Funcom Live Services

win 10 2004
run CMD on administrator
netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off

(because after turning off the rules, the firewall continues to work)
run regedit on administrator
edit parametre “start” to 4
reboot pc
this is you turn off the firewall and turn off its automatic launch

run on administrator
Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\BattlEye\Uninstall_BattlEye.bat twice
run Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox_BE.exe
good luck

I advise you to disable the third-party firewall or add to the exceptions.
do not forget this will slightly reduce the security of the system.

Thanks for posting that. Did it work for you. ??

It’s amazing…I can turn off BattlEye and play on my private server but the minute I turn it on I get errors all over the place. My monies on this being a conflict between BattlEye and FLS.

It must be more than that, if it was this simple we would all experience the problems you have and I personally have no issues connecting to either of the two servers I am playing. There are also a bunch of other self hosted servers with owners logging just fine :neutral_face:

Yeah, that’s true. I guess I was getting my hopes up that it WAS that simple.

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Why when I look for what FLS does, there are no articles. Not from FUncom, or media.

Some of us already hate it, will never use it. It took 2 hours to get in a sever this morning.

Your lucky, it’s taken me 15 days to get back online.

My understanding of it is that its primary function is a platform-independent friends list & chat box. I think they’re also using it for the DRM check as a secondary function since removing Denuvo. The numbers add up when you consider they intended to be ready for cross-play of some sort.

It was originally mentioned here.

Implemented a new Funcom Live Services system. This includes functionality for an in game Friends List and improvements to the Server Browser.

For the rest, the above comment by @bbtech describes it fine imo. It also helps to enforce game-specific bans.

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So more stuff very few want. Every server uses Discord.
Sure messed up the game for something so no necessary

Right, FLS should be takin out til it works proper.

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I don’t think staff at funcom are going to see this but I have a question…Why do I have crash Reporter logs from 2018…I never had this game installed until 2020…

So this is the latest one:

[SGID:0; TID:6428] IMPORTANT: BugReport - Received a SUCCESS code from the bug report server for the bug 09E17806BC0B3B55E59AEDE68BF6EEBD with value 1590975847_7802
[2020-06-01 01:44:08.162 #0] [SGID:0; TID:6428] IMPORTANT: CrashReporter - CrashReporterApplication Stopped

My friends started before me and they were playing on an EU server. Naturally I joined theirs. Because I’m in the US on an EU server, I’ve always had a high ping, and it frequently takes several attempts to connect to the official server. Once I do connect, it’s laggy as all hell, but, I’m playing from the other side of the planet, so I accept that.

But I have only been able to log into the official server once in the last two weeks.
First, there was the update that screwed up everything. Turned my ping into ???. then there was the patch to “Fix” the update, that got my ping down into the 300s. Using my VPN to shoot to UK before login has gotten me into the 200s.

So, my question is, I paid for the “privilege” of playing this game (and most of the DLC);
A)Are you going to ACTUALLY fix what you did?
B) How long do I have to get jerked around by your login screen before I can get my money back?

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Hi, Jicho, sorry about the issues and my personal observation and experience with FC has shown me that they want everyone to enjoy the game. To be the bearer of bad news is not something I enjoy, but here it is:

First, you have likely played long enough that Steam will not grant a refund. You agreed to that when you bought the game.

Secondly, playing on a server so far away involves transmission delays and apparently you were on the edge to start with. Any additional delays (ping or server response time) probably drove you over the preset limit.

Playing a EU was your choice. Being from the US, I stick to US servers; it’s just logical and it works.

Having said that, it’s possible there is a problem and I do not want to dismiss the report because of the above reasoning. Server response time plays a part in establishing the go/nogo due to ping and there may be software/server issues that exacerbate the problem and perhaps there are others that share your issue, so keep looking and keep the thread alive.

In addition to that, and in support of that, can you establish a connection to a local server? Give it a shot and let us know. That knowledge may drive this into another section, such as excessive ping times on all servers. That would be decisive and indicative of a bug we can help you with.

Third, is the error message specifically ‘ping exceeded’ (or similar)? If not, there may be other factors.

Lastly, are your frinds still able to connect, and what general range of ping times do they show?

All of these may, in some form, lead to a solution and I sincerely hope you are again able to join your friends.




Ok, so this is what I have just tried so I could connect to funcom live services. I was given a link by a kind member in another thread I made, so I went through it and nothing pertained to my predicament. It did have instructions for a clean install. So I followed them. This is the link:

So I moved my conan exiles folder to a different spot and tried to start the game, as it was still in my library after I moved the folder out of the default location. It would not start but gave me the chance to install it. So I went ahead and downloaded and installed 53.13gb’s.

I was worried that I would not get my DLC’s back but I did. Anyway, before I re-installed all the DLC’s I tried to run the vanilla conan with no DLC’s and no mods. I still could not connect to funcom live services. So, I re-installed all the DLC’s and gave it another try. Still no go. Could not connect.

I even tried putting my saved game files back from the previous install. That did not work either. After that I validated the files to make sure the saved files and database was not corrupt. All was fine. I tried to connect again. This time without BattlEye. It took 3 seconds to login and I got onto our private server and everything was still there. That was awesome. Still not what I wanted.

I tried to connect 4 times after that with BattlEye on and it would not let me. So I uninstalled BattlEye and re-installed it and tried again. Still nothing. Can not connect to Funcom Live Services. So, as our server (My brothers and mine) does not have BattlEye running, I can connect to it fine. If I turn on BattlEye and try to connect I can not do anything. Which means, I can’t play on the officials and all the work my brother and I have done is pretty much gone.

When is this going to be fixed please. I have done enough now to try to solve it on my end.


i got a question (i know its very unlikely) but does the live services provide information to the chinese ? i keep hearing it could be a spyware that collects information for the communists. about player habits and with whom are we connecting?

I doubt it, but if it is, we would never know. And to be honest, I doubt Funcom would know. If that type of thing were to be implemented, it would probably be a backdoor hack of some kind.

Why do we need to be watched, have not had a baby sitter in over 60 years.
If people only minded their own business, it would be a better world.

i dont know its something people in the server are saying,
chinese goverment people likes to watch others, i am not using the recently freind thing, EVER lol,

look whats happenbing in hong kong. (even gamers are being set under surveillance in china, )