmaster of anything, please utilize the #AnimatedAngst hashtag as well.

As part of the Anniversary and MEGAversary community initiative, Animated Angst will run throughout the duration of the Anniversary and MEGAversary events and beyond.

Those who solve or help solve each puzzle will receive honeyed goods. Wisdom flows so sweet.

Initiate the reward protocol. Good things come to those who help.




Animated Angst #1

The Buzzing has invaded the Stationmaster’s new Twitter with a shattered signal! Curious players began to sift through the wayward message, discovering a transmission header in the process!

Congratulations to Gorokizu and Atrus for having first found Animated Angst #1!

Animated Angst #2

Following the Twitter invasion, the Stationmaster has received a strange string of texts with a certain honeyed hum! Determined, diligent players began to scour beneath the distorted lens to see what truly lies inside - another transmission from the Buzzing and something lost in the Tree!

Congratulations to SinOfTheWolfs, Ceebers, and Kirhin for having together found Animated Angst #2 and Kaspu Nasiru!



The Buzzing began a scan and the Stationmaster found himself the recipient of another message - this time, for him! Unable to make heads or tails of the missive, he turned once more to others for aid. Eager bees decrypted the meaning to initiating the Conductor’s refrain! The Stationmaster would have to learn what this SoundCloud can do.

Congratulations to Reicrosa, Bumblebread, and Leogrim for together discovering the Stationmaster’s SoundCloud!

Animated Angst #3

Kaspu Nasiru is all keyed up!

This post to be updated throughout the event!


“a/KrPVRMO” secret has been lifted. But what does it mean?



If I think I have a clue and don’t have Twitter, what would be the best thing to do?
Post here with spoiler tag?
(Aside from obvious things like “go get Twitter”, please)

You can post right here. No spoiler tag needed as it’s a group riddle for the community, nothing that is intended to not get spoiled.

Ah, thank you :slight_smile: Ok then, a little general question.
Do I see it right that we have those “Lore” pieces posted in TSWDB and take those as the hint to proceed in our inverstigations?
Referring to entry #3 in particular.

Yes. The lore in TSWDB is a hint for the next step. What or how is still mostly unknown.

Okay, if I only go by the hint “coming soon” I have two movie posters that are related to Agartha, but not related to Sephirot
The latter with writing all in Latin if I’m not wrong. But before I start decoding it with my rather crumbling knowledge of that language, I thought I’ll ask if I’m too far off track here^^

The next hint I followed was somewhat a combination of Agartha myth with the Jewish Sephirot and the hint to cinema = movie as well as the knowledge taken from the “Golem and Fourth Age” lore ingame. Which would lead me to a very old movie palace that hosted “The Golem: How He Came into the World”: The Lyceum Theatre in London. Bautiful building by the way :heart:

The original Golem movie from 1915 is considered a lost film and didn’t lead me to anywhere. But maybe I overlooked something^^

Edit: And maybe all of this is pure bollocks, but he who doesn’t at least try has already lost

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How did you find the posters. They seem to be part of a amazon site…can you post the site itself

Sure thing. No Amazon at main page. Got it from here

and here


Both seem to be copyrighted by real companies and to old (from 2017…most of the rest we had so far is from 2018).
That said…epic posters. 10/10 would watch _

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Mhmh, figured that the posters were off. That’s why I was looking for the theatre. But that building is real, too. *continues to rake brain

If you go to that imgur you posted before and click on show image, the file in my browser is
imgur .com/nFn4KEe.png maybe it is something with this code again?

I’m currently working on the image itself with Gimp, since there are transparent layers in it (doesn’t the red crytal seems smudged?), that are partially non transparent. But that could also be just me overthinking :smiley: Doesn’t matter though, I love treasure hunts and riddles. (like with the new lores for example)

xD Just an experiment, but jeez look at that Zoinks, creepy cursor following eyes included

So the Stationmasters 2nd message, the Transmit with the hash PgCQAi9S, is a hash for Pastebin. I didn’t find this, someone else did quite some days ago, but i fail to find where he/she posted it.


On a different note, are we sure all these are as important to the ARG as we currently seem to think? The ARG officially started less than 24h ago, these were all posted prior to that.

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Maybe those are not bringing us anywhere, but there are just couple of thoughts coming to my head in the first place:

  1. “Animated Angst” the event title + TSWDB #3 (Coming soon to a theater near you), upcoming premiere of animated movie? Like, Hotel Transilvania 3?
  2. here https://pastebin.com/PgCQAi9S just before the reboot there is a code which contains the repeated KX letters, it brought me to this website https://kx.com/ which has the slogan “It’s about time” (“anybody really know what time is it?” from the transmitted message) and has the bee cells in their design too if to scroll the page down a bit. But i didn’t find anything else there.
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Curious why exactly kx stood out to you in all that =o?

As i wrote above, 1st, most probably it will not bring anywhere, and 2nd, trying to put the different parts from the mix of symbols before the “reboot” into google search, youtube and etc.

Okay so the code at the end of https://pastebin.com/PgCQAi9S; S#$$#@!!dcgnl.myw@!voqoxnc@#@#!cokcyxkv$%#@#@##@!kxswkdon#kxqcd!#@!!$#@

If you run this through a ROT16 decoder you get


In other words www.tswdb.com/legends/seasonal/animated-angst

So it is pointing us to the Lore



I was thinking I might be thinking too abstract. that’s how I work. see… sefirot is the tree of life in the kabbalah and agartha is in our game also a tree of life and also something that connects the worlds.
Another thought is also, that in Sefirot everything was born from the earth and Agartha is also called the Hollow Earth. the only nudge I need is that coming to a theater next to you soon reference / the cinema/movie/opera whatever hint.
I still do have the nagging feeling we are somewhat looking for a picture. a fake movie or in general poster.
Found a movie named Tree of Life but yeah, that’s not something fictional^^

I also went to London (ingame) and noted down the Rackham theater name and ran some searches into that direction. Since I am no “Tim & Struppy” reader, I never noticed the inbuilt eater egg in the neon sign. Red Rackham is a comic adventure. That aside…
(Arthur) Rackham is also an author and illustrator for fairy tales. But it is most likely that I won’t get anywhere by looking him up. But maybe I gave someone else a hint with my rant.

There is also the Albion Ballroom which is a sort of different theater.

I’m wondering if there is an importance in how Agartha and Sefirot got listed. Agartha take the place of the main map the “lore” is on, while SEFIROT is in place of a coordinate.

I am wondering if the “coming soon” is just because the lore was technically posted before the ARG went officially live =/

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