"Online play is restricted" - Am I banned or something?

Not meaning to derail the thread @Tuffman, but does it give you a similar notification if an admin has wiped just one of your buildings?

Asking for a friend…

I don’t have any experience with private servers. But I would imagine there would be no indication unless the admin directly contacted them.

On officials, they do not wipe single buildings. They just blanket ban you for two weeks because that’s good customer relations…

They do sometimes wipe buildings, they don’t just rely on the decay.

I’ve been banned a few times and not once received that much information in the box. Weird

The one time I was banned, nothing was mentioned. No reason, no duration.

They do both but lately I’ve only seen clans get banned and their buildings remain. Even one case of a clan getting banned (for good reason) they completely blocked off brimstone lake like the old days. The devs didn’t even remove it which is pretty sad/lazy imo


My base was definitely wiped.

Yup been seeing that too. Also saw someone banned recently and the rest of the clan is fine? I thought maybe banned from another server perhaps but they’d really only been playing on 1 server.

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I’m not surprised. The tos and how it’s handled is a sloppy mess


Do you know if they play on another server too? When someone is banned for something they did on one official server, they can’t play on any official server.

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I suspected that was the reason as I’d seen it plenty before but from I what I was told it was only the one.

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When I tried to log on it kicked me back to server select with the box popping up telling me so, why and how long. I figured that was standard.

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I’ve always got “failed to retrieve suspension information”

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Lol maybe that’s the one bug they managed to fix

Ive been banned several times , i started using alt accounts out of fear of the grey area terms of service , sadly the tos was a good and bad addition to the games overall health (console).

update: it just randomly started working again. no idea.

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i asked this same thing and my post got removed… amazing yours is still up

Glad to see you are back on. @Frogg

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Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

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