Is Funcom going to listen?

This game is almost died.
Funcom prefered to make happy offline and pve players and ruine totally pvp.
All in archer build, penetration 100% glitch and 3/4 arrows and you die because you can’t avoid them.

You ruined my best game.
You are by removing pvp lovers who fill all your servers, they buy dlc and believe in this game.

It has done nothing to improve pve or single player games. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s made mobs and bosses much, much harder to contend with. The movement part of the update was aimed heavily toward pvp to prevent easily disengaging from combat, to try to take Conan back to actual combat and less a game of tag.


I’m fairly certain the devs actually claimed this update was geared towards PVP players. but I play in a private PVE server, and I buy DLC and believe in the game as well, DLCs even seem to be more aimed towards RP servers than PVP/official anyway. basically, players from all servers buy DLC not just PVP.

Then all hate this patch. Why they give back the old movements/dodge?
They are risking to lose a lot of players for this useless realism

Well, mainly because not everyone disagrees with the patch. Not to mention, not everyone believes the previous system was completely without fault either (me personally). I personally don’t enjoy the new mechanic and believe it needs tweaked, but will be sticking with the game as I’ve at least gotten used to the mechanic, even though i don’t enjoy it. I can personally agree that this was useless realism, as I feel there is a point to how much realism should be in a game, but there is another side to the spectrum.
Edits to the new system won’t go live the day after, or three days after. it’ll at least take a week to weed through the bugs and find the proper fixes, and then at least another week to apply them to the game fully. Be patient. If you want to stop playing until then, that’s your choice, but thinking that the devs aren’t watching and looking at all after completely changing a mechanic is just unrealistic. The realization that not every complaint can be given a response needs to found, as the amount of rudeness and difference of opinions is large. There’s only so much they can do, they’re human too.

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I fail to understand why doing these movement changes now. Why didn’t Funcom stop with the thrall overhaul and the mounts! They could have ended the year in such a great way (with a few bug fixes). Instead of going into the holiday season with high spirits, the community is divided and many disappointed. Truly tragic.

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While I can personally agree that they should’ve left some more time on the dodge roll and movement factors, it’s probably got to do with a number of things.

  1. The holidays. Funcom workers need their holiday time off just as much as anyone else does.

  2. Money. The fact that Funcom doesn’t make money from Private servers on G-Portal (which is a completely different problem in my opinion), they need to put something out for the holidays so that they can be relevant (not that CE is losing relevance, but they need something to sell at Christmas) and have something for people to buy someone for Christmas, the game or DLC.

  3. With the vast divide, they couldn’t exactly just not put out something that a great majority also enjoy, and they also probably didn’t expect it to divide us as much as it did. Personally, I think the divisiveness isn’t even Funcoms fault, it’s ours. because instead of coming together as a community and finding a middle ground, we’re on edge and at each others throats.

While us being divided is truly tragic, as I said, it’s not their fault we divided ourselves instead of coming together and looking for a middle ground.

The question remains: with the holidays coming why such drastic changes, many would have been perfectly happy riding their horses and buying the dlcs.

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Again, I agree that most players would’ve been perfectly fine with just DLC and mounts. So, that I can only answer with that they assumed and hoped they’d be received better. I also assume, and can only assume, that it would’ve been less productive to spend time removing a vast part of the update they were already planning on putting out. While it’s a good question, at this point, it’s hindsight, and hindsight is 20/20.

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I do not LIKE all aspects the patch but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate it.

The thrall mechanism adds content- and it has potential. Do I like having to give up all the old thralls we farmed and having to replace them? Maybe not so much but again… it added content and has POTENTIAL.

The whole roll “nerf” thing seems to me to be a response to pvp, and how OP players don’t like weaker players being able to escape them. That being said, I am not thrilled with it but I can get used to it. TBH I think weaker players SHOULD be able to run away from heavier armored players… and dance circles around them too. Sacrificing armor for mobility makes SENSE. Again, if this is the direction FUNCOM wants to take I can deal with it.

Horses are a nice new eye candy type feature. I don’t have any issues with them one way or the other. They are not NECCESSARY to game play at any rate.

The one thing I absolutely cannot get behind is the movement changes. Start up/speed up/slowdown jerkiness is messing with my sense of equilibrium and making me feel sick to my stomach. When a games mechanics messes with me in REAL LIFE, then its hard to stomach it… literally… and yeah pun intended =p If it was only in combat I could just avoid combat and be a harvest beast for my guild. However it affects all aspects of the game.

I play on a couple servers. I joined one of them while I was waiting for the new patch release, and really fell in love with the vibe of that server. I had just finished a T3 base there, gotten a decent amount of crafter named and was truly enjoying myself. Post patch I just can’t play for more than 30 minutes to an hour without feeling sick to my stomach anymore. With a sad heart I logged onto that server and gave my stuff to a friendly and helpful guild there by joining them. They said they would hold it and keep it updated for me in hopes that changes would come to make the game playable again. I keep trying to play with my hubby on our chosen “family” server, but I just keep logging out after a little bit. Even the desire to play together as family can’t overcome the desire to avoid the icky feeling the movement gives me.

Yes, my issue may seem irrelevant to those of you with cast iron stomachs, but I support FUNCOM, buy all their DLCs… even ones I am MEH about, and I enjoy building and playing the game. So to me this issue is worth bringing up in hopes that they will revisit it out and smooth it out somehow. I want to play. I really do! Is it too much to ask that a game mechanic that makes me queasy be looked at and tweaked? I think not! If I am getting sick from it then I am sure others are as well. I am not complaining about the mechanic from a GAME perspective after all. If it was just an annoying in game thing I could learn to live with it, and I wouldn’t verbalize my negative opinion of it.


They don’t:

Then you’re crossing into tinfoil hat territory. :man_shrugging:

Let’s not forget that harvesting has been slowed down. Is it intentional? How is that in any way better for the game?

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By answering questions do you mean the standard response of " we are aware of the problems, our team is looking into it, apologies for the frustration" because thats all i ever see posted about these updates. Frustrations that have been building for months now and instead of fixing past problems they release new content in a bid to complete their dlc commitments, and then release untested onto platforms and wait for us to tell them whats wrong.

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Just climbed fingerbang rock last night. ZERO ISSUES.

Just because i climbed down too. ZERO ISSUES.

Why would i want to fight a boss solo? its so much easier with a friend.

Respectfully, because some of us enjoy the challenge of soloing a boss, it makes us feel like the protagonist of our own story and it can be damn fun :slight_smile:

That said, I’m not arguing against the dodge, as it actually makes more rather than fewer bosses soloable.

Before it was light armor, specific weapon, specific stats. That will never change. I feel the ability to use heavy armor now as a player and not only as thrall buffer has added to overall experience.

Kinda of incorrect wording here.

At worst ‘a minority also enjoy.’

At best ’ portion enjoy.’ Words mean things and should be applied correctly.

60-61% against and like 16% that like it, certainly does not make a majority (or better yet, even a ‘great majority’).

If you want to talk about those that have stayed silent, we have to draw a line in the sand there as niether of us really know. While anecdotal, every player I have spoken too since the patch is still playing at the moment yet hates it with a passion. Don’t try to suggest your personal experience or what you project out on the community from your own perspective holds any further weight.

Part of the reason people have such a disconnect in communication these days (going far and beyond the trivial issues of gaming) is people playing fast and lose with words, stating things that simply arn’t true (even if the speaker is well intended and didn’t mean to fabricate) and then the misunderstanding in words spins false narratives that others believe and it all just spirals from there.

While I have largely spoke out against the changes and still yet have adjusted to them in a way that will keep me playing, we can all benefit form being objective about the changes.

But this means being factually truthful in our statements as well.

Reality is with Dev bias and work, these changes that the ‘great majority’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: frown upon, they will likely persist because going backwards on work (even if the work largely ended up as a negative) typically doesn’t happen in development.

However, I hope Funcom isn’t swayed by the very few voices that just like it over the many many voices that have brought up legitimate reason for not liking the change, nor overhauls of games long since been released and actively played.

I don’t know about you, but I abhor the idea that this game is just some amorphous experiment where the current game play and enjoyment can be changed into something new at any given moment.

I bought this game for what it was, and what it had the potential to be, not for some random game I don’t recognize depending on what month I jump on it.

All this looks like is Funcom never really had a good idea for direction for their game from the start if they are still reworking key mechanics this long after release.

Like an artist that ruins their artwork because they can’t just stop fussing with it…

I’ve stated on other threads, but additions are fine. Adjustments are fine. Complete overhauls and acting proud of them is going to always piss off a significant portion of the player base and drive them away. Even rooky game developers don’t make this mistake. Funcom didn’t get the memo.


You’re right, I misworded that, but I don’t think your sentiment is completely correct, because as you said, neither of us know what the people have stayed silent on, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t count in a total of people that feel a certain way. you’re right as to that we can’t entirely speculate on that, but the fact that they exist means that more people than you now feel the opposite. So, instead of majority, i should’ve used the word “amount”.

Seems like you’re doing exactly what you said not to. where’d you get your percentages? from the polls that you don’t know who did and didn’t vote on from the community? not a stab, but I’m genuinely curious. As there have already been multiple polls posted on the forums already. So, again, just because people didn’t voice their opinion doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because you don’t agree with or read the posts from people that DO like it, doesn’t mean they’re not out there and counted to the percentage of people.

I just feel compelled to ask again where your research on the subject is that points your opinion as “fact”. because it seems like you’re just spouting off numbers and would like to see your sources for these percentages is all. I don’t spout off percentages because I didn’t sit down and look through poll numbers or the amount of people posting about either or, so if you did and found the exact number, your facts can check out and I may be able to change my opinion.

The simple fact is that there are people out there who don’t like it, and there are people that do like it. and instead of bickering like 5 year olds, why don’t we actually do some constructive criticism of the update instead of each other or the words they used? because you clearly understood what I meant.

I’ve stated my point of view on this multiple times, that I personally think the update is fine, it just needs tweaked to accurately depict the difference in armor class, but I couldn’t care less. The mount system makes up for the loss of the Sonic roll if you ask me. even though it could also use a few tweaks.

EDIT of a mispell, since we’re Grammarly now.

Why should you expect them to listen??

If they were listening, why has there been nothing about the changes and the fact that many players are not happy with them.

Not even a simple, “We understand your concerns, and we’ll look into a solution.”

Yeah, that’s the only conclusion you can make when people cite numbers that don’t exist to make their points. They are doing it because they think it makes their position more valid, which is a terrible assumption to make if you want to be taken seriously.

However, I would argue that you can cite existing poll information (as imperfect as that may be) since we need some sort of fact foundation to actually make assumptions based on something empirical. People arguing that the one poll that exists is unrepresentative of actual player sentiment are discrediting this poll in order to level the playing field and pretend there is NO DATA on this. Which simply isn’t true. We have an actual poll where actual players voted.

If people REALLY want to get to the truest representation of player opinion, then they have to come up with a methodology or process that will give a more true representation, like a better framed poll to a wider audience or multiple forums for example. But since no one is actually doing that, we can only work with what we know and the feedback that gets cascaded to the official forums, which I would argue is a pretty good and reasonable source to go to see the state of player opinion. Reddit may be another source that rivals the official forums, but players who are actually passionate about the game are going to post here IMHO.

You are 100% correct that it will be impossible to count the opinions of players who don’t play anymore or who don’t engage with any forums. So that is why I joined recently, to raise my hand and have my voice counted after this patch. Because I do like this game, even though I recognize it needs work.

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