Land Claim Question

They will only check what is reported. What admin has time to check the entire server. I can’t even manage that with my 3 servers to check everything. How will Funcom do so with so many servers to oversee? Its not possible, even if they wish to do so.

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OK, allow me another question then @Sir.Henry.Vale and thank you in advance for taking the effort to do so. If across the reported one or close enough to be visible, there is another build, way bigger and way worst than the one, will this owner /clan have the same fate? Or it will be ignored because it isn’t reported?
Again thank you for your time.

In my case, since my servers work differently than official servers, I can follow different rules. I typically try to contact the person with the issue via discord or in game (granted have to catch the player online) before I take any action. I have an advantage since most players are setup on discord where I can possibly resolve the issue.

If I happen to see an issue that needs resolving that was not reported, I would contact said player if I could. Otherwise, I would have to resolve it unfortunately. Although this would be held off until I resolve my options of getting in touch with player. To be honest, this issue rarely happens for my servers. Usually, its players who quit many months ago (typically 6+) and I contact to see if they are going to return or not and no response within a week plus I may remove their properties. Please note, I have no decay on my servers so I have various retention rules. Newer players who join and quit after 1 or 2 days, will have 2 months before I clean it off the server for example. Players who made it past a certain level will have 4 or 6 months (depending level reached - server caps at 300).

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I am pretty certain that the players in your server must be really happy :blush:. I had the joy to participate in private servers, years now and I kinda know the efforts of an admin and his “crew”, to keep the experience of their community as stabilized as possible. Million times said and never enough, thank you for what you do for the rest of us.
However you do understand, as I am, that only admins or Umborls can actually give an answer to this matter. Nonetheless, I really appreciate both of your posts, thank you very much.
I say matter because long ago @anon83039162 and the community in her chat had griefing issues from a clan on 8080 pve. Though I happily participated on 3728 against all odds (My region is EU but the server was US, my purge was 3 to 4 in the morning :crazy_face:), It was only some months that Siptah was released and I was on 8012 (EU) . Yet I jumped on 8080 to gather photo material scouting the entire map for their builds. They had more than 15 builds, most of them were aggressive with hundreds of palisades, blocking paths almost everywhere. I started sending photos to her, yet most of my material she already had.
Ofcurce in this journey I had and some beautiful inspirations

Especially on 3728 and on 8080 from all the official servers I ever participated the builders were extremely elegant. So you can imagine how many beautiful builds, boats existed in this server. Some of these players may not know even the half content of the game but they surely knew how to build. Their kindness was always to the maximum, low profile players and always grateful if you happen to provide them the minimum still they would present it as huge. A beautiful community it was, a beautifull experience, I am still so grateful.
The only thing that stopped us both to proceed reporting these griferrs was the fear of collateral damage. We were afraid that if an admin would present to this server, then maybe some more people would “loose” too. At least I never filled a report with this fear.
That’s why I am asking my dear sir.

I just got permanently banned for something much much smaller than that. It’s sad that they don’t care about us players even if there are just a couple of us left. They never said what it the max number of blocks or what is the minimum considered claim spam by them. I’m probably expressing myself out of frustration, cause I’ve been helping funcom a lot with reports about cheaters and glitchers and never tought this would happen to me, but they really should put things clear in their TOS and/or create a new claim method to their game, cause the reports for spam claiming is abused everyday on pvp servers and I’ve seen clans wiped when they didn’t have even a wall to protect their bases. THIS IS SO WRONG FUNCOM, LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY BEFORE YOU GET US ALL BANNED.


Our participation in the forum gives us no alibi, neither our efforts for helping a community.
Nonetheless sometimes we think that we help but we don’t especially when nobody ask for it. The rules are for everyone. I mostly do not build a lot but I participate in clans that build a lot, if I got banned I won’t mind, because I know the rules still I choose people and not toons.
I do understand your frustration and I am deeply sorry m8. Permaban is too much yet it may have reasons for the hammer to blow that hard. Yet, I am sorry again.

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I’m aware, but when you think you’re the good guy doing a good service, you hardly expect to get in jail for a mistake. But hey, I agree with you. The rules are there to everyone, altough, they aren’t very clear on certain aspects, and they should, to not get abussed as they are right now.


Personally, the pictured structure is nicely done for one, and I would not see any issue with it. (Granted no idea of location so POI/special spawn issues I can not say). Heck, I seen bigger structures on official servers I play on. I am guessing its roughly 40 by 50 in size (with or minimal blocks between the walls and castle. Meaning it probably only takes 1% of a map zone block/grid.

Thinking about it, I think some of the zen-reports are probably people who dislike another player/clan which is causing more grief than necessary. That is my guess.


I been lucky with the officials servers I played on so only heard of one report or issue in the years playing. Granted, may not know about issues not discussed. And the issue, was related to actual griefing against other players.

So all this issues of land claims and build sizes is not something I heard people complain about server side. Even with 1941 had that mega build that went across the map (a road that went from the south - exiled river area to north - ice giant area and east - mounds of the dead to west - not sure where it ended to be honest), with maprooms, small bases and the huge base (with very tall foundation walls) that surrounded the New Asghaard city 4 map blocks. Had to be few hundred thousand blocks to build it all. Even the road climbed up the top of the bat tower for example. Initially, we thought it was part of the game since it was so massive. It eventually disappeared (decay or removal) - no idea, never did ask. It was there for at least 2 years though. I started in early 2019 and was still there in 2020. It obviously was there in 2018.

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That’s exactly what I tought, we never claim spammed on purpose, but I guess some of our maprooms or wheels got into the claim spam definition they have and we don’t know about it. They NEED to be more specific with the definition cause everybody is abusing the reports and people that play fair like us is getting unfairly banned.
But, on the other hand, we were fighting against a clan for the alpha and they reported another clan this same week and they got banned too, so I guess it was the same clan abusing the report system.


What counts as land claim spam is completely ridiculous at the moment. Endless rows of foundations spammed all around a base should be indeed wiped, but a well guarded base with reasonable surrounding structures should not. You should be able to build walls and other things to be able to defend against raids as well as purges but no, as soon as you do you are suspended. And not only from the server in question but from every official server so all of your plays are messed up just because someone didn’t get to build where you did and reported you. And yes, we are aware of the building rules.


Probably not, no.

IMO that base is fine. The problems are multiple though.

  1. The only people who actually are able to answer you are the individuals making the direct decisions.
  2. They are indeed individuals so each will have a slightly different take - and there’s seems to be a large enough difference between them that it’s noticeable.
  3. The people who can answer you will not do so. They say they will, they claim you can ask and get answered but it’s rarer than hens teeth to actually receive an answer. One of the clans I’m in for example asked directly in PM to @AndyB and was acknowledged furthering the question to Zendesk. It’s been over a month now and just crickets. Many other such examples exist.
  4. Such a base will not even be considered for demolition unless Zendesk receives a report on it. How convincing and how many similar reports they get on that base may play a roll in their ultimate decision. It for sure goes from 0% consideration to some much higher percentage with the first report anyway.

If you have any additional question regarding the status of your own account, please feel free to reach out to their team over on Zendesk as they will be able to provide you with the inforamtion.

As for the official servers rules, you can check them our here:

Also feel free to check out this post on abusive land claim:

They are always working on improving and adding even more clarity to the rules so please keep an eye out for that.

Why did you paste a reply from a moderator as if it were your own?

because in the end, this is their answer.
I’m just speeding things up ^^

Then quote the message as you should. :wink:

i’m not pretending to be a funcom employee.

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Thank you for editing it. It might be confusing for noobs and such - was what I was thinking.

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The build in the video seems to be fine, and not violate any ToS.

The big points tend to be avoiding despawning nodes or NPC spawns; blocking access to players passing through; and claiming more land than is necessary.

As long as you build in a way that avoids these issues, the worst risk would be the amount of decorative placeables. Or someone reporting you because they are toxic. Otherwise, looks like a beautiful build idea and I wish you luck!

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