Temporarily, for God's sake, shut down the werewolf attacks


Yeah just about all or them in one form or another. Mine is a family clan that is spread out across all PVE officials.

Got tired of servers going down and not able to continue so i swap servers now when they do.

I stand by my statement- i dont need to prove it to anyone -the data is there.

I would agree with you but all the kits despawned. Who would do that in pvp and leave all those good kits and weapons to despawn. Unless it’s just someone being super petty, which could be in PvP! :wink: I will say the pillars worked, this morning all the thralls left are still alive on the pillars.

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And they say Crom doesnt answer prayers

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And if another player decides to lure a werehyena, it doesn’t matter if there are doors. They will spawn indoors if the other player is there.

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They will spawn indoors if you allow them entrance.

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