I whant my game back please



yes and i told if they cud put a limit on the drops to max 5 keys/ player its no problem. And i got 0 keys so its far from everyone that got 100


You’re playing with some funky gather rate settings I take it?


The conclusion to this event is I think:

  1. Don´t force it on players (opting out is a must be)
  2. Better balancing (the game has some balancing issues as is, maybe FC needs an employe who lookes into that with a fresh pair of eyes)
  3. Stick to the timetable , telling folks it ends that day, and a day later it´s still on with no comunication for hours is sure to produce bad mood.
    The consoles still have the event going now as I understand it.
    It can´t be imposible to get the certificates a week beforehand (or some days at least) so you know you can revert the game at sayed time.

Again, for all of you who enjoyed the candy rain, cool. I certainly did not, and my build on the official Server I was on, decayed as I could not be bothered with this event.

Hope we get better results in future.

That for me concludes this Halloween thing and if a moderator would like to lock this @ Jens_Erik , I think we got everything out by now.



The thing about most peoples argument over the blue filter and blue light exposure to be honest is a pretty weak argument. As many I think have said before, if your that sensitive to the exposure, that it causes quick physical effects to you then you shouldn’t be playing it for that long, if at all. For people it effects over a long period then you have small brake intervals and do something else to relax the eyes.
The whole problem from the beginning of the event is that it should have been that poeple could turn it off, one community mamager said they were trying to do that but they wanted to release it out on the Halloween day. Yet they could of in the patch mid way, then allowed people to switch it off. But from what it seams something obviously messed up and they couldn’t revert the game back to normal, hence the over time on the event.
Funcom I just want to say sorry, but also when you release stuff make sure it actually works!?


@Mikey Just a pvp server with the normal 2x we slammed a vault down in the middle of a metor spawn point used star metal pick axe to double it up with a tool upgrade kit then we never had to be over encumbered since vault was on top of metor spawn and just looted metors myself for three hours first day then 2 the next. Then I logged out and have yet to get back on. Ended with 2.5 vaults full of junk… For clan…

The spot we picked seemed to have 6-10 spawns every 15 minutes


I camped meteors for roughly the same amount of time in all, using Obsidian Pick with Advanced Tool Upgrade as well - and I got ~15 legendary repair kits total. So you must have been very lucky to get almost ten times as many with just x2 gather rate.

Which spot? The best one I found had ~4-6 most times (that actually worked), the occasional outlier of 7-8 maybe. Never 10. Unless you customized that too, the rate is every 20 minutes.


In the Savannah by water falls. Your correct all other spots we found only had 3-6 spawns sometimes only 1-3 how empty and flat Savannah is there was no rendering issues.

I am pretty sure obsidian gives less. We also used a pick axe. Not a pick or axe. That may have effected it too.

Seemed like 15. Not sure it’s an official server so maybe it was 20…


At the very start of the event, the loot was incredibly powerful and plenty of it. If you were in game farming meteors before they patched the loot tables, you’d probably have gotten way more powerful items than after the patch. The few hours I spent mining meteors, didn’t get any starmetal pickaxes by the bunches or skeleton keys also in bundles, iirc I got one single key besides the usual loot after loot tables patch.


Okay, well I’ll have to take your word for that since I didn’t go to the Savannah.

Obsidian Pick and Star Metal Pickaxe have the same harvesting power, so that should be identical. Ah well, we’re getting into tiny details anyway, so I guess that doesn’t matter.



It wasn’t uncommon for us to get 15-20 keys in one strike or 10-15 kits in one strike or 5-15 dragon powder. Was way OP

Think maybe also got a total of 250 powder

This is a PvP official server.


Sounds… weird. I never got more than 1 or 2 keys in a single strike (while keys were even available).



All the chests on top filled with event loot

Every chest is the same…

That’s just my small portion in my small Outpost rest of clan has even more


I’m not really doubting you (why would I?), just trying to understand how such different experiences can crop up. I guess it’s possible the pickaxe did indeed give more than the pick, even for the same harvesting power… wouldn’t surprise me, really



Not sure either way my PvP server is now completey wrecked and unbalanced.


The difference may likely be harvesting server setting?


I, and many others, were able to build, farm, and play fine. No migraines here.


Good for you. Many did not.


I think that is @YogArchpriest point. The random loot drops were so wide in qty, that now on Official PVP servers, an unbalance has occurred that is not organic in nature (strategically farming for raids and defense building is organic to me on pvp, even if it is “no lifers” vs “casual” players). It has undone on some servers 6+ months of the nature of the server, thus ruining some of the immersion and satisfaction of obtaining certain status on those servers. Not that i hated the event, just would like for any event to start with lower values on things that can “tilt” a server/game play. Then if it is to low, buff it as needed to , without destroying the fluidity of the server.


I agree! I want the regular sunny skies back also. I pray that there won’t be a Christmas event either! This game is great without all these events (my opinion) Conan Exiles is the best thing that happened to gaming! But in the actual conan lore there’s no Halloween or Christmas, but I did like the skull in the moon though! The meteor shower not so much it made my game lag. Conan Exiles is an amazing game without these thing’s. Again my opinion, many devs could learn a thing or two from Funcom because they did what others said is impossible! An offline no server needed single player game as well as online


I don´t know how you are still not on the barikades. (is Xbox patched yet?)
Sure, CE is a nice game (with great potentials) but I can´t see much that ARk didn´t do (don´t like Dinos hence why I never got into it), the building is better in CE but you can play bot SP or MP.
And CE can not be played offline in SP.

I enjoy what it is still, but a bit more efford to do things a bit cleaner and give better defintive answers would be going a long way.

The time of EA where they talked about CE getting mount´s is a good example for bad comunity handling, the people still ask about it after it´s been dropped over half a year. It might hount FC forever.
The testive thrall hunger games was an other, and now this event wich for me couln´t quit early enough (and I ´m on PC so I just had one day more then planned)

I stil like the game idear but not the execution.