[BUG] Purges do not start even after warning

Game mode: Online private (mod: The Age of Calamitous)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

Since yesterday our purges do not start. We do get warning about incoming purge and that’s it.
Starting time is set for 15 min, and after this time expire, another player gets warning about purge on his/her territory. So all we get are only warnings.

Anyone else has such problem?

Hey @BabaGraPL

Does this issue still happen while playing without mods?

Ignansis, I am unable to uninstall this mod. Half of the bases of our users would dissapear :frowning:

We have only one mod and as I said, this problem started yesterday (Wed) - till then they worked fine.
Also, our purges are restricted to appear only between 19:00 till 22:00, and are set currenlty on level 3.

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Thanks. We’re preparing some fixes for the Purge that will hopefully alleviate this issue once they’re released in an upcoming patch.

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@Ignasi any news on the issue?
It is really frustrating for me and my users. Purges do not work since Wed, I did restart server since then several times, I’ve changed purge options (levels, time beetwen waves, etc) but it is still not working :frowning:

Hey @BabaGraPL

Until we release the patch, if you have admin access to your server, as a temporary workaround you can take a look at this thread made by @Multigun and try some of the commands included in there:

Our team is looking into this issue but unfortunately we don’t have any ETA yet.

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I did that all and no results - still all we get are warnings :frowning:

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On the meanwhile, and just in case, could this be a known issue for Age of Calamitous users?

I’m having a very different problem on an official server. My purge bar is past the first line and about half way to the second. So far for almost two days I haven’t been purged. I look at the events log and I see something weird. I’ll see an entry that says “A Purge has started for Clan Lagertha”, which Lagertha is the name of my character. Then shortly after, there is an entry that says “A Purge has Ended for clan Lagertha”. I’m not in a clan but for some reason it will start and then end.

It is probably the same issue as we are having on our server. We just get an info about a purge and then few minutes later info that it is over. Also purge bars are filled for all clans :frowning:

@Ignasi I know logs are in Polish, but you do have Polish devs so they can check it :slight_smile: I also asked players using AoC mod and none of them has such problem :frowning:

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