PC Hotfix (02.10.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.5: General and glowing goops fixes!

Greetings, Exiles!

Hot of the presses and just before the weekend comes our next hotfix, addressing a number of community-reported issues, such as the Royal Armor missing its attribute bonuses, Surge Altar Braziers being locked when in a clan and shadow quality problems. You can now also get rid of your Eldarium, high-powered sunglasses when delving into the Harbor of the Drowned vault, as we’ve dialed down the Glowing Goops brightness to standard Aquilonian levels.

Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Fixed a vulnerability in the game files.


  • Fixed an issue in regards of the Conan Royal Armor not providing the intended attributes. #hailtotheking
  • Surge Altar Braziers can now be interacted with when player is in a clan.
  • Addressed an issue with shadows when playing in low quality settings.


  • Fixed the Glowing Goops in the Harbor of the Drowned being brighter than the Tower of Siptah on a bad day.


Thanks for the update.

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Ta for the update - and private server admins, BACKUP before updating if you can :wink:

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There ALWAYS are undocumented fixes. One of the last ones was elephants getting armor - thus not being oneshot by hammers anymore.

Anyway. I will look forward to not going blind in drown vaults anymore. Thanks!

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There are great! We can we expect a fix on the disappearing feat points also?

I’a Dagon! I’a Hydra! I’a Cthulhu!

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43.8 mb’s here.

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Also got 1.9Gb reported, but it loaded up faster than expected.

When will be the fix of the “everythings disappear in my house at random”? I opened a topic 16h ago, no answer, we don’t know if we should keep playing and start for the third time in 2 week again from zero or just stop trying untill you fix or forever. Just an answer so we know how to move. My clan keep saying “welcome to conan” like its normal bug, I’m new so i think I got scammed buying this game

43.8 mb as well:

Thank you for the update. It seems the “healing waterskin” heals almost nothing now, i dont know if it is an intended change in this update, or something buggy.

It’s probably a change they just didn’t put in the patch notes. That is a thing that seems to happen.

Hmmm Glowing Goop is still broken for me. Is it fixed for anyone else?


nope, still broken for me too.

Senny, in the 3 years I have been playing this game I have never heard of anyone complain of this, nor have I experienced this. I’m reasonably certain that what you have is an issue with a clan member. If stuff is being destroyed, then check your event log to see who is destroying it. If stuff is just being removed, that will be harder to figure out who is doing it. To test this… kick everyone out of the clan for a couple days and see if anything else vanishes.

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Well, if they have changed the healing waterskin they should document it in the patch notes, since it is quite a big change, and people playing should know what to expect for example if they go in the maelstrom and suddenly realize the healing waterskin does not work… Or for people spending hours killing the boss that drops it, so they stop wasting their time, because right now nobody should spend 2 seconds of their time trying to get this thing.


tell me where did the official server of europe # 1036 go, why is it not on the list?

You should search for the key “disapper” in bug topic, there are 6 server that claim everything disappear, we where online and everything disappear while we where opening a chest, also nothing in the log, we are not stupid, my clan got 3/5k hours, first time happening but IT’S happening right now

Look here All items disappeared - #38 by SennyD

6010 got the bug
1141 got the bug
6001 got the bug
6422 got the bug
6153 got the bug
6458 got the bug (where we were playing)

Also the comunity support answer was:

So the bug is real, they know there is a problem, they were working 1 day ago, they didn’t write anything in this hotfix so or they dont want the player know (and i need to know if i can play or i should quit) or they didnt found a solution so they should SHUT DOWN all the servers, if they did it when they got reported first, my stuff would be safe now and 10 people (my clan), or more would’t quit

Its most likely updating, or you need to update the patch. When these hot fixes come out, Official servers can disappear for an hour or so while it all updates.

I can confirm it is changed. It went from healing ~50% of player HP to healing about ~5%…I spent ALL DAY yesterday farming for this item and was so excited to get it. It was worth the grind. Now I just feel like an idiot.

Why are there so many undocumented changes in each of these hotfixes? Patch notes should, at the very least, contain references to changes made in absence of absolute specificity.