PC Hotfix (02.10.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.5: General and glowing goops fixes!

Glowing goop fixed…n’t

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I can confirm they are still very bright both in the vault and outside in the world map.

Also midnight blue flowers now have no texture…

I don’t know what you think is called fixing the glowing goop dungeons. but for me it went from 10% vision 50% headache + epileptic seizure >>>> after a hotfix: 0% vision + 100% headache + 3 hour coma.

anyway here are the differences:
BEFORE HOTFIX it looked something like this but it didn’t got worse than that.

AFTER HOTFIX this is what I see most of the time underwater or looking up the ceiling.

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Well done Funcom you have fixed what exactly???

The Glowing Goops are still brighter than your logic. Why don’t you do something useful and create new skins for the new legendary weapons, for example, The Revealed Truth and the Battle-axe of the Berserkers / Hanuman’s Gada and Warhammer of the Legion / Glimmermoon and War-Axe of the Warlord? I can go on and on…

Also, why put a Legendary Healing Waterskin in the game if you just going to Nerf it till its useless??

At least let us dye saddle’s hopefully you won’t mess that up… Oooo wait didn’t you thought it’s in the game already?

Just in case you wonder why someone flagged your post, its because this is literally a basic explanation on how to do undermesh (through multiple methods!). You can imagine what problems this may cause…

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This is a mod issue.

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I think you’re onto something here.
Is it possible that the patch notes were cover for the real reason for the patch?..

Probably not.
But it does leave the question there for people to ask.

Look, @Funcom and everyone else knew that this was too “OP”
Everyone knew it was going to be nerfed into the dirt.
I’m pretty sure everyone knew it was going to be done in incognito mode.
Everyone knew the stealth nerf was going to lead to forum dramas.

My question to funcom is - Why dont you just be upfront and honest about the changes to the game?
This is not a minor adjustment that barely anyone was going to pick up on.
It was something that you knew was going to cause outrage.
You were going to take a hit for it no matter how you went about it.
By doing the nerf by stealth, you have magnified the outrage to the nerf.

You have done this consistently for 3 years now, i would have thought you would have leaned how to minimize the damage by now.

P.S. you need to nerf that nerf hammer ASAP.


Yes, the healing waterskin sucks now. This is not good Funcom.

“Early Acces” yet 99% of the content in Siptah is recycled, reskinned things from Exiles.

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Well to be serious the Flag button is used way way way to much on these forums and a lot of the time just for people on the forums not liking the comment been a problem for ages and we all know it is way over used.

I agree but on this occasion it was used as it should.

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Hi Skillo, I do not agree.

The more an exploit or an undermesh method is posted or videos on youtube, the faster it will be fixed … !

So the solution to fix undermesh is may be to mass post methods everydays :slight_smile:

(There is no reason to flag my post).

Dear funcom. We are in testing phase of the new map. We understand that everything might and/or will change. But how are we supposed to tell if some change is intentional or not if you don’t say it in changelog?

Speaking of which, is it me or did you nerf % on getting eldarium recipes? Before - ~10 recipes for 20 starmetal/legendary weapons. After last update - ~5 for 20 weapons.

It’s either me being quite unlucky with my tests (on single player, with admin enabled) or you yet again ‘forgot to mention it in changelog’.

Look at this game changelog: https://kingart-games.com/article/90-iron-harvest-devblog-30-september-2020

They are after recent release, but believe me, such changelogs were out since very early closed alphas. Just look at them and take notes - they list even slight number changes in whatever they modify. How hard is it for you to do the same for people who were willing to pay for and now are TESTING your new map.


Glowing goops always broken for me too !

Thats also a massive problem Funcom still has: Garbage patch notes, which are missing a massive amount of things or are saying things are added/working, when they actually dont.

Then maybe they need to hire somebody that actually cares to document the changes. And maybe that same person could spend 30 seconds (it does not take longer than that) to check if a fix actually fixed the problem (for example the glowing goop).

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Not fixed!

No, it is not fixed. It is still blindly bright.