I am seriously upset with this update...who can I contact to make a complaint that might actually make a difference

I have played this game since it first came out. I have bought several of the DLC’s and have put in over 2300 hrs. I have seen so much progress from when the game first started…but this new update…is completely unacceptable .

And the reason I am so upset? The most damaging errors/bugs that people are dealing with were reported during the TestLive but were still released to the general public

I have lost 2 high level Dalinsia’s which took hours upon hours to level…from reading the other post several others have done the same.

I have witnessed two long standing bases almost be completely wiped out because of the Purge spawning / teleporting inside.

These are not annoying bugs like the horses following to closely. These are major game breaking bugs that were not fixed even after people reported them during TestLive

I have always just shrugged off all of the previous bugs that came with a major update but these are really ruining people’s games.

I truly wish this doesn’t just fall upon deaf ears because this is very serious and should not have happened at all.

Dev’s take a moment and try to imagine being in our shoes. We spend a very long time to get to the level and the mats needed to build a tier III base. We search high and low for the named thralls for our work stations. Only to have a boss dragon spawn in the middle of the base and wreak many many hours of work.

We spend a Very long time to capture and level up several named thralls as followers only to loose them due to something like the bug that kills them because we simply rode an elevator


This stuff needs to be adressed by the team and not a “we’ve been notified about this but and are working on it” they need to come out and tell us what they know and if it’s stuff that is too dire for them to hotfix they need to take it back and work on it until it’s truly done. If what you say is correct and they knew about issues in the testlive they should have only released the dlc and explained that issues with the new update came up and they rather fix it than risk disturbing the gameplay experience for their players. But what’s done is done and they need to act now and face the critisism and tell people what is going on and swallow their pride and take the patch back to take their time to perfect it. This was obviously rushed and now it’s time for them to do right.


Eos I couldn’t agree more. I posted this in another thread showing a snake purge spawning inside of a base that was a live feed on YouTube which aired April 29th. The purge mentioned starts at 1:06 and when it is over he says that he is going to report it AND that he has seen others already report the same

On our server one purge was just like shown with snakes but one of the others was a boss dragon inside and another the hyenas with their were bosses spawn on top of the roof. We had to get ahold of the owner of the server so he could turn off the purges before any other bases were affected


Yep, I made an account specifically because I just lost my Dalinsia. All I did was use a map room and poof dead. All that levelling, the top tier armour I made, the legendary weapons I equipped her with… GONE. And I couldn’t even get the loot bag because there was no body. Of all the bugs I’ve had, and there have been many, this is the one that has me most upset. It’s like what is even the point?


As I wrote in another thread: Who forces Funcom/devs/management to release so broken patches? Makes more harm, than anything else…

There is no season 3 DLC pass. There is no fixed date for anything. Yet, they release one broken patch after another, instead of waiting and do even more tests.

Lets just hope, that the hotfix for that patch will not take some months to roll out.


Well they did say they knew they would have to put out a patch in a month or so on the steam. So they knew it was gonna be a problem and I do not expect to see a fix for anything for at least a month. Funcom sorry to say got their DLC out and sold and people brought it not knowing about the bugs in this patch. As per always, no real word from Funcom on this train wreak of a patch other then the normal we will looking in to it, can not tell you how sick of reading that I am. Edit by Melcom After losing a Filetooth purge thrall to map room port who I had had for months who took me so long to get to level 20 with awesome stats I am just tired of redoing thralls for the last few months with every patch breaking them or killing them. Its depressing to be honest.


I am truly sorry that you guys also lost high level followers. It is depressing and the only answer is to not have a good thrall or any at all go with you anywhere.

What REALLY upsets me is that these problems were reported during the TestLive and were not fixed before the release.

Funcom comes up with a new DLC. Awesome! Release it. Plenty will buy it…My wife and I have each bought 4 of them

But why in the world would you also release an update that kills your followers or that has the Purge spawn inside your base?


I’ve had the game since early release. People have been back and forth trying to get Funcom to fix bugs and performance issues since it’s official release over two years ago. I think at this point it’s safe to say this is as good as it’s going to get. I don’t think Funcom can get this game straightened out or they would have by now.


A number of bugs have been fixed with the next hotfix, which they hope to release soon. See all planned fixes with the next hotfix(es) here:


New hotfix is out:

If all goes according to plan, consoles can expect an update early next week.(1)


A hotfix has been released just now, less than a week after the major update.

You can follow all the bugs that have been addressed here:

If you feel like there are other bugs that haven’t been addressed, please make a detailed bug report.

Also please take into consideration that Funcom staff is also affected by the ongoing pandemic, and have working hours just like the rest of us.

In my opinion they’ve done a stellar job delivering a hotfix this fast.


Well it’s mid may already so fingers crossed that we see this hot fix hit the consoles next week at the latest.

Server crashing 12 times a day is absurd.

stellar job delivering a hotfix ok really.

I noticed that the new bed that was reported last week which is broken and the hit box is like 3 ft off the bed still today, I myself re-reported it. A new paid DLC that contains a total of 94 new pieces and out of 94 pieces they missed the bed, really 94 pieces they could have tested all of them in an hour but they missed you can not lie on the bed.

The fixes in the update today do not all work in case you did not read the new bug reports. I love this game but these bugs are sucking the life out of the fun of this game more every single day for many many people. Have you not noticed all the new members reporting or commenting on bug reports that in its self says something.

I am not sure what is the most troublesome, the bugs that get missed, reintroduced, forgotten, put on the back plate for the newer bugs or the many people on this site that spend their time telling people who do report bugs to wait it out it will get fixed and I am sorry as much as it disappoints me it does not always get fixed and when it does it many times comes back next patch.

I am very happy you think this is a stellar job and some people are happy with the few fixes that got added in this hot fix but I am still not happy I lost a purge thrall that took me a long time to farm and a lot time to level to a bug of porting though a map room and just never being seen again, dead to the mystery of a bug. I have a bed I can not sleep on I paid for in a new dlc less then a week old, the Remanent just stands on his tail and looks at me like he has brain damage.

I am sorry for the rant but it seems like every time someone makes a comment about how slow things get fixed someone is right there to defend Funcom , we here should be defending the other players and trying to get the bugs fixed so every one can just enjoy the game.


Yes, I agree with you. I just lost a high-level thrall while I was riding an elevator. This isn’t just sad, it’s disruptive. I just logged out of the game and questioned “What do I do about this?” It seems like these forums are just a scream post place for people to complain, but no actionable items occur. I’m not okay with this, and I’m not going to support a game while they not only don’t provide a stable, predictable environment (with some means to correct genuine engine issues), but also doesn’t attempt to fix things.


Here’s what we can do:
When encountering a bug, we can write a detailed, accurate bug report in a neutral tone in the appropriate Bug reports section. This will help the game developers find out what’s wrong with the game.

However, we’re not machines. It’s difficult to detach our emotional burden from the facts we wish to present. That’s why many people vent, rant, point fingers, cast accusations and attack Funcom devs and their fellow forumites. When we experience a serious setback in the game because of a programming error it’s natural to feel angry or upset. It’s natural to feel the need to vent.

But venting won’t, ultimately, help Funcom make a better product. It may not even make you feel better because words said in anger will provoke arguments and disgreements among our player community. So in addition to having a problem with the game that is not solved, we also get into fights with people with whom we should be playing this game and having fun. That’s a lose-lose choice.

That is why I often request people to cut down the angry white noise in their posts and focus on detailed facts and precision in their bug reports. That would make Funcom’s job of finding the actual problems easier when they don’t need to find a point from among pages of hostility, vitriol and personal insults.


Kapoteeni I agree completely about being civil and not using abusive language and I think with most bugs that pop up should be submitted exactly as you say.

But what i posted…and many many more have also posted are bugs that were reported during TestLive and the update was still pushed through

This shouldn’t be submitted as a normal report…the game isn’t in early access. And the whole reason for a TestLive is to prevent very serious game breaking bugs to make it to the general public.

People are loosing named high level followers that they have spent a considerable amount of time developing. That is simply unacceptable…this was reported as bugs during the TestLive…they knew about this and also about the new purges spawning inside of bases and yet the update was still pushed through

More people should be furious and saying we are not going to accept this. It is the only way to try and prevent this from happening again


“Not going to accept this”

That would just be not playing the game. I can live with bugs. I can’t imagine not playing this game. They will address bugs at the appropriate time in the appropriate priority. Our opinion on what bugs are most important is an opinion ignorant of the total facts. I’m going to keep playing (and loving) Conan Exiles and when I find a bug, I will report it, and go back to loving the game.


Well until all your thralls die or just disappear to the bugs, do not think those of us that complain do not love the game or why would be bother to complain about the bugs. The bugs take the joy out of playing and I am happy you can play and pretend the bugs are not there but when my best T4 purge thrall is just gone for no reason other then a pushed update filled with bugs yea I complain. I had to sit though many many purges to get this thrall and then many hours still to get him to level 20 and then puff a new update and bug and he is gone. Yes I complain and so do others that lost fill bases to a purge inside, or their hard work just is gone to a buy yes they have a right to complain and the rest of us should be supporting those that do put in bugs and making funcom accountable or why would funcom fix the bugs, as you say you can live with them.

When a DLC I just brought and paid for is broken yes I do complain, did you happen to miss that amazing hit box on the new DLC bed, 94 pieces and guess they forgot to take the time about an hour to test those pieces, when an issue with a boss that was fixed weeks ago just comes back for no reason yes I do complain and as we are the consumer and its our money that keeps them in business we have a right to what we paid for not a broken issue of what they want to give us.


Think the same.

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Who’s saying these things haven’t happened to me? I can’t get salty about losing pixels. I’ve played too much blood bowl where I’ve had whole teams destroyed in one game to care about a few lost thralls when there is an unlimited amount of time to replace them.