The future of PvP in SWL



Now that i had never even considered but looking back now that is more than plausible , i would not be the least surprised if you were right! statistic manipulation to suit an already set in stone agenda yeah lol


Something you mentioned in conversation Drenneth & not here in the forum was the reintroduction of the Chronicle now that i feel would appeal to the pvp’ers & more importantly the more competitive players as an incentive to play the zone. i know my own place within the chronicle shallow as it may seem & the body count of lumies & dragons that i tallied was an extra bonus other than pvp’s own reward which is just simply playing pvp.
but it all comes back to the same point, does funcom care enough for retaining their playerbase or encouraging them to play the zone to make any adjustments however small to it?
there are alot of idea’s being tossed around some good some bad , but the same conclusion keeps eating away at me & that only confounds when i look at the state of the current game & that is that SWL is disposable , solo orientated in content & it’s shelf life has an expiry date.


Setting up Shambala to look good for SWL while TSW was still being actively developed is quite a conspiracy theory.


Oh the chronicle! Where’s Kaidance? I’m certain she would have something to say on the topic :slight_smile:

As vain as it may seem I checked that chronicle every day. It was like an achievement system that never ended. It was also a reminder of some of the great PvPrs that had come and gone in the past.

I don’t personally need much incentive to do Shambala. As much as I dislike it I’m still qued almost all the time I’m online in case it pops. The only reason I favour incentives in pvp at all is that I don’t see the outcome changing without them in place. I completely agree with there being more incentive to win also. I feel like incentives are what draw a crowd, and even though 90% of that crowd may not end up giving a **** about PvP there is still 10% that fall in love with it and learn to enjoy it simply for what it is.


That’s what I said. Literally.

But it’s Secret World, so Everything Is True! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well she is here but for some odd reason she has changed Kaidance to a lumie lol the mind boggles , but i shall ask her actually it seems our time together in team blue with her as Neana has made her favour being a lumie ,i guess she completely ditched her Temp & yes the Chronicle was such a great reminder of amazing players who came & went , but i second what you say if even 10% fell in love with pvp that in itself would be what i call a result :slight_smile:


Please take the time to make a presence for PvP on this thread.


Done :wink: /15 Chars


Hell yeah!


There were some names there asking for PvP that I honestly didn’t expect.


I think a lot of people just finally recognized, that there are to less things to do besides questing and running the same dungeons over and over again.


PvP was a blast in TSW, it kept me logging in long after I maxed out my gear (and stopped caring about augments). Dungeons were the same old thing time after time, after you max out your gear you get desperate and start doing silly self-imposed challenges until you just cant stand doing them anymore. PvP was always exciting cause of the human element. Right now I dont have much reason to log in every day, PvP would go a long way towards that and making me stick around long term.


On a SWL Hiatus at the moment, would definetly come back (and spend Money on the game :hint:) if there would be more Battlegrounds and/or a Permanent BG like Fusang. Yes that was the reason i left for other games, Shambala just does not cut it for me.


Nice to see the return of one of TSW’s PVP great veteran players , welcome back Sippin, i do hope it turns into a “proper” comeback :wink:


Wanna make money ? Make a battle royale in SWL.
This is quarter of a joke.


Lat day of the requests so if you haven’t mentioned PVP yet - get in there now!!
I’ve already done a count and as it stands PVP is 2nd in demand as it were. But counting it with and as group content - collectively - group content is top.


Yep that was an amazing summary. Thanks for taking the time to put that together.


I’d like to bring this up here before creating a new thread just to get some feedback and possibly some help organizing/supervising before making anything official.

So that being said who here is interested in a Shambala event? I’m not doing this to prove anything to Funcom because quite frankly if there recent question to the community wasn’t evidence enough that pvp is something players want then this won’t end up making the point any more clear.

My idea involves collecting screenshots of the winning team for each match and entering those names into a online name raffle and drawing x number of names after the event based on available prizes to be won. Basic requirements for name entry are to be on the winning team and to have shown some degree of participation in the match (to be decided on whether that will be a cumulative point total or something of that nature) your name can be entered multiple times based on how many winning teams you are on during the event and prizes will be item only traded in person likely the following day after everything is finalized.

I’m open to suggestions to make things more interesting but at the same time simplicity is sometimes a virtue in these types of player run events. As I may not be in every match I’m open to having others screenshot and send results via email or if someone knows a cleaner and simpler way to collect the data I’m all ears.

As for prizes I have many things a few anima touched weapons in my bank a mark of the starspawn 100 Agartha caches and some heavy caliber pistols of havoc mk3 all of which I’m happy to add to a prize pool seeing as how it may turn into a monthly event if it’s successful I may choose to only donate 2-3 valuable items and 50 or so Agartha caches this time round but that is something that will be finalized and made clear in an official post.

As for a date maybe as early as this weekend if the details can get hammered out. At the latest next weekend. Also I would like it to be a fairly lengthy event to account for multiple time zones.


I’ve been thinking about how to reward Shamballers too… raffle for the winning team sounds as good as any other. Maybe a minor one after each match?

Weekends for sure. I think I’ve still got a Fiery Eyes, White to toss into the pool myself.


I like that! Winning teams names enter a minor raffle after each match might be An Agartha cacheor something of that nature. Then I can pool all the names together for Bigger rewards after the event is over