CtA: General Bugs

Yes, same, was experimenting that lately whe i went out at the mounds.

In first person is fine, but in third person the night-vision will stay, and need a relog to fix it.


Not related to latest patch, but previous.

PvE, singleplayer

Dina the Huntress really should learn how to fight. She dies max 1 min after she spawns in G9. Her spawn points are among wolves or next to boss. She takes her bow or sword out, but not fighting with attacking her wolves - just tries to walk away. However she is a really fierce fighter when it comes to Rocknoss boss…
Just give her a white wolf for protection or some fighters please :smiley:

Also Enika of Cimmeria spawn point on island is too close to herd of lizards, same with Noss the Murderer and shalebacks - they fight, but they do not stand a chance :confused:


Offical, testlive_us3_pve.

Bug with follower thralls, or so I think.
I captured a Kus-hite Fighter III from Hunter’s view. He had a cimmerian battle axe as his weapon when he came off the wheel. He uses that just fine and attacks anything I am attacking or that attacks me. The problem is this. I gave him an Ancient Two-Handed sword, and he would equip it but never attack. he would walk up to the enemy and just look at them. tried against a few mobs and no dice. Then gave him a steel spear, and again he would not attack. he equiped it when combat started but did nothing with it. Gave him back his cimmerian battle axe and he started attacking again. So are they now limited to the weapon they have when coming off the wheel? or is this guy just bugged.

*Edit, would not let me save it with Kus-hite spelled correctly).


US3 - Dismantle bench issues so far.

I can get bucket of oil from blood. Infinite gold and silver has already been posted. Tar makes Resin and I HOPE that is intended, because I’m always ending up with so much extra dry wood and not enough resin. Something (can’t remember now) makes bark. Cooked fish becomes raw again for infinite ichor (mentioned previously).

Basically, the bench needs to be locked down to specific items it will accept. Probably best to just not allow certain items to be placed in it. But I really love this bench!

If you click a mini oblish on the edge of the map and someone then clicks right after you, they will travel and you will stay. This happens even if they DO NOT have that location attuned to their bracelet. Is this a bug or a feature?


Gamemode: Singleplayer
Elite Shaleback not attacking bug.
When I met an elite version of the shaleback with the glowing eyes in noob river he just stood still while I was killing him, no ressistance. Only thing he did was his taunt when I got close.

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To add onto the dismantling bench:

You can dismantle an Iron reinforcement back into 2 iron bars. WIth a t2+ blacksmith it only takes 1 iron bar to make. proft.

The odd thing is if you make a steel reinforcement, and then put it into the dismantle bench it turns it into an iron reinforcement. Shouldn’t it turn it back into steel bars?

This one is good. Put 1 stone into dismantle bench and it turns it into a Rocknose Carcass.

Its the same for all animals, bear, wolf and so on



Applied Functional War Paint Strength - I noticed that I did not have a bonus to Strength.

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While wearing the NON-epic version of the Aquilonian Infantry Armor that provides 1 bar of heat protection, I took a drink from a sealed waterskin. I then noticed that I was getting cold.

I understand that drinking water has a cooling effect, but should the character really be cold with 1 bar of heat protection while at Sepermeru?

Oh, Derketo recipes - you can get the sliver of undead from anyting you can make in the altar it seems. Just got some slivers from compost and so on.

Probably this way with other religions crafts

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Music in the well of skelos gets these wierd slow downs. Sounds like someone trying to stop a turn table record player

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If thralls no longer need food to survive, why do they still have the Food time left timer?


Server: Combat_TestLive_US1_PVP
catagory: Bug
Description:after place a bedroll it floating animation stays there even when u don’t have extra bedroll

Server: Combat_TestLive_US1_PVP
catagory: Bug
Description:the new legendary weapon (spear) the regenerates your health makes your max health go down(negative numbers) and increases your max stamina(i had 3k stam at one point) if u equip and unequip the spear multiple times.

That one happens with lots of pieces - just about anything short of the basic building blocks. Actually they do it too for an instant, but then the “fake preview” piece disappears.

Chests are yet again broken, i have come across many chests this morning and all of them had no loot.

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Firebowl Cauldron Animation Broken

The Firebowl Cauldron flickers on and off randomly and it never turns on while crafting items. Also, even if flames are visible while it’s either on or off, it makes no light.

Nothing major but I thought I’d report it since it’s been an issue for a while now.

Chests in my game refresh without issue. I’m running a single player local game though, so that might be why.

Logged in this morning… and my pet wolf was missing!

Kinda goes along with my current thread about not wanting to play anymore since I have the two required items - as they may disappear. Didn’t mean literally. (I still have them, but my wolf is mysteriously gone from beside me - which he was when I logged out)

When I logged out last night, and logged back on, he was ‘spazzing’, so I picked him up, and tried to place him - couldn’t where I was at, pictured above, so I just clicked ‘follow’ and he calmed down.

Logged out, came back this morning - and gone.
Perhaps the above steps, location, will help to repeat said glitch.

update he found his way back home! :slight_smile:

Thread link:

Also, froze… and crashed.

Missing wolf, and error message.

Place: Unnamed City
Windows 10
EU3 Server PVE

If he was on follow when you logged out, he might’ve gone back to his “home”, ie the last spot you had him “Guard”. Though if he were “spazzing” as you put it at that spot, all sorts of shenanigans might ensue if/when the game tried to forcefully put him there.

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