Were is my corpse (as in my dead body after respon)

well i have stupidly been binge playing since 8 am yesterday, and am taking a little break to watch forged in fire. this is mainly do to the fact that i 2 out of 4 of my last resawnes caused my body to disappear. One was do to me dying at the cursed wall which caused me to lose my light armor chest piece and my light armor boots and 3 pieces of hard found ironstones. :sob: then i jump off a cliff hoping to hit the water, and as i can’t find my corpse i lost my stone spears, pike, bow, flinthead arrows, 30 hides and more. so ya i hope this got fixed with the latest patch.

Thank you for reporting this issue. Unfortunately issue was not solved in the latest patch. I have been in contact with our developers about player’s corpses vanishing and they are working on a solution. Hopefully they’ll have this fixed soon.

Please make sure you report any other bugs you find in the bug report forum for your specific platform to help us keep track of them:

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