CtA: General Bugs

EU (3)
In order to change the message of the day in a clan, I have to do so twice.
It wont change it the first time, only after the second.

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Rima here. No Tabs as well.
Commands for switching work though.

Weren’t the Tabs for chat just a Pipi thing and never in vanilla?

I haven’t played without pipi since release, so I’m not sure about this.

I think global and local were a thing even for vanilla, but I dont really know… hm…

Bug (possibly known)
EU (3)
official Testlive
The trickshot perk from accuracy seems to be active without having invested points.
Sometimes arrows just recochet even though the perk isnt learned.

EU (3)
official testlive
Even worse:
I do remember having been shot with arrows and seeing them recocheting from me.
Or same with enemies. Instead of them being shot, the arrow just flies to who knows where…
Not always, but sometimes.
(Never had been too bright with triggering them by will.)

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Yes, she’s a pain to watch, a non-stop spawn and die !
Farmed her numerous time, like said, she’s a fine fighter, but has no chance where she’s spawning. And like i saw, she can be at different place in the same area.


DLC weapons and im guessing probly everything DLC(haven’t checked for armor and foundations) aren’t being dismantled in the dismantling bench.

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I am not sure if I mentioned that I could use the keyboard commands to switch back and forth as needed.

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Server: Combat_TestLive_EU1_PvP
Chategory: BUG

Description: Server restarted recently for unknow reason while was fighting. After that I closed client and restartet steam because expecting some update. After noticing there is none, entered server again. My weapon I wilded, an improved hardened great sword, was gone.

Server: Combat_TestLive_EU1_PvP
Chategory: BUG

Description: While AI behavior has improved in combat, sometime path finding seems to have a trouble if you fight a guy and another one just running away, passing you by. It takes some time till they return and start fighting you. Doesn’t look like a natural behavior to me. This happens in open area, too.

Windows 10
EU3 - Server PVE

Issue: Upgrading glitched.

1a: Upgrading floor tile (actually ceiling tile as a floor piece) from stone to black ice.
As you can see, in the picture below, the black ice trimming is the only bit showing, and the stone remains on top of the newly upgraded piece.

1b: So I went to break the tile, and it revealed the upgraded piece underneath.
Actual glitch is simply that the brick did not crumble upon placement of the upgrade.

note: Having serious issues, as already mentioned, with placing anything with the Steam Controller.
I go into crouch mode, when I go to rotate any item and the item disappears - was like this outside of live, but now its worse, as before I could at least place once in crouch mode - now cant… had to go to keyboard.

Windows 10

Issue: Was placing Blackice piece when CE quit abruptly, error message was something about: “Host disconnected session” (Sorry, no screenshot)

When I logged back in, two things happened.

1: My health was down, (I was inside when this happened), and after healing, there is a persistent red blood around my screen as if my health is very low. (pictured below - easier to see in bottom left corner.)

2: When I ate a shrimp, my health bar first dipped down and then up.
note: This second issue is not exclusive to this experience. It happens randomly.


3: Just logged in after this post, and my health bar was halfway down again… (from full at log out moments before)

3b: Ate shrimp and it popped up full immediately - no slow progress like normal. (After it first dipped, of course)

3c: blood spots still remain. :frowning:

As you see in the picture below, everything is fine. Logged in, health is up… no bloodspots.
Solution to this workaround - Go kill something, heal up, and you will be fine!

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The „health dropping upon eating“ is a false positive.

When your food bar reaches maximum, you receive an invisible buff, increasing your maximum HP (by 50 or so). So what you see when eating is actually not your health dropping, but the bar getting longer.

You can check this by checking your max HP and current HP numbers in your inventory before and after eating.

On the half health upon login issue: seems like a reoccurring bug due the usage of an outdated code branch making it back !again! Into the game.

Funcom pls, Branch and Version control, there are tools for that.


Thanks… what is the work around for the half health upon login? (if any)

nvm - found a workaround… its in my post above. :slight_smile:

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Windows 10

Issue: Attributes points were redistributed.

In a strange turn of events, I was at the clan base, when I realized my attributes had been reset.
Screenshot is slightly after me starting to reselect perks - but its enough to show the issue.

Not sure when it happened exactly - the only thing that comes to mind is that it was fine when I was wearing heavy armor, but when I checked with fur armor - it was reset. (Doesn’t seem likely that changing armor is the issue… but Im not sure what would be.)


Every day I have messages in the event log that a number of sandstone foundations, around eight or so, have lost stability but none of them are ever actually gone. There are no messages about them entering decay or being abandoned at all.

As I recall someone had this issue in the previous testlive build though I never did. But now I have it in the current one.

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Yeah I am getting those in this build as well on my new base for the Call to arms. Nothing has disappeared for me, but still happening. Hopefully that is what they are fixing on the last build before it goes live.

Windows 10


1/2: Logged in, my character was at the bottom of the inside balcony with the beds - started to walk and she glitched back up to the top.
(No screenshot, video would do this justice)

2/2: Tried to go through the door and likely had a seizure - Have a screenshot, but it looks like Im merely jumping. She would glitch up and down, floating in space as I moved her through the door.

Logged out, will log back in - hoping it fixes it - and hoping this is winding up my bug reports as this testlive period comes to a close. :slight_smile:

Here is the screenshot regardless, sorry no video.

As Nuria mentioned below, logging out and back in fixed the floating issue.

As for the glitching below the balcony - it happened again.
So this time I put her on the bed, and when I logged back in, she sank down in the bed and popped up.

My guess is that when she was on the floor, she sank below it, glitched, and when I walked, she popped back where she was supposed to be - not sure who else has experienced this…

I also just logged in at half health, went and injured myself to heal back to full :wink: