What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


First off I want to say how much I’ve enjoyed SWL.
I was playing when TSW was active and I think SWL has been able to live up to what I loved about TSW and then some.

As for new content I would like to see:
GOD SORRY FOR THE NOVEL. I didn’t expect to write so much.
Movement based abilities
Updated/Modern cosmetic options/styles
Character creator options?

I’ve mentioned to my friends that mobility based abilities would be awesome. You can’t sprint while in battle but I would not mind using up an ability slot for an extra dodge or some kind of ability to move away from AoE attacks. Especially when playing builds that require you to move in close to your opponent.

Additionally this is more cosmetic than actual gameplay.

My friends and I would love to see some new clothes/fashion. Particularly clothes that look like they’re from this decade lol. A lot of 90’s/Early 2000’s fashion that hasn’t particularly aged well are options to dress your character, and I think a little more variety/modern fashion would be nice.
Some modern hairstyles would be greatly appreciated. A good undercut style for the guys? A fade?
More flattering pants. Ones that aren’t so baggy or look like 80’s bell-bottoms. More options for shorts/skirts too? Also might be nice to see some clothes that aren’t gender locked? It’s 2018, and maybe I want to dress my male character in a dress/skirt. Just a thought.

ALSO. I understand it can be difficult to mess with character models. But a suggestion for the character creator. Body type choices?
It wouldn’t even have to be a slider. But even options like “Thin, Lean, and Bulky” would be nice to give some variety and attract gamers who enjoy role playing characters in these settings.

Either way I’ve really enjoyed the game and the additions that have already been added. I also appreciate the fact that you’re willing to listen to actual suggestions from the community.
Thank you for your time and good luck in the new position, Nirvelle!


My only major request would be the return of the missing elite dungeons, but that has already been mentioned dozens of times so I’ll make a petty request.

Please bring back my Little Friend. It was the Ankh Hammer skin in TSW. Re-introduce it to SWL in some manner (e.g. cache, achievement, alternate dungeon drop, etc.) and put an end to this dreadful separation.

  • I regularly play with a couple friends, and while we can just about scrape through E1 dungeons, it’d be nice to have content for 2-3 players that require some tactics to work through. We used to be able to 3-man Scenarios in TSW, but that’s no-longer a feature. So things like Nightmare areas, or PvP arena teams. Small group content that’s consistently challenging.

Edit: reduced from 3 to 1 item, as per OP.


I would like Manufactory story modes. I think those are the largest missing chunk of lore from SWL and necessary to complete Kaidan.


My big number one thing! It was said before and I’ll say it again! Player housing!!

Although the museum was supposed to scratch that itch, it really isn’t the same! Player housing is a huge opportunity for enriching the characterization of your toons, especially for creating hosting spots for RP and just helping the RP community in general. You can recycle a lot of existing assets into something that could tempt players to spend cash to decorate their pads.

Aside from that, the biggest complaint my cabal has is that there isn’t enough modern fashion in SWL-- a lot of the clothing feels outdated and the options for wearable fashion is slim. Relevancies’ post sums it up pretty much to a T!

The thing I miss the most from TSW is the missions that you used to get inbetween faction ranks (the parking garage, for example). Some more meaning to “faction ranking” up would be nice.

This would be a huge wishlist thing, but I would adore it if there was story opportunity to defect from one faction to another. When you get to Tokyo, your “secondary handlers” (so to speak) NPC’s play a big role in making you feel attached to your faction, even more so than previous interactions. (Also, seeing more of the Swarm would be super cool).

Lastly important to mention-- customization of allowing your character to be more or less muscled, bigger or smaller breasts, more or less fat, etc? I have a lot of friends who were turned off from TSW/SWL because they couldn’t make the avatars look closer to what they imagined their toons/characters were supposed to look like. At the very least, muscle definition could be changed without having to recreate/edit all of the clothing and clothing system.


Novel PvP Mode: Snowracing!

An extrapolation of the already implemented snowmobile mission; take 10 players, various courses created using Carpathian Fangs assets and combine to create deadly snowmobile racing.
Players attempt to use speed boosts, machine guns, rockets and bombs to win. Avoid Filth patches or they will slow you down and sap your health. Run through crystallised anima formations to gain a temperory boost in speed, limited time invincibility or a 50% damage boost.

Rewards include 2000 xp distilate for the winner, 1500 xp distilate for the 2nd place and 1000xp for third. Other prizes can include tokens to buy upgrades or new snowmobiles.

Other variations could be Tokyo Motorbike races.


aw this sounds fun!! what the heck!


That’s easy: An assurance that we won’t lose Scriv as a writer because I don’t trust the lore with almost anyone else. ;.; But I suppose that’s not technically -new-.

Alt-friendliness has already been mentioned - I don’t even want to consider how much cosmetic stuff I have on my one character right now because I can no longer mail things to others and I haven’t found someone to be a temporary pack mule for me… Also, I’d love more account unlocks again and the ability to give people bought stuff again. But those are remnants from TSW and still not new.

Before, I would have whimpered and clawed at the door for reputation system, but we sorta are seeing that with the Dawn’s Favor and it’s fun, so I hope that continues because I love it… so that’s not a new thing either.

So, for my one new thing:
Scenario options. You really nailed it on condensing it and making them quite tolerable to sit and do… I don’t even have a preference on what SORT of scenario options, I just would like more than Seek and Preserve. Maybe have the option to a randomized sabotage type scenario? I’m not sure I’d ever really want to do that but some people are way more nimble than I am! Maybe more achievements for scenarios? I definitely don’t want to return to the “Oops, one survivor died because everything went to hell in a handbasket for a second, you lose platinum!” system, but more things to -do- during them (particularly in mid Elites where the only achievements are for just doing a certain number of them) would be fun. Maybe a silly achievement for dying a ton but still somehow winning the scenario, only managing to barely win the scenario by keeping the bare minimum alive, having a moment in the scenario where you lose a bunch of survivors at once…not all of them have to be “I’m proud of this achievement”. Some of them can literally “By the skin of your teeth” or “Are we grading on a curve?” Or cosmetics for managing to run into all the bosses/mobs/dangers. I kinda thought the Tokyo achievement for eventually getting all the mobs from the crates were fun, and I could see scenarios having more of those. I think some people are still Scenario’d out from TSW… but some additional modes…maybe a South African and a Tokyo scenario now too would be awesome as well. Defending the Bathhouse in Scenario mode, for example.

(SEE? I can suggest things that aren’t about lore and aren’t about RP and Radio stations! THIS IS PROOF. But uh, no, that bit about making sure Scriv stays, that’s important. Chain him to a chair if you have to, if he manages to get away again I’d be terrified about the future of the game.)


I would like to see new seasonal events. Bringing back the old ones would be fine with the exception of the simple encounters like golems/vestiges/horsemen (imo they lose too much when taken out of their setting and onto an agartha platform).

The suggestion about more snowmobiles is also great (but not in SA).

Maybe we can mount an assault on New Carthage using JetSki’s? In which case we also need a shark agent with a laser on his forehead.


MORE Purple colored clothing! I may be biased given that my character (PixieBomb) has inherited my love of all things purple. lol


Please bring back PvP.

PvP was a blast in TSW, it kept me logging in long after I maxed out my gear (and stopped caring about augments). Dungeons were the same old thing time after time, after you max out your gear you get desperate and start doing silly self-imposed challenges until you just cant stand doing them anymore. PvP was always exciting cause of the human element. Right now I dont have much reason to log in every day, PvP would go a long way towards that and making me stick around long term.


Hello, first of all english isn’t my native language, i’ll do my best

Things to add :

  • Gatekeeper ( Make him usefull like in TSW )
  • Hell Fallen
  • The Facility
  • The Slaughterhouse
  • The Manufactory
  • Manufactory Breached
  • Eidolon raid
  • Flappy raid
  • Auxillary weapons
  • More abilities ( At least 8 abilities per weapons )
  • 64 Bits client ??
  • Fusang / El Dorado / Stonehenge ( At least 1 of them )
  • Make Agartha more animated, i would love to see Faction member walking into Agartha, travel through differents portal

Things to fix :

  • Make faction more usefull, i feel like whatever the faction i choose it would be the same
  • Balance abilities, tanks are too powerfull it makes healer useless most of the time
  • Game stability, there is too many “random” crash
  • Bank
  • Scenarios, more maps ? 5 players ?
  • Museum, we cant complere the whole museum because we can’t get legends from TSW which are needed for some wings
  • Wings, like in TSW

Things to delete :

  • Agartha vendors, move them into New York / London / Seoul, those 3 cities are unused
  • Shambala, come on, this is so bad

All of these are just my opinion


I’d like to see a return for aegis solely for the two missing dungeons. Issue 12.

I’d love to fight monsters on the moon someday… the Congo works too…

Fighting pets/agents. I’d love more non-human agents. Why can’t we have a unicorn headed agent? A unicorn fighting pet, please.

Can we add the whole cast of Red Dwarf to SWL?

In general, groveling… more groveling, for the sake of groveling. Just always be Unnecessarily apologetic for no reason.

Can we get a Tilty agent or pet? Can we fight with him? Replace one of the gatekeepers with a fighting Tilty?


I would like to see the elite versions of currently story-mode only dungeons introduced into the game. Bring back the Flappy and Eidolon raids. More and varied “end game” content is needed to keep players in the game. I love the story, but dear god, I am so very sick of the same 5 dungeons every day.

Also, I am a firm supporter of Caerfinon’s Pet-enabled Side Car Initiative.


Given that a lot of the things being asked for are the same things we were told weren’t priorities or required too many resources…I will also support this side car initiative thing.

Might as well!


please no emojis in chat, wouldnt mind a emoji in emails though :sweat_smile:


Also, the next weapon should be bagpipes. Dubstep bagpipes.

More legends and quests inspired by musical history.


Only if I can be six inches high and blue!
“Among the warriors of each clan is a gonnagle, or war-poet, whose job is to create terrible poetry that is recited during battles to demoralise the enemy (see William McGonagall). A well-trained gonnagle can even make the enemy’s ears explode and is equipped with “mousepipes” (bagpipes made from mouseskin, often with the ears still attached). In “A Hat Full of Sky” the gonnagle Awf’lly Wee Billy Bigchin can play the mousepipes so sadly that it will start to rain outside. A gonnagle tends to be somewhat more intelligent and level-headed than most Feegles, and often acts as advisor to the Big Man. Some of them travel from clan to clan, making sure the old songs and stories are still remembered and sharing the new ones.”
Quoted from:


If you add new content, people will complain you forgot about old content. If you add old, they will complain about lacking new content. If you add PvE, PvP folks will complain etc.

You can’t win here, really.


Quite simply all of this please :slight_smile: