Archery Feedback


Damn. Now that music is stuck in my head!

Not Scottish, but Celtic, mostly Irish and Welsh, though some say by way of earlier Saxon settlers/invaders.

On a side note, I was about to get up and go get/find my Skyrim notes so I can mainly remember the console command to add carry weight (have always hated encumbrance in games) then got lazy as I recalled I’ll also have to go through and disable/relearn a bunch of mods I was trying out. The great aspect of my memory issues is that it’ll almost be like playing as a virgin!

New player here, so I’m not aware of the ‘history’ of archery changes in this game. But it is patently obvious that there is a big problem with archery in Conan. My goodness it is unsatisfying, and so far removed from the results you can achieve with melee that at first I thought the system was just horribly bugged.

Obviously first of all the damage just feels completely lackluster - and not at all worth the time and resources one has to spend crafting arrows. But on top of that, the mechanics don’t feel at all intuitive. I keep expecting to be able to hold the shot before I release, but a left click is an instant shot? And the right click mechanic just feels … random.

Other than roleplay considerations I can’t see why anyone would want to use archery in its current state. It feels terribly broken.


Archery definitely needs another overhaul. I agree that a damage boost is needed but also we should be able to craft various arrows with the different debuffs like bleed and sunder.

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Check out Specialist Ammunition I, II and III on the wiki.
Those arrows are in-game right now; they can be spawned in according to another thread.

Explosive arrows, poison, healing, light, tar, etc.

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50% impressed and 50% terrified !

while this is interesting, i am not really sure if i like where this might go… We need different kind of change for archery…

perhaps something like this: Archery Feedback and Suggestions
or this: Archery Feedback and Suggestions

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I’m with you, Kessi though perhaps more weighted toward terrified. I am also torn as I believe that I like any indication that archery is being looked into for improvement, but at this point, I am becoming less and less interested in new, far out or unique methods and lean much more toward something similar to what we already had for the majority of EA, but that was utterly destroyed (exaggerated for drama and effect) near release for the PVP crowd.

After the recent “change PVE-C Servers to PVP” debacle and the explanations for showing favor to PVP, I suppose I understand why (for the nerf in general, not the level or details of the nerf). I know that I and I “believe” that many others would prefer a simple, tried and true archery system like many other games and pretty much like we had.

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indeed… archery should remain simple and player skill shot based. Some perks are interesting, like ricochet, but in general we are missing aim with “on will” heavy shot release. I hope they will discuss this with community and make the change the way WE really want it.

P.S.: I really LOVED survival hunter in World Of Warcraft with explosive shot, serpent sting, black arrow, concussive shot… but Special ammunition I, II and III with explosive arrow, poison cloud arrow, healing arrow and corruption arrow…? What would it like to be? Like Sorcero-alchemy-archer? BETTER NOT!

Just give me armor penetration arrows, quiver and fair DMG stats and perks build and buff up captured thralls so some low lvl dude cant kill then all alone with hunting bow…


Kind of funny that you mentioned this because I actually thought of that and loved it as well, though in an earlier form (don’t remember when exactly, but I played heavily from '04 - '08 and tapered off after that) and also loved scattershot. Can you imagine the rage from melee pures if we had something like that? Hah! And no, I don’t want it. Just a funny thought.


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I sort of get that this is a melee game, bows could still use a lot of help. I also think bows have a potential to be a very good utility with different types of arrows. Attach a rope to an arrow and you can use it for better climbing or shoot it at an enemy to prevent them from running away from you. Do fire arrows currently set grease on fire? There are plenty of options. If they can’t be viable as a “main hand” or primary source of damage, then atleast make them a better second hand utility. Also, buffing archery will also buff shields in pvp. Right now it seems like a spear is the only viable way to go.

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Leading a moving target IS shooting. If the mechanic for this doesn’t work ingame, then we might as well ask them to hold still. What goes through ones mind is beyond comprehension.

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The dev’s response was that archery was perfectly fine, lol. Never change your ways Funcom, keep losing players interest from unusual and stubborn stances.


I still can’t believe how broken this is. And they have no plans to change it.

What a waste.

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The lack of balance of archery goes deeper than combat. No points in Accuracy in your build renders All armors that add to accuracy completely useless. Hyrkarian and accuracy build? high armor and no damage. Hyrkarian and strength build? Any player using Hyperborean vvill kill you because you are missing out on those expensive points to get 40 Strength despite and you both having similar armor rating.

Even the perk from Accuracy line, increasing your armor penetration by 50% (of your current amount) is a poor choice in compassion to other perks. At this moment, majority of options vve could explore in attributes are closed. No matter vvhat your build looks like, if it is not 40 strength and 40 vitality you already lost.

The solution vvould be to scrap armors adding any attribute points, and instead add more to the sum you have by reaching level 60. And then re-balance bovv damage and perks.

If they didn’t want archery being mained, but rather having it be secondary combat style in a sandbox game, then they never should of added it in the first place. There is no need for archery to have multiple types of attacks. If you’re good at aiming, you should be an archer, it’s simple. The truth is majority are terrible at aiming anyway. If throwing axes slow players and such, I don’t see what’s so wrong with archers.

agreed 100% also the abiulity to switch ammo types on the fly is a must, tired of having to have 2 or 3 bows on my just to change me tactics when needed

I have stopped playing, because of the control that was lost when they changed archery.
But the ability to change arrow types is in the game, drag different arrows to the hot bar, select which arrow you want that way. it still requires multiple hotbar spaces, but you only need one bow.

If they ever give us back the ability to decide for ourselves when to let arrows fly,
rather than at the end of an animation.
I may return.
and I would again be an archery cintric character as I was for all of early access.

yea tahts just not intuitive enough for me, im talking lets replace the left d pad jurnal garbage with an ammo menu or something lol