Irresponsible abuses of the building system - examples?

Hello! There is a rule noted in Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures :

“Irresponsible abuses of the building system leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side” are forbidden. Can someone give me an example what is considered as a “laggy building”?

Maybe something like this Toxic claiming spam Conan Exiles 1999 pvp official - YouTube

I think they meant like placing 1000 touches outside of a base in a concentrated area for the sole purpose of lagging anyone that comes near it.

Spamming foundations doesn’t lag anyone.

Somehow I don’t think think on a PVP server this would be considered “toxic” and it doesnt look like a loss of performance issue. Annoying. . . yes.

On ps4, a huge base will cause fan to kick in over drive, and you’ll basiclly get to watch the base load over a good 4-5min period as you get to chug along at 5fps. -_-’

Yeah, just normal landclaim and the result of extending treb range :man_facepalming:

Because PS4 can’t handle too many building pieces in render range.

Not the same as foundations causing lag, which supposedly was fixed at some point (but a lot of people claim they still do).

Yeah same on PS4. Tons of buildings will make the server lag no matter if anything is in render distance.

Huge building in render distance will make the game (client) lag way worse though.

I don’t understand if/why this is directed at me?

Landclaim is just what you do if you want to protect your base. I’m not complaining.

I did, with that vid actually, they had they base and the claim cleaned :slight_smile: I have a couple more of those reports in that same channel if you wanna check out :slight_smile:

That’s ■■■■■■■ stupid, every sane clan landclaims.

At one time i played Conan Exiles, I’ve seen a player build small, medium and large houses that had pretty much the same look. That player, littered 3 grid squares with those houses and told the rest of us playing there, that it was a village.
3 grid squares with the same ugly looking house x 200 times.
Passing through that village would drop my fps from 75 to 10. It was really bad.
After being reported, the bases simply disappeared.

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:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes: :laughing:

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But for real, guys :smiley: I have a kind of thrall museum: all possible thralls that can be captured without purge. I want to know if this is considered as some kind of violation… I’ve spent a lot of my time capturing them, I don’t want to loose them

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Okay, maybe its stupid, but claiming a whole grid is stupid as well. You don’t wanna get bombed by a trebuchet, get a better place, don’t ruin the game for the rest.

Good luck, I lost my collection when they deleted my bases 3almost 3 years of collecting gone

There is a bit of difference here between pvp and pve

It’s not like there’s 20 good places where a whole clan can hide inside a cave/building that can’t be trebbed :see_no_evil:

And it’s not ruining the game. Huge bases are way worse than some landclaim.