Game breaking save corruption

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America]

After most recent patch my saves seem to be corrupted.
Start a new game and give myself assets to build structure usually 11 by 8, have tested exit game and enter on the foundations alone, but as soon as I raise walls or lay down carpentry, blacksmith and such, exit to main menu and load back in, my loading screen bar freezes, usually mid point. Close and restart the game and it loads fine but with all assets except base foundations gone. Also notice that “assets not aligned with ground” warning pops up when getting near edge of foundation block irregardless how many are grouped together.

Memory leak, save corruption?

This is game breaking, please fix.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start New Game, Offline, Singleplayer, Co Op Off.
    2.Enable Admin, give stonebrick building assets, build structure(11by8 foundations) build wooden walls, lay misc building assets.
    3.Exit to main menu
    4.Load Saved Game.
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Sounds a lot like this Single player no longer saving progress

Guess i will update this.

Switched to insulated foundation,walls,ceiling. Got an 8 by 11 building completely built, no trouble. Layed down 3 improved tanner, 4 improved blacksmith, 4 improved cauldron, and 5 improved furnace. Exit to main menu, go to load game and it says “no save game found, please wait if expecting save.” Wait, load in eventually, everything is there. Lay down 2 carpenter, 2 armorer, an artisan and torturer benches. Exit and load, save isn’t there, wait, eventually get in, nothing is there beyond the original 16 assets. Deleted 1 blacksmith, put down 1 armorer, exit, load, save not found, wait, load in, nothing saved. Deleted blacksmith, put down carpenter bench, teleported to other side of map, teleport back, exit to main menu, frozen on load.


@Tascha can we get a response to all of this whatever it is that is going on with the save issues on ps4

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Mine was on exit of game. Hung over 10 minutes, would not go back to main menu. Force close and restart, pray save process finished and closed. Game hangs on load, left again over 10 minutes. Force close and restart. Game loads, back about 3 hours gameplay. Lost a lot of effort and exploration in swungle (POI discoveries, obilesk bind, gold and silver run, etc.) Close game in disgust, turning a fun experience into something very different.

PS4, singleplayer, offline.

Have regular hangs that never recover, seem to be around saves as usually a force close and reload only sets me back an action or two and usually around inventory access. This was different and extremely aggravating.

Time is the most important currency a person has. I’m choosing to invest it with you. To lose a minute or two regularly is bad enough. For it to continue almost 2 months post launch is horrible. Now for myself, and others, to lose hours, or all, of their investment due to crappy save mechanics on a closed hardware device is just beyond the pale. Especially when it seems to be introduced with a DLC patch whether you have the DLC or not.

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I feel for you man, I have similar issues but more crashes and buildings disappearing. I have a tiny sliver of hope that some of this can be fixed soon but won’t be shocked if my hopes are dashed to pieces

Very well put. Love this game. I can see myself playing it for hundreds and hundreds of hours. But first I have to be able to play it. I’m a very calm and patient person but this is really stretching me to my breaking point when it comes to this game

Well, the last phrases have me worried, even though I suspected it; they’re vastly undermanned to keep fixing this game. Makes me really wonder when and if this game will ever work as intended.

I hope the developers will prove I am wrong.


I feel it might be related to the other thread. I will ask the team to get some eyes on the info here, too :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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Can you…

  1. Confirm there is no fix in the coming “100s of bug fixes” patch. Since it sounds like the team is still at the investigation stage, it is what I’m expecting.

  2. Let us know the priority this particular issue has with the team working on it.

  3. Confirm whether this will come out in a hotfix as soon as available or will it be held to rollup into a bigger hotfix or patch bundle after you have resolved it internally.

My girlfriend is off to visit family so I got to invest a lot of time today. Four unrecoverable freezes in three hours. But luckily the usual push back 1-2 actions while doing inventory management except for one of them. That one I ran from base outside south entrance of Set city all the way to north exit with the group of 3 blacksmith, smelter and armorer. Killed them plus an add and froze on the last killing stroke. Set me back in my base to the point of last inventory access in base.

After that decided to move this base up near dirt ramp to priest spawn in Set city. No more 30-45 minute freezes, which seem related to saves. Instead multiple hours crafting, building, carefully placing stations to crash and lose every bit of that work and my time invested in it.

I’d like these three questions answered so I can make an informed decision on whether to continue spending time on your game at all, to place it aside a bit while you quickly fix this game breaking issue or follow another avenue to recourse my grievances.

Thank you.

Edit: Should mention the crash that took all my work set me back to where I crashed the last time, north Set city at blacksmith\smelter\armorer. Lost the Thralls I got after that, ichor I’d farmed, boss rhino I killed, axe of the lion I looted in addition to the base build. Extra salt to the wound. Since I’m singleplayer offline I can admin things back. But it breaks immersion, leaves a lingering feeling of cheating even if it is just balancing game deficiencies, and does not address time lost and frustration gained.

Also, now not only are stations either not turning back on or are clearing the queue and turning on just to burn fuel. I also have stations that were off last session turning themselves on even though they were inactive.

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Stand around doing nothing as i write up last post. Go make sandwich and eat. Come back and start to regroup. Less than 5 minutes of activity but 30-45 minutes into session leads to unrecoverable freeze. Force close reload. Journey steps reset but at least i dont think i lost any emotes. One HS pick duped in inventory. Previously moved pickaxe and HS pick back in box.

I don’t even know what to say at this point while remaining civil.

Edit: Had been repairing armor in bench just before crash. Boots duped in bench. 4 of 5 royal armor pieces lost applied modifications. Spawned in new set to compare weights and durability on various pieces.