The future of PvP in SWL



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@Sevenoir + Sawo + Meta-Moth

Guys … don´t tear each other apart, we have the same interests and i think you just got each other wrong!

The “Horse” seems to be “dead” because of this statement:

The posts seemed to be cleared because the discussion maybe went to far away from the topic itself because we started discussing possible other PVP-options outside of SWL because PVP currently seems to have no future in SWL according to what andy wrote in here.

So once more:

Please don´t tear each other apart! We are all discussing here because we share the same interest.

Every opinion is valid even if the person who writes it seems to be more frustrated, doesn´t share your opinion oder just expresses it in a more drastic way.

We are not here to attack each other personally, even if the topic is PVP.

@dixiec Thx, i will have a look at it later :wink:


Maybe Funcom could change the rewards in Shambala to make it more appealing and competitive?

I know, I know it is isn’t ideal but remember how we all played it in TSW and some of the matches were fun because they were worth winning. Not like the cliff jumping lemmings now looking for easy shards…anyway it is all we have at the moment so perhaps this could be considered for the future. Maybe signets or agents?


I really value your opinion but i guess we both know it won´t make it more fun!^^
(At least i think that way.)


Even a rare chance of an agent would make it pop at least. As much as I dislike the PvP zone id rather have it popping consistently with 20-30% of the matches being a “good” match then it never popping at all.


Lol Pogo, fair enough but I do remember I did have some fun in Shambala in the old game as some of the matches were highly competitive. Especially when you had the PVPers in the matches, you just knew it was going to be “kill or be killed” or in the case of myself hide behind Drenneth ,Jimmy, Luqs, Lurdtz, Charvi or Myndr to name but a few…except perhaps Njinir who tried to kill me even if I was in his team :slight_smile: bless


Fair enough :wink:


PVP is as fun as WE make it - do not let the “old ways” & perceptions of the past - ruin what COULD HAVE BEEN something good.

I agree with a tweak on the Sham rewards - it’s currently UNFAIR and UNJUST to offer the same rewards for win/lose

It’s a simple request and a simple tweak - it CAN NOT be that hard to do and it’s not asking for a full on focus to any PVP but a small tweak to it’s reward system to make it AT LEAST - desirable - in some form


lol oh bad Sev pointing out obvious truths again, what on earth was i thinking? i have never initiated dialogue with him ever, not even once, he came for a pop at me & scuttled back to where he came from , i have no patience for it, end of story :wink:


I knowww… been begging for this one. idk why it’s so hard to get a rewards tweak.



and if they say no?


Then i don my best wig - Roger Smith style and take out the “nay sayer” like a New Jersey Housewife


An ‘easy’ option for increased PVP rewards is to allow the winning team to loot a reward chest, with the reward chest having the same rewards and using the same keys as dungeon chests. Once a players’ keys are used up, then they could have the option of buying additional keys with MoFs.

This way, there is no impact on Funcom’s monetisation or the in-game economy. Instead, players now have an actual option of using up their keys doing either dungeons or PVP.

It is also similar to TSW’s system of allowing players an option of gearing up using either PVP or PVE, depending on their individual choices.


Shambala IS a scenario… could loot your scenario keys. :smiley:


Yes people seem to forget this fact. Actually I have been in Venice for months but I’m curious now if it still comes up as an option when selecting a choice for scenarios.

Edit: Just checked and I guess the console just brings up the activity finder screen now which makes sense since we no longer have the choice of which scenario we want to do.


It would be sound stupid, but I really miss time I was waiting in Venice in front of scenario selector, jumping from one computer to another and all that stuff. Venice is pretty dead in SWL.


I rather like that idea, in principle. In practice, even if winning was a necessity to loot the chest, Shambala would still be statistically much better reward for effort than the ‘long tedious grind because that’s what Funcom mistakes for fun’ scenarios.

Do we really want a repeat of the broken good reward to effort ratio disaster that gave Funcom the statistics ‘proving’ Shambala was the most popular PvP mode?

If Shambala offered chests to be opened with keys, whatever suit decided SWL only needed Shambala PvP could quickly gather statistics ‘proving’ they might as well remove all the other, unpopular content from the game…


I certainly think it would be in funcoms favour to provide another means of using up scenario keys. I go through phases with scenarios where I Do about 5-8 every day for a few weeks and then just get sick of them and don’t do any scenarios for a week or two. It would be nice to have a means to use them that’s something different during that time. They are also the most expensive keys to purchase meaning with fast Shambala matches it could end up being a profit for funcom. If winning yields a chest and that is the only rewards though this might become an issue as many players will only do 3 matches and then be even less likely to que. it would have to act as bonus rewards I think to work. That being said I probably would never step foot in a regular scenario again if this were to actually happen lol


they training dry what they will do if we get our PVP back.

But yes plz stop bashing each other, if this gets to fuzzy here the thread might get closed


PVP in SWL? We got ringside seats :smiley:

They know what is what
But they don’t know what is what
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