Mods are not the base game

This one’s the closest I can get:

And even that one, in my opinion, wasn’t really derailed because someone said “there’s a mod for that lol”, but rather because someone challenged the importance of the survival aspect in Conan Exiles. :man_shrugging:

I could probably go digging for older threads and eventually find a better example, but the level of effort it would require should make it plain that “there’s a mod for that” isn’t really an overused, borderline-troll statement.

The vast majority of the times mods are mentioned in a suggestion topic, it turns out like one of these recent threads:

  • In-Game Economy for PVE-PVC Request: mods were mentioned, but it was in passing, to acknowledge that they existed, while still affirming that the feature would be welcome in base game
  • Turn a rival player into a thrall: along with discussing why the feature would not be suitable for the base game – on its own merits – mods were mentioned as an alternative

Those discussions look perfectly valid to me, and the mention of mods in them contributes to them instead of detracting. If people think that is borderline trolling, then I disagree with their definition of trolling.