Please nerf Legion Armor and VAULT

Like it’s been stated, the health of the vaults is fine. Just put the trebuchet damage back into it (and also don’t allow placement underwater) and make gods as good as they used to be.

All problems solved.

The legion armor though, I’m still not convinced in it. It’s still a very very strong set that you can get way way to easily. Maybe they need to make one piece drop from killing The silent legion boss and make it random, so you have to actually put some work into getting a full set.

Also (off topic but it’s been stated in here) where do you craft the staff of epimetrius? Or is it a legendary that you get in a chest?

Yeah, but lets not make gods an atomic bomb that can insta-demolish everything they touch.

The problem is mostly the armor value. With the telith sorrow and reaper i can two shot anything that doesnt wear silent legion.

Do you see the point im making now?

You do not understand me. You think I claim that silent legion is indestructible. That is not the point. The point is that silent legion has no substitue alternative gear, it is just better than everything else and easy to get.

Ah if that’s your point then I don’t have counters cause I don’t run it at all(heavy dodge is just killing me)

That is another problem you see, you do not have to dodge in heavy armor to begin with. You just cancel out your move and sprint

Yeah, when the counter to an armor is to wear that same armor, that’s exactly the problem. “But you can wear other armor!” Yeah, but that other armor it’s “compareable too” requires you to get special thralls that you can potentially lose to craft, and it’s still weaker even with the stats.

The simplest thing they can do to bring SIlent Legion in line with other armors is…add a corruption debuff to it while wearing it. There was evidence that certain weapons would do this back in EA, and with the extra armor it makes sense. But yeah, I know that suggestion will be met with whining about how “it’s not that OP”, I deal with it on the server I play on already. It’s bad when even RPers are justifying it’s use and complaining whenever they’re called on it.

It’s OP.

That in itself is a huge issue with the combat. While wearing heavy armor, the tactic you describe should not be possible. It’s little thing like this that make hay build so op. I’ve wondered if there should be a movement penalty when wearing all heavy armor as a counter to this. Like you stated above, you don’t dodge in heavy. Your meant to be a tank and to take hits. Especially if you wield the sorrow as well since it’s very strong too.

Maybe the ideal counter would be something like spiked fittings can only be applied to spears and one handed swords (since they can technically be piercing weapons) and the rest can only take the advanced damage kit.

There should be an easy way to counter heavy armor, but at a penalty as well. Maybe increase stamina usage on spears and increase armor pen?

Actually, that is 100% the entire reason for gods. They are the nukes, they are beasts.

EA had them like that and they were glorious. Then people complained about them and so we got god shields.

The shields are a perfect counter to gods power and as of now, gods are useless. You can’t even break a vault or barely even scratch a T3 building. They need to have their power back.

Noo, gods dont need their power back to what EA had them originally. They need to improve on man(player)-made seige and rebalance gods to be the best form but not a 1 trick pony of unstoppable force.

Gods are a cool addition but when the reality of their summoning is from zero to hero instantly its no fun for anyone, except maybe the summoner. The god bubbles were a cool idea too but again they took a drastic slide to balancing gods themselves and not in the most reasonable way either. Having to match a bubble to the god is ludicrus, there should of been some unique effect to each god bubble to attack or defend against all gods.

I simply play on servers with gods disabled, they are a cool concept but to me its far from balanced to have enabled at this time. It really isn’t hard to make a T3 alter and get tokens for one, only semi-hard part is the archpriest.

Now we have the next Problem on our Server… or all other ? The Spear Exploit ! People make ONE HITS against Legion Armor and you are death !!! All on the Server run with the Kingslayer as Weapon… i dont know how they use the bug… but on normal way you can never kill a Player with one or two hits when he has the Legion armor on…
Do anywhere know this exploit ?

It’s not a bug it is skills and attributes dude. Take a look at the archery IV perk so you understand why it takes 1 - 2 hits only. Basicly they ignore your armor.

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The archery perk may not be as strong as you think. It’s only good with weapons that already have very high armor penetration.

you just answered it. I testet it out with a hardened steel sword on a dude with full Legion. It took me 3 hits to kill him. Armor pen is the way to go. I used spike Fitting aswell.

Yeah but I don’t see how anyone could 1-shot a guy in full silent legion.

With 40 strength and 40 accuracy the most I did in a single hit was 130, that was with Talith’s Sorrow (66 damage weapon) with a spiked fitting, so it totaled 45% armor pen with Crevice in the Armor perk. 50 strength would up that to around 140. Base player health is 200. Blood-mad Berserker being active would theoretically make that deal 210 damage… So maybe if the attacker was super wounded and the victim had no vitality.

Am I missing something?

I just tested it.

58 Strength with Flawless Darfari and potions (Totals +15 with warpaint).
40 Accuracy for Crevice in the Armor
Telith’s Sorrow with 66 Damage & 30% armor pen.
Dropped HP below 25% for Blood-mad Berseker.

A single heavy hit against Silent Legion dealt 218 damage. Someone would be hard-pressed to do much more than that without cheating.


It’s hard to tell since no evidence but it could be lag desync or what ever. Or maybe your Opponent had no Points in health who knows. We can only speculate really. I would say 1 shot is definatly strange but 3 hits should be possible with a kingslayer polearm and spike Fitting on it. The polearm is very strong imo, especially with spiek on it you get 25% more pen as far as I remenber and it is sad that some other weapons which should be better are worse than this spear on Level 60 requirement.

Yeah 3-4 hits is plausible from my testing but a 1 shot seems highly unlikely.
2 hits is definitely doable if conditions are perfect.

And one it kills is just boring, ….

so… SL need a buff nor a nerf? -)

Simple: Make legion parts require heart again and make boss loot drop X1 on PVP servers. Make the loss of that set painful.

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