The future of PvP in SWL



I don’t think it is true, we were able to get SH with my event.

If you talk about the event I’ve organized, people followed the rule, and we had fun.

I had shared recurly his answer on my discord :coffin: because I knew it since months. (at this time, they were busy with events etc … that’s why after the holiday season etc I posted a request on this forum, and the no answer was a clear answer on the future. Nothing has changed and nothing will change aka “no resource allowed to TSW”)

I think I’ll repeat myself, but you want TSW’s PvP back. TSW is still online, then organize PvP event. It’s not that hard. Best way to have fun.
It works.


But, as I said, there were lots of talking about it in Disco. I dont want to see anymore talking about that. I think that if they are in the game, players have right to wear them everywhere. I dont want to see whinery about peoples using them, thats my point. And not everyone follow rules, especially if there are numbers of player participating in PvP (event or not).

Point is, that there is no nothing, if everything have to be an organized Event. Events dont work to all peoples. I am not willing to keep dead thing alive by organizing anything, especially after clear answers from andyb. I play because I want to hop in the game and do stuff, not waiting something to happen. It is not hard, but does it have a point. I have done my fair share of community service in TSW and have no will nor energy to do anything anymore. I think you know what I mean, at the moment you shut down the Disco.


I really don´t know ^^. I´m a MMORPG-“Nomad” at the moment ^^.


While the removal of many abilities and passives and the lack of build diversity would definitely make the PvP pretty dull, I think that another element that makes it difficult to have PvP in the game is the poor performance of the game engine (and the high ping average). I remember back in ED I had around 1-10 FPS near the relics (and it wasn’t much better in the other pvp minigames).

And latency/FPS are extremely important in PvP compared to PvE/story.

What PvP looked like with “too many” players.


Hehe. I have clip somewhere from Lunar Golem and afterfight. FPS 1-3 :smiley:

There were tricks you could do to get better performance and I posted some sort of list to do in TSW forums. Helped me a lot.


I think i had 1-3 frames per minute there :joy:


Plus 2-4 sec latency :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you Andy for your very clear response.
I am a sad DixieChic, and know that the 30-50 folks that have been randomly checking in for a pvp update will be sad too. I will post in our discord today. cries


Are u f-words hiding somewhere after last Disco shut down? :smiley:


If there is a new Discord for the PVP-Folks i would like to join by the way. Just to keep in touch and discuss!


This topic will close 14 days after the last reply. what is this about? & why were my comments removed i said nothing against the rules , what a joke lol


I think its on every topic here, not just this. But there is nothing to talk about here anymore, statements were clear enough.


I’ll decide when i have nothing else to say thanks.


We know that already.
But look at what and who you catered to…They stayed for all of a few days.
Those people are not the ones still hanging around in your game waiting for something to do.
Group content in ALL it’s forms matters more than any story content that you can produce. you can’t make enough story content to cater for the demand and given how long it takes funcom to make it, i would much rather funcom focused their attention on group content or at least adding whats missing.

I don’t see why dungeons, raids, PVP and everything else in between can’t coexist in SWL as it did before in TSW - you say the gameplay wasn’t designed with it in mind - which means what in comparison to it “not being a priority”?

I don’t see how cutting portions of the community out of any game - is beneficial for it in the long run.

And why is this thread being closed?


You’re welcome. Everyone can beat the dead horse if the horse is dead. Check your PM, maybe answer is there. If you didn’t get one… maybe no one cares about your sayings then.


Its not going to be closed until there is no response to last post in 14 days. I think thats forum feature for big topics.

Keep talking, its ok if talking is about Secret World Legends PvP.


Odd - because its the ONLY thread to have this on.
not even older or larger threads have it.
So looks like someones parting gift was to place also a close on one of the most talked about topics in SWL or someone doesn’t like the fact that it is indeed a “popular topic”


What was that about a dead horse?

My oh my, you are full of little hypocrisies aren’t you…
Much like your toon you’re neither one thing nor another…


Ooh iv’e just been baited into flaming on the forums, how exciting!! maybe i’ll get my 1st flag badge , have you had yours yet ? oh go on do it to Sawo he won’t mind he’s not important lol :joy:


This was right under my post you quoted.

So there is your dead horse.