Need a hand with the 4 Events

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Hi Xevyr, this can actually be deducted through server settings and logs. For instance, in the DefaultEngine.ini you find a reference like this GetActiveEventsUrl="". This call is being done during the server start-up, and further event info is also logged to the console. During test live many different active events/locations were also observed.


Hmm, the idea of an online query to check which events should be active makes sense since they can enable / disable events with that (introduces the possibility of potential seasonal events etc down the line).

The part that doesn’t quite make sense is the individual query afterwards, I’m a bit skeptical about that part as it doesn’t really make sense from a development point of view to run that through their servers every time someone is about to start an event - so if I were to speculate I’d say that part might not be a thing.

Sadly we don’t have any access to the event system in the devkit so I’ve no idea and also just speculating :frowning: Hopefully that’ll change in the future.
A packet sniffer might be able to catch communication between the funcom live services server and the game thou and reveal more information :slight_smile: but… I’m not THAT bored just yet :joy:

Anyway, thanks for that reply!

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…run that through their servers every time someone is about to start an event

@Xevyr Maybe I explained that badly, it’s our understanding that would be a one-off local server start-up decision (based on active events). So not a call towards their server all the time or each time an event starts.

Everything event related seems generally handled on the local server side. We guess the logic from a dev point of view is to create a more dynamic event system. Similar to opening a few “legendary chests” will get you random loot, upon server starts you will get a random batch of events and active locations.

This would open up for players to come across new events as well as new event locations for existing events over time (we believe one of the dev goals is to make the world feel more alive, this would fit that narrative if that is how it really works). If that makes sense?

Sadly we don’t have any access to the event system in the devkit

We are pretty sure we will have access to that sooner or later, that, plus events not being very dynamic yet, likely means the event system is by no means final as it stands today.


To extend on the devkit part; Dennis confirmed there would be a version of the event system in an interview with us last year (at least it was their intention at that point in time) Funcom Developer Interview, Grave Matters and the Future of Events | Conan Exiles - YouTube


What I was trying to say is that based on what you said, I don’t think it’s in any way personalized or varies by server, but rather it’s something as simple as doing that query and getting back a permanent list of currently enabled event IDs. (1,2,4,6) for example, where 3 and 5 would be the currently disabled Sepermeru and the Summoning Place interior ones. Granting them the possibility to remotely enable / disable future events (globally, for all servers and not individually)

Why am I thinking this? Because I don’t see the need to reach out to a remote server just to generate some random numbers to personalize a certain servers active events when that very same thing can be done locally.

Other than that, yea the rest makes sense and I’m looking forward to that :slight_smile: Obviously I’m not sure of the above either, just speculating here, but looking at what information is actually transmitted between the game and these servers might give a better picture. (Would be nice if Funcom just came out and told us all their secrets about everything wouldn’t it? :smiley: )

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Hi @Pixelcave and thankyou very much for coming forth to offer to help, and you also for your continued assistance and insight @Xevyr. It is great to have two members with technical know how on this matter. And if I may, it may also be wise for me to summon a resident playstation afficionado and @Barnes perspective on this too.

I believe so Pixelcave. Pardon my ignorance here but I am remarkably inept when it comes to technology. But I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. My ps5 is in the living room and my partner has a ps4 in her room. We do not play together in co-op, as neither of us have PS Plus. Regarding internet, it is a relatively crude set up. We both usually play purely offline. However, if we plan to do some battle pass challenges of attempt the events, we just connect using hotspot on our mobile/cellular phones. We both have the same model of phone and are both through the same company/carrier, which I find makes this even more confusing.

Sadly, this is not the first time this misfortune has befallen me. Like a number of other Singleplayers on the playstation, I missed out on Grave Matters entirely the first time it ran, which is only compoumding my sadness and frustration here. It is not a case of it working once then never again. Conversely, it never even started or worked AT ALL for me, not even once. I made threads relating to this (see below). And this and from a circumstantial perspective, this appears to bear all the hallmarks of history repeating itself.

And I guess that this is why I had now contemplated that this could be a setting on the server, playstation or even mobile network blocking these from activation…!?

In fact @Barnes, could you think of settings in the ps5 menu which may be conflicting with this? I know that my privacy/social settings are fairly high. And surely not having ps plus wouldn’t affect this either would it?

My apologies peoples, but I must head off to work now. I will try to follow up when I get home this evening.


Well, first and foremost, based on what we discussed above with @Pixelcave , it seems that for the event system to be active you might need your internet connection active at the very least while starting up the game so your game can connect to the Funcom Live Services.

It would be using the same method of communication with the Funcom servers as the battle-pass, so if you can get into your single-player game to where your battle-pass challenges are active and you can see the Bazaar content etc, then that should suffice for this, and shouldn’t require any additional firewall configurations theoretically, so after loading up the game like that, try going for some event hunting afterwards and see how you fare :slight_smile:

Edit: If you actually succeed like this after attempting it so many times before without luck, then that will also confirm for us pretty much for sure that there isn’t an offline backup system and you DO need that initial connection to have events at all.


Forgive my off topic, I missed @DanQuixote! Such an outstanding member, a good friend! I wish one day to see him around again!

Croms partner, I suppose, doesn’t play online too! Many times consoles have shown “personal bugs”. Some time ago the member @Alhambra could knock out with truncheon a scorpion world boss… Go figure.
These situations seem unbelievable to all the others, even in devs I suppose, but they happen just enough to prove the unwritten law of this life,
s… t happens :confused:.

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Sorry for the absence good buddy, I have been working on a pretty serious PC development challenge of my own. Kinda preoccupied.

When I saw this on the Community Front, I actually thought it was either a Necro or a tribute to unanswered questions. If I recall correctly, you and was it @Firecrow had negative results with the spawning of Grave Matters. I know there were others, but I’ve lost track of them on PSN and I don’t think they post here anymore.

Prior to 3.0, were you successful at a) single-player random occurrence Grave Matters b) multiplayer random occurrence Grave Matters and c) spawning a Grave Matters event, if possible. Any PS players, I’d invite your contribution. As a server player predominantly with a penchant for Buccaneer Bay I have experienced lots of GMs on PS4 and PC.


Yes I have indeed had the internet connection on while loading up and playing Xevyr, more often than not. And I am able to see the bazaar, challenges and battle pass, which I completed over the weekend. But unfortunately it has no bearing internet on or off the events do not start.

Correct mate. The only set up difference is the console; I am on theps5 and she has a ps4.

No problems Barnes. :+1: Life goes on and we all have our own projects and affairs which we must attend to first and foremost.

No, no and no. The first halloween event is the only one which has ever worked for me. Grave matters never worked for me at all, ever. Period. I elaborate upon this further in the ‘a polite expression of disenchantment’ link posted above. Myself and DanQuixote both called Funcoms attention to this, and probably a dozen members came forward to say that it was broken. But Funcom’s response was to extend the event but not put an actual fix out for it. :crazy_face: But I should note that I still get the silly ‘GameTweak’ notification pop up sporadically and at random.

Ps-what is this ‘Funcom Live Services’ which Xevyr speaks of?


Pre 3.0 Grave Matters did eventually spawn for me, so it wasn’t a problem. Since 3.0, I’ve seen the snake one and the Yuggoth one and the demonologists near the Black Keep. I haven’t seen Grave Matters outside the Summoning place, so I’ll check and return with intel.


On official servers and private, after 3.0 I confirm the same about the Summoning event! I have some friends returned to the game for the update and we constantly use the Summoning place to gather ritual blood and soul essence!
I never seen the event! The events I have seen on Exile lands map are on buccaneers Bay - the snake, on Sepermeru and on black keep! The “old” events I never seen, either official or private!


Not sure if you saw the stream yesterday, but Dennis sort of hinted at it that we’re NEVER going to have the event system accessible in the devkit… for… “security” reasons… whatever that means.

Yeah, seen it. That’s quite a detour from what was said in our interview. Maybe they weren’t aware of how deeply these events would be tied to challenges (aka monetization) and future features of upcoming chapters. Shame, alternatively some support for modders who want to create their own event system would have been nice.


@Pixelcave was from the first ones to say hi. It was my first time that I managed to be on a live stream on time!


What @Xevyr is saying, I think, is that your machine is polling Funcom Live Services while you are playing. In other words, your PS tries to connect to FLS, triggering the tweak message. On the PC if you wanted to avoid this, you could change your hosts file to redirect FLS to local resource during truly offline gameplay.

For the PS it’s a bit different – there are network settings within that can help, but your best bet for the console to avoid the tweak message would be through your router’s internal rules, including firewall. In your case, I believe you create an ad hoc internet connection for game update and start CE, then disconnect from the router.

If this is accurate, and if you have the hardware, please try this: plug your PlayStation into an unmanaged network device (we used to call these 4- or 8-port network hubs). Plug this unmanaged switch into your Router. When you want to play offline, unplug the connection between the Switch and your Router. Your PS may think you’re still connected to the Internet. Your repair friend might be willing to lend you one, it’s about $16.99 US for this sort of thing. I use a scavenged one from an old combo dish, it looks like a shark fin. :shark:

Basically, and nobody better get uptight about this :tronwut: , you’ll be making a local network, and interrupting the internet connection to it. Your PS will think it’s still on the network, and you’ll be conserving your internet.

On to the Events: it remains to be seen whether this issue has been tackled by the new update that is presently downloading to my PC on TestLive. This appears to be a problem with PlayStation.

Since I’m already reading the tea leaves here, good buddy, may I make the leap and say your partner is currently enjoying your PS4? Did she basically create her alt and then hop onto the PS4? If so, and if she’s triggering Events, we can deduce the issue isn’t related to your gamesave.

If you’re having the same issue on the PS5, a very simple test might be to log her user onto your PS5 and see whether she triggers Events. I suspect she will, in which case we’ll need to look at your USERID (PSN) and see whether we need to do a repair on its attributes.

Pardon me for using the old nomenclature “Events” during this transition period.

Good deal. Thanks for your input, I’m glad you’ve had better results. TBH, I think the only events I’ve seen were Buccaneer’s and Summoning, with Buccaneer’s the vast vast vast majority.

Considering I was building a crapton and staying in the far east legit for weeks on end, is it possible that with 0 or few other players the Events trigger with locality?


That’s just what Funcom calls its own servers.
In order to coordinate stuff, for example even simple things such as a server list to display for you to connect to, but now the new battle-pass challenges / progress as well as bazaar listings - the game connects to some Funcom API servers alongside your regular game-server. And yea that’s where the GameTweak stuff originates from as well and as we found out that’s also how the game obtains the list of enabled events (encounters now I guess… ).
So basically connecting to the internet to retrieve information that’s then used in various forms in the game, even in single player mode.
That’s essentially what they call Funcom Live Services, this collection of auxiliary servers and APIs.

Hopefully that’s not going to be needed anymore as I’ve seen some patch notes about the GameTweak popup related issues being fixed in chapter 2

I still wonder why @Croms_Faithful isn’t getting any events though, it seems like the conditions are there and while bad luck is a thing, you can go with that for only so long when they’re specifically trying to hunt for events constantly. The only thing I can think of atm is that this particular query happens from a different server than challenges etc and somehow their connection to that doesn’t go through, the logs might reveal something but even getting those from a console would be a hassle for them.

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But if I’m correct with my recollection, he and his partner are in the same environment, with different results. This would generally rule out it being query-based.

My inclination is that Crom has used Admin in the past, and that there is either deprecated USER INF in his credentials that have now carried over to the PS5, or his USERID in the database has inconsistencies that are TROFF (toggling off) various items, including novel ones like the Events System and subsystems.

Well my friends Friday and Saturday have both been and gone, and Sunday is well underway. And sadly I must report that I am still yet to see a single one of the 4 events (I edited the topic :slight_smile:). I even tried to restore all of my admin settings to default, but it was to no avail I am affraid.

This is SO frustrating and upsetting, I hate being unable to participate in community events events such as these and unable to earn unique items. I am now wondering if perhaps I should generate a bug report!? Because I am at my witts end.

Oh no it is not that I am trying to avoid it, I was more just checking that this was not the events trying to start, or something which may be blocking them.

:scream: :exploding_head: :dizzy_face:
A lot of that all sounded double Dutch to me @Barnes. I may have to take it into the PC repair man and just show him your posts, and he may be able to go ahead and carry it all out for me or offer a quick tutorial.

Certainly! No it is her own console there Barnes. So I do not have a profile on it. :smiley: We have an odd set up at home; we have my ps5 in the living room, her ps4 in her bedroom, and my son has his own ps5 in his bedroom which he purchased with his own money from doing chores. He uses my partners hotspot for internet. And I should use this opportunity to say that the events also work fine for him. He even managed to get grave matters to work the cheeky blighter!

Not quite sure what you mean here my friend. Are you suggesting that perhaps it is like meteorite spawns on singleplayer, and it may take over an hour or two for it to work…?

Another interesting observation is that I have not had the Event Challenge appear in the Battle Pass for me AT ALL yet, whereas my partner and son have both had it appear multiple times each. Not sure if this means anything does it folks??

Ps- thanks so much for dropping in to help @Firecrow!