The future of PvP in SWL



I think the people being vocal about it are just used to rushing through content or lets call it burning the candle on both ends. Most people take it slower but aren’T as active in any of the outlets even if it’S general chat.
And no matter how much content funcom provides there is always a portion of the game community that feels it’s not enough.

Content is like a good wine. You have more from it if you saviour the taste and drink it slow with good food and company. Even if some people claim drinking the whole bottle in one swoop is the only way.


Perhaps a PvP weekend would be good, then? Double rewards for finishing Shambala, Triple for winning.

Or just make that a general change.


andyb, Thanx for beeing “crystal clear”! :wink:


This may even be a good way for them to test permanent reward changes


Andy, thank you for answer.

I do not consider myself as a pvper, but back in TSW I really enjoyed pvp. In fact, it was the only game I have pvped. I miss pvp in SWL (and The Secret War or at least some more faction rivalry).

As we know we will not get any of old maps, I would try to be constructive and have some ideas how to make SWL pvp a little more appealing for more people with no so much work…

  1. As already mentioned, lower Shambala teams to 5.

  2. Reconsider rewards. Make them a liitle more attractive. I don’t mind any RNG even. What about idea to have few unique agents, with very low chances to get them if you are in a winning team. And maybe even to have few very unique ones who would appear in loot for limited times only. This may work as some kind of “event”: for a limited time (a week maybe) there is a chance to get an attention of some professional who will join your agent team. As I said I would not mind, if it would be RNG based and chances would not be high. It would be far better than nothing we have now.

  3. What about some agents for pvp achievements? I would recommend tie them to winning achievements/killing player ones. It may motivate people try to be active in pvp and not afk for rewards only.

  4. We have 3 fight clubs and they could be used in more creative way. What about some kind of tournament sponsored by Council of Venice.

I have few ideas but most of them would require more coding/database work. It should be as much simple as possible. What about a chance to have for this kind of “event” one prefered fight club and each pvp victory would give us some special currency and buy something at a special vendor?

Of course I have better ideas eg. to have events when the victories in event fight club would be counted for each faction across whole population and it would enable have more sophisticated options how the events build. But this would require far more coding/database work…


In fairness, even Tilty himself said it’s going to take ‘casuals’ about a week to finish this. Unless you’ve committed to ‘one mission a month and no more’ it’s still not going to take all that long.

But yes, if you burn through it really fast, well, guess what, you burned through it really fast and that’s all there is.


And that is a good thing. I still do not understand why some people here want PvP back in SWL while the new gameplay cannot provide an enjoyable experience. For those who want PvP, you have TSW. The game is still open. I am pretty sure if you suggest PvP events, people will answer the call.

Maybe one day, Funcom will release a TSW game devoted to PvP with the good old combat system but with some graphic and animation improvements, more maps, the carbon character system and the possibility of fighting with your clothing style :rabbit:


For me? I have no time for several games, I enjoy some level of faction rivalry in Secret World universe, I like diversity as SWL has very limited content and it is easy to burn out…


To my knowledge most of the maps were removed from TSW also. I believe only Fusang is still operational. Atleast this is what I’ve hear from efforts made to pop the other PVP zones even with more then enough players qued.


This is me also. I work 12 hours a day and don’t get chance to play as often as I like but even with limited time and an honest effort to take my time through things I still hit a wall.


So, what we play next? andyB was clear enought so I lost interest to play both TSW and SWL :rofl:


Well as Andy said the game is not designed for it which is a shockingly honest perspective compared to other MMOs that think they can balance abilities around killing monsters with 10-100x the HP of players and killing those same players.


I agree you wholely. SWL PvP will be a shallow compared to TSW. But, as andyb said, FC wont spend resources to TSW. And last PvP Event in TSW, about month a go, big thing to talk about was NM Raid gear. I dont care about Raid gear, I love my Purple Riposte more than any of those Raid drops. By saying this, TSW PvP will turn to NM raid gear drama as it was before SWL announcement. There will not be tweaks to this, so all TSW PvP will also have whinery about this issue, and I dont want to hear/read it in General/Forums/nowhere anymore.

Im happy that andyb made clear statements, and o’boy have we poked him for that answer from early Reddit days to this day. PvP is dead in Secret World, at least it is to me. No point.


I don’t think it is true, we were able to get SH with my event.

If you talk about the event I’ve organized, people followed the rule, and we had fun.

I had shared recurly his answer on my discord :coffin: because I knew it since months. (at this time, they were busy with events etc … that’s why after the holiday season etc I posted a request on this forum, and the no answer was a clear answer on the future. Nothing has changed and nothing will change aka “no resource allowed to TSW”)

I think I’ll repeat myself, but you want TSW’s PvP back. TSW is still online, then organize PvP event. It’s not that hard. Best way to have fun.
It works.


But, as I said, there were lots of talking about it in Disco. I dont want to see anymore talking about that. I think that if they are in the game, players have right to wear them everywhere. I dont want to see whinery about peoples using them, thats my point. And not everyone follow rules, especially if there are numbers of player participating in PvP (event or not).

Point is, that there is no nothing, if everything have to be an organized Event. Events dont work to all peoples. I am not willing to keep dead thing alive by organizing anything, especially after clear answers from andyb. I play because I want to hop in the game and do stuff, not waiting something to happen. It is not hard, but does it have a point. I have done my fair share of community service in TSW and have no will nor energy to do anything anymore. I think you know what I mean, at the moment you shut down the Disco.


I really don´t know ^^. I´m a MMORPG-“Nomad” at the moment ^^.


While the removal of many abilities and passives and the lack of build diversity would definitely make the PvP pretty dull, I think that another element that makes it difficult to have PvP in the game is the poor performance of the game engine (and the high ping average). I remember back in ED I had around 1-10 FPS near the relics (and it wasn’t much better in the other pvp minigames).

And latency/FPS are extremely important in PvP compared to PvE/story.

What PvP looked like with “too many” players.


Hehe. I have clip somewhere from Lunar Golem and afterfight. FPS 1-3 :smiley:

There were tricks you could do to get better performance and I posted some sort of list to do in TSW forums. Helped me a lot.


I think i had 1-3 frames per minute there :joy:


Plus 2-4 sec latency :stuck_out_tongue: