The future of PvP in SWL



Yes people seem to forget this fact. Actually I have been in Venice for months but I’m curious now if it still comes up as an option when selecting a choice for scenarios.

Edit: Just checked and I guess the console just brings up the activity finder screen now which makes sense since we no longer have the choice of which scenario we want to do.


It would be sound stupid, but I really miss time I was waiting in Venice in front of scenario selector, jumping from one computer to another and all that stuff. Venice is pretty dead in SWL.


I rather like that idea, in principle. In practice, even if winning was a necessity to loot the chest, Shambala would still be statistically much better reward for effort than the ‘long tedious grind because that’s what Funcom mistakes for fun’ scenarios.

Do we really want a repeat of the broken good reward to effort ratio disaster that gave Funcom the statistics ‘proving’ Shambala was the most popular PvP mode?

If Shambala offered chests to be opened with keys, whatever suit decided SWL only needed Shambala PvP could quickly gather statistics ‘proving’ they might as well remove all the other, unpopular content from the game…


I certainly think it would be in funcoms favour to provide another means of using up scenario keys. I go through phases with scenarios where I Do about 5-8 every day for a few weeks and then just get sick of them and don’t do any scenarios for a week or two. It would be nice to have a means to use them that’s something different during that time. They are also the most expensive keys to purchase meaning with fast Shambala matches it could end up being a profit for funcom. If winning yields a chest and that is the only rewards though this might become an issue as many players will only do 3 matches and then be even less likely to que. it would have to act as bonus rewards I think to work. That being said I probably would never step foot in a regular scenario again if this were to actually happen lol


PVP in SWL? We got ringside seats :smiley:

They know what is what
But they don’t know what is what
They just strut


I think Funcom should do Shambala experiments with systems (reduce team size) and rewards (PvP keys? idk) this year; it is no where near in line with any other activity. If there’s potential, reintroduce El Dorado and Stonehedge next year. If that’s successful, reintroduce Fuseng 2019-2020. There, no new maps to make.


Personal thoughts:

Hm … honestly? I mostly would care for Fusang and maybe ED. Even better rewards wouldn´t make me play Shambala again currently because it wouldn´t be much more fun for me, even if they change it.

I simply don´t like (Team-)Deatmatches in general, because If I die, the match will still be over for me personally, even if they experiment with the mechanics.
It´s just dull!

The rewards aren´t my problem, the gamemode itself is my problem! Just because there is no existing alternative to it currently.

If they would have brought back ED for example instead of Shambala with the relaunch i wouldn´t have a problem playing it. Because i could respawn within a match wich isn´t over that quick.

Same with Stonehenge, same with Fusang (Fusang would be “heaven” for me personally in that context because there would be no ending of the match ^^)

For me PVP isn´t about winning and rewards.

PVP for me is:
Fighting, dying, respawning and repeating that within a longer battle like in Stonehenge/ED/Fusang.
And that also includes tactics and objectives like attacking, defending, holding and conquering like in ED/Fusang, instead of “Just avoid to die and kill as many oponents as you can before you do” like in Shambala.
The difference should be obvious.

Also it isn´t always about only the fighting itself.

For example: It can also be very entertaining to prepare an ambush like hiding in a facility in fusang and wait, til the enemies show up.

Thats why most (non-pvp-) players don´t get that PVP isn´t just about killing other players (Well ok … for some it is.).

That said, they just can´t make shambala fun for me, it is literally impossible.


I’m just talking about what might fit within their resource constraints.


I get that but i just wanted to write that anyway.


That’s really the thing. I don’t think PvPrs (at least speaking for myself) are wanting any major PvP overhaul. For me currently I just want something where I can be able to log into the game and enjoy some PvP for a while instead of looking for groups to go farm the same dungeons and lairs that I’ve seen for the past 5 years. I personal feel that Fusang might be a wiser choice to introduce first in that it is more open to flexibility with the new skill system and less likely to get any negative feedback about balancing issues. Fusang would be a great testing ground for them. Don’t get me wrong El Dorado was always my favorite. I just know Fusang perhaps had one of the strongest fan bases.


All they would have to do would be changing the quest-rewards to fit into SWL and change the queue-mechanic into an equal distribution of players to three “Mercenary”-Teams (“A”, “B” and “C” for example). The balance of the population-problem would be solved, because players would be randomly assorted to one of the teams . Maybe additionally change some of the map-symbols to get rid of the factions (I assume they still don´t want factions in PVP and it would also benefit the balance of the teams) and that would be it mostly. I think the “equal footing buff” of Shambala did work in general so they could just reuse it for Fusang and adjust it if there are problems.


I have to agree better rewards would not suffice in truth for me to put myself through shamblah & ofc again i agree Fusang the only "perpetual " pvp zone would be of most interest to me thats where the epic stuff used to happen there & in ED which was my personal favourite . I still remember the lumies screaming at Drenneth for teaching them a lesson by planting the relics near the steps because that is what they had done so many times to try & win the match my god the hypocricy lol so funny, a taste of their own medicine always did the trick , but some things will never change i.e never trust a lumie or a dragon unless that lumie is me or that dragon is Withoutscratch lol :wink:

But i agree with basically everything you have said Synapse.


1 million % behind what you wrote - i’ve said the same myself over and over, even back in TSW when things were being changed. These are core values of the PVP i want to see back here in SWL if ever they get going with it again.

Unfortunately for us, and to be truthful, it’s also unfortunate for Funcom that they don’t have PVP as their focus or attention for the time being.

I do believe tho that while they might not have that full backing from whatever department that might be, they could possibly have it in them - with enough reason, support and evidence - be persuaded to tweak parts of the only existing form of PVP that they chose or were allowed to bring?

I’m guessing in ways their hands must be tied in some aspect, but could they be more perceptive of a smaller request such as tweaks, hotfixes as such - to Shambala? What would work? There has to be something they can do - I know it’s a huge ask when i want Fusang, ED and SH back again - there is clearly a major factor why it can’t feature at the moment or in the near future.

I’ve often suggested a tweak to the losing side of the rewards - as currently its same win/lose and i don’t think it should be. But thinking upon the smaller things like that which could make what they have better - Would the removal of the time limit of shambala make it more of a persistent zone, you’ve got then what… a fight club with tricks? Should the element of weather be removed? Could an objective be added into it easily? To add another aspect - could you be able to choose which side you enter on AND have random selection? All those things i think are small tweaks -
i’m not a coder or programmer nor do i understand how it’s done or the time frame its done in - but to me - my brain says those should be simple, easy small things to do.

just throwing it out there.


What E level of chest? Can the chest be blue? Are we talking Boss 6 chest or boss 1?


Concur…when everyone has the agent, Shambala will die like fire in a vacuum. Putting things you can only get from one location like that is generally a bad idea.


You can put few agents as achivements reweard for number of player kills and won matches, which is longer shot.

And anything is better than current situation btw.


That actually proves the bad idea point.

Well, unless the idea behind TSW’s broken too good reward Shambala signets actually was to supply some suit with statistics that ‘prove’ it’s the most popular kind of PvP to provide them an argument for cutting all other PvP modes else from the relaunch…

Conspiracy theory!


Thats what I am saying all the time! sigh


Adding anything “special” to PVP (i.e Agents, Signets etc) that can only be obtained via PVP is bad - WE learned that from TSW - you have to expect that FUncom will not have learned from it.

The minimum special items that are acceptable in my view are the PVP ranked outfits.


Well, i also see no problem with getting normal quest rewards in there so that you can progress your gear via PVP.
But i agree it should indeed be nothing exclusive or special in any way besides something like the Rank-Outfits.