Server 3732 taken completely over

Hmmm Somehow you were moved to Secret World Legends again.

OK thanks again I keep hitting the correct one and somehow it keeps getting bounced over here

And yes Narelle or however you spell your name. We have tried sending to Zendesk for almost a year now. Which is why I am posting on everything and anything I can.
It’s called freedom of speech if you take this speech down because you don’t like it or it’s bad for your company. I promise you I will start making YouTube videos about you guys every day instead of every week. Let people be heard and stop being a jerk.
Zendesk never replies and never does anything those are their own rules. If they did anything we would have known by now. I got one response and it was a smart as$ response basically telling me to fu#k off.
I’m sick of this and I’m sick of sending and reports it doesn’t do anything and it’s pointless if I have any money why would I spend it on you guys when I can buy a new game and go play that one. Everyone on our server has agreed to this that’s the sad part. We have had other people look at this post and come check it out and even they say this is wrong.
So Funcom is letting them get a free server that’s going to be private for them because they’re the only ones that can open the doors to these dungeons and everything else


This can’t be correct because this Zendesk didn’t exist until a week ago or so.


@Smores_sc I know what you are upset have with @stelagel did that run through he is a good friend of mine. The server is a mess however @Narelle is correct Zendesk is new you would have had to private message someone before. Good luck don’t give up

I seriously doubt that. You know I have total sympathy for you and your clans plight and was all in agreement that you had been wronged, but try not to embellish it with BS. You just make yourself look bad.

Zendesk has not been around for a year, so maybe you have been submitting incorrectly thus not getting resolution.

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I encountered some insane and dangerous players myself in CE and Siptah so you have all my support and I understand your frustration.

I met people like that on pvp and could suffer more than just griefing, but they were no match for me so they started harassing in global chat every ■■■■■■■■ evenings. Even after I left for Siptah, they kept saying horrible lies about me in global chat like anyone would care and encouraging everyone to look up for me outside of the game. Luckily I never shared anything about my real identity with them.

The nature of the harassment and lies were sexual and comments about my sexual and married life, that’s how fcked up they were in their head. I sent screenshots to Funcoms. And received no feedback. Tho a clan from that server reported to me that these toxic players just disappeared one day. So we thought they got banned.

I’ve played countless mmorpg and moba games in 20 years of gaming and never faced such horrible and insane players in any other games. I’ve never been so paranoid as to never answer a new player in global chat. This plague of insanely brain damaged players is surely due to how Funcoms manage their players base and enforce their rules.


Hello @Smores_sc,

Fortunately, @Narelle is right, we just started to provide the tickets system via Zendesk.

Please use this link to submit your ticket and we’ll try to provide assistance to this matter as fast as possible:

Also, please read the Forum Social Guidelines before writing posts and comments. We are open to criticism but there’s no need to use profanity.

Thanks in advance.


This is not a new policy. They always had zero tolerance in PS messages. But I don’t know if you mean them doing it automatically is new?

@Smores_sc If they harass in PS messages, just report it.

They will get a warning over pretty much nothing and if they keep doing it, they will get suspensions and eventually a ban.

Also, why the hell would you want to endure on a server like that for a year?
You could have rebuilt whatever you have on another server 40 times.


Seems they have it automated now my wife didn’t report them wanting to show me. Later all gone. Of course they may have done this to someone else who reported and they cleaned it up.

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I’m curious to know…after browsing these forums and reading about these ■■■■■ doing all kinds of crap on official servers…why do folk still play on them?

I might have close to 1k hours of game time already and I have never touched an official server. I have never experienced anything like what’s being shown here. Maybe a douche here and there but I don’t care one bit about pvp so I guess that I get so avoid some drama there.

As far as private servers go, there are so many many options to choose from, even if you want the vanilla basic experience when it comes to the settings. Why don’t you guys migrate to one of these servers?

Edit: I know it’s not an actual solution, but douches will be douches…if they were left all by themselves I’m pretty sure they would try to move to moderated servers and this would not stand

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The answer is clear as crystal, not all the official servers are ruined and not all the private servers are good :wink:. People play official because they know (most of them) that loosing is part of the game. Plus nobody, nobody has more chances than you, so the best you know the game, the best you do :wink:. Cheaters and hackers not included :joy::joy::joy:. Official experience is very good, very good.


So smores had reported to someone at funcom not zendesk until recently I know that she originally said zendesk but point is even then nothing was done. Everyone on the server has sent countless tickets and nothing has been done that’s why we are mad and getting annoyed. As to why we stuck around a whole year well it was just her getting harrassed over a location she had built granted none of us like the other clan but here recently it has escalated to effecting the whole server. We don’t want to give up everything we have built bc that’s giving them what they want so that’s why we won’t leave the server. If I did decide to leave I would delete conan and never look back but I’m not at that point yet. We just want something done instead of being told submit a ticket to which we have sent alot of tickets already.

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I played over 2000 hours on official pvp and most people aren’t toxic.

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Honestly I think she meant she has reported to funcom several times through out the year over this same clan and nothing has been done to them. Plus now every time you complain ur told to send a ticket and we have I’ve sent personally like 4 or 5 tickets and nothing has been done. The problems we are facing are true. Could it have been said nicer I suppose but we are all just fed up and it’s starting to show.


Submitting tickets to Zendesk so far feels like praying to baby Jesus before going to bed.

“Dear lord, I sent you screenshots of massive sandstone walls blocking the desert obelisk, but nothing has changed. Please send me a sign. I don’t want to run a skeleton pit marathon every time I teleport to the desert by accident. Please make the bad people go away. Amen.”



Our team confirmed that they addressed the tickets sent regarding this server. Some actions might be delayed but the tickets were reviewed.

Also in the future, we ask you to submit a ticket via

Thank you all for bringing those matters to our attention and apologies for the wait.


Yeah I guess eight months is not long to wait. At least some thing has been done by now. I have actually been playing on another server with a friend and noticed that they still have purge. Server 3732 has no purchase it is broken so we assumed that all of them were stopped. As that is not the case maybe you guys can look into that as well. I hope you guys can cause that was the most fun part of the game for me

And I want it noted that I have sent tickets to Zendesk for the last eight or nine months about these issues. I was ignored and then got one rude comment emailed back to me. So after that I stop trying until this new incident. I have sent so many tickets it was ridiculous and I just assumed that nobody was actually running your company. But then I heard one of my friends talking about the new game or whatever and then I got mad. I hope you guys will keep us safe from the idiots from now on. And maybe fix the server

Well some thing has been done so I will keep my promise and take down the video

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