General Bugs:Character creation,Building and chair issues

During the test on the server Combat_testlive_EU1_PVP i have faced some issues:

1)The character creation had the camera bugged when selecting an hairstyle or beard,making me unable to see the character.

2)After placing a building piece it gets stuck in the view and the only way to fix it is to climb or select another placeable item.

3)There is still the bug of the chair: If you sit on a chair and another player is out of range, when the players gets closer you will be invisible for that player if you are on the chair.

Hey @GabrielNerevar

Issue 1 and 2 are known issues as per the patch notes:

Currently Known Issues

First selecting “Female” at character creation and then slecting “Head Options”, “Face Details” or “Finalize Character” might move the camera past the player avatar, making it impossible to see your character
Selecting “Male” at character creation might render your avatar invisible when browsing the “Face”, “Hair” and “Facial Hair” options.
The new special health-bars have a lower vertical offset than intended.
VoIP from other players can sound distorted unless you set your Voice chat and/or master volume to 80% or less
After putting down a placeable, the item persists. Current workaround is to climb to remove this. It will be fixed

We’re taking note of issue 3 and sending it to our devs. Don’t forget to post any bugs found in the current Testlive build on this focus thread:

Thanks for your feedback

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