What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


Among the top of my favorite experiences from TSW was running around zones hunting for giant beasties during events and an army of bees meeting up when one was found. Maybe we could have that again. Instead of requiring forty bees, make the fights doable by ten so the zone cap isn’t exceeded. We could still have the Agartha event megabosses popping every hour, but in my opinion those alone are no substitute.


So many good things in this thread! It’s not exactly 100% “new,” per se, but to add something I’ll never not have interest in seeing…gender neutral/blurring clothing. Excited flailing as I started this post before reading the thread and later found I am not the only one to request it!

I know there’s a split between who likes what, so I don’t want everything going forward to be neutral. Femme stuff for ladies, masculine stuff for guys, for sure, keep at it! But I’d like to see the reverse once in a while, and/or things that are identical for both. (There’s many a thing I pine over with a given character’s apparent gender, but that are restricted to the other.) I have made due with things like the clever sporran-less kilt, hakama, and black toga bottom, and some lady pants have slimmer hips. But more options is always shiny. :sparkles:

To narrow it down to a singular thing, with regard to…heck, most of my male-coded characters:

(Ah, to have that jersey dress :sparkling_heart: )

I know it can be intimidating, with the potential backlash from either side of the equation (irritation at the mere existence from one side, and frustration if it seems distasteful from the other). And the concern of cost vs. profit (I cannot say how many others will buy such things). But you do have at least a noticeable number of LGBTQ+ players–as well as cisstraight ones who have expressed interest–who may have references to offer for inspiration, if you’re so inclined to toss out a request for such. (Or elsewise offer feedback during creation…also available from the oodles of not-players, if insider info is too fiddly to offer to people so directly involved.) Also quietly slides Queen Bee in again, it’s yours as much or little as you want, y’all set it up legally with that contest, I tried to be mindful of the item layering.

Also the shovel (and broom) hammer skin. :3

Oh! An actually new thing: a music-based weapon! Bard character is go. :smiley:


I’d like repeatable missions that scale difficulty based on the number of players on your team and have randomized objectives and locations.
Basically, I just want to group up with a friend or three and do some missions we haven’t done a dozen times already and fight monsters that don’t fall over instantly because it’s meant for one person. Doesn’t need to be very challenging and doesn’t need to be very deep. I’ll happily grind simple, random missions for years.
TLDR: I want newspaper missions from city of heroes.


Are we talking about completely new-new things what werent in TSW or TSW content to be added?


From TSW:

  • Fusang

Completely new:

  • Nothing is Character Bound, everything can be sold. This way you coud have better Aurum sales when peoples want that few missing MoF’s to desirable item etc. Basic stuff, sales bring income.


Going to sound like a broken record, but I’d like to see the Auxiliary Weapons back the most. I thought they added a lot to the gameplay and I miss my chainsaw. By extension, I’d like to see the old missions to get said aux weapons back as well.

That’d be the one main thing I’d like to see in SWL, but here’s a few other things since everyone has been listing multiple:

  1. Missing Faction Missions: The ones you got to play for moving up in the ranks. I thought they were pretty important to the story and made you feel more connected with your faction choice.

  2. Increased Overall Difficulty: Just to the level of where TSW was. I hear a common complaint that the endgame stuff is too easy in SWL.

  3. Revamped AEGIS System: I thought it added a new depth to Tokyo. Perhaps make it optional for the people who didn’t like it?

  4. Revamp Skills a Bit: Probably too much to ask for, but add more abilities or bring back resource building from TSW. Running out of weapon energy in SWL can get a bit tiresome. In TSW, I liked how the abilities for both weapons worked in tangent with one another, allowing you to keep firing if you kept up with the rotations. Or perhaps just having one more active ability slot (TSW had 7 slots; you only have 6 in SWL) because my secondary feels a bit neglected.

  5. Player Housing: Would be nice. I’d love an apartment in London.

  6. Cutscene Theater: The ability to re-watch all the story and mission cutscenes you’ve already seen. Perhaps you can access a TV in the player housing to view them?

But most importantly the implementation of microwaving your sardines. :fish:

  1. the arrival of Africa and our little huts made me want for the first time of housing.
    I wanted to buy a cabin with my pupil points, to decorate this house, to collect carpets to put in the wall in the quests, objects to decorate in the agents’ bags, colors of blankets to buy in store, African armchairs to loot in donjon, tamtam to collect in achievements, … For the first time in 6 years of TSW / SWL I wanted a home, just to me .

  2. I hope with all my heart that there will be dungeons in the future. It is a repeatable content, which makes remain a part of the population. The same 5 dungeons for 11 months is very very boring.

  3. Put back the Flappy and Edeilon raid and the group scenarios, it will leave time to prepare new group content without having to spend a lot of credit to adapt these raids to the new skills available. It’s an easy and quick way to satisfy a part of the HL community that drives new players behind it.

  4. Regularly we could review a community event (1 x month for example), in the style of golems, Hel, Bad gadekeeper,… Each event, even small brings back many people in the community, it is a good way to retain .
    For loots, start a contest on the forum, the community knows how to mobilize to create clothes, there is plenty of masterpiece of fans in our locker room!

  • Congo
  • PvP with chest, keys, bonus keys, buy keys, loot table, extra
  • Eidolon RAID
  • Clothing based on community feedback aka voting
  • Players as RAID monster (1 player with limited abilities fighting large raid group)
  • Hair as Clothing (so you can switch hair styles like changing shirts, match outfits, extra) or just charge reasonable MoF
  • Gatekeeper blue, yellow, green as outfits.
  • fireworks as emote
  • 300% sprint
  • new wing colors/styles

btw wouldn’t this be eaiser on reddit? I mean people can submit ideas and the community can vote those ideas up or down.


I can’t be the only one who wants more investigation missions more than anything else? Preferably some really ARGy ones. Bring it on!


More group friendly things to do.
Similar to boss callouts in different zones or opening those party bags in groups like in TSW. It doesn’t have to be battle related, it could just be for RP purposes. Or PVP like Fight Club with CQC fists and kicks. Or whatever. I miss that kind of feeling.

-Alternate Idle Stances w/ Weapons out (different ways to hold a weapon)
-Alternate Running Animations w/ Weapons out
-Alternate ways to Sheathe/Unsheathe a Weapon Animation (like a sword on the back instead on the hip, different ways to hold Pistols or a Shotgun)
-Emote to Hug Pets/People
-More Group Emotes (like the Shoes that enabled group dances)
-Group Vehicle Mounts (or a group mission that involves one guy driving and the others using weapons to fend off enemies)
-Clothes that change appearance depending on stance (for example, a visor - it closes if you’re in battle and opens if you’re not)

I know you said one thing, but I couldn’t help it.
Also game bug fixes, combat balance, stability, story & content takes priority and all but yeah. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be awesome to have a testing room to try different weapons before spending time and money levelling them. Maybe it could be done like a scenario, with an armoury to pick a weapon to try (dependant on having the active/and passive skills unlocked).


Story, story, story. Like I’m not really sure why anyone is playing primarily for endgame or PVP when TSW’s strength was always story from the start (much less the inevitable budgetary contraints of a F2P MMO hampering what kind of content can be made and to what amount/quality). But I’m literally only here for story and I will happily pay for more if need be.

Also, I would totally considering buying more aurum if there was more clothing options regularly added as a direct purchase for aurum, especially more mundane looking clothing, given part of TSW’s uniqueness is the modern setting, and modern fashion is pretty much limitless even without getting to the goofier things that have been in the loot boxes. I’m a roleplayer so I like having a functionally infinite amount of clothing options for my character and if I can get that clothing without playing loot box roulette (tho I do understand and sympathize as to why they’ve been added), I will definitely be pretty inclined to buy the aurum to buy new clothing if I can do so directly.


Does wanting the missions regarding Dame Julia and the Pyramidion count? That’s the content I personally REALLY miss.
(In b4, I guess the same Dragon-specific Mission, too. But that was Bong Cha. We still got Bong Cha. Kinda.)


Please please please add missing dungeons (on all tiers), SH, Fac, HF, MFA and MFB (maybe Penthouse too? It was kinda funny…), and my raids!!! I miss Eidolon and Flappy so much :frowning: And Im sure they miss me too! And PvP… I’m personally fine even with Fusang, since it does not need to be reworked (except Custodian’s HP’s and dmg done).

Those are my personal top priority which basically kept me playing TSW too when I had everything already. Current state of group content is… Bad.


A 3 month content update cadence. Permanently.


If we are talking something new. Make fistfights available between players (could be fun for RP)

Less new, i would love to see the missing TSW content too. I fully understand it’s not the focus, and that those dungeons were probably the more hard ones to transform from a mechanical standpoint. I would be sad if we didn’t get them back though.

  1. Group Management
  • don’t disban a premade group when the activity is over (scenarios, dungeons, raids)
  • let a private group choose its activity
  • don’t make a member of a private group a deserter if they have a crash or a disconnection (and it happens often)
  • it would be nice to let us re-invite them in our instance is they were kicked out
  1. Gear Management and Alts
  • As long as Glyphs and Signets restrain us to one type of build and gameplay, it would be nice to be able to remove them without spending MOFs. So, we could upgrade different ones and switch builds and weapons as we want
  • It would be nice if the game was more alt-friendly. Let us share stuff with those different characters through a mutual bank or mails for example. Plus, I would like my stuff to be accound bound instead of character bound
  1. Agents
  • Make Agents account wide. As long as it’s bought with Aurums, it should be accound wide…
  1. TSW content
  • Now Tokyo events are over, how do you intend to introduce the [Tank Commander Blade] and the [Depleted Energy Cell] we still miss to complete the Tokyo branch of the Museum ?
  • Missing 5 dungeons : SH / FAC / HF / MF / MFB
  • Missing 2 raids : Eidolon and Flappy
  • Missing PVP stuff : Fusang, El Dorado and Stonehenge
  • The possibility to run scenarios in a group of 5
  1. New content
  • A solid roadmap and a regular update cadency
  • A Tokyo scenario
  • A SA scenario
  1. FIX
  • This relaunch was all about changing the game engine. Where is our 64bits client ? DX12 in the pipe ? Are you gonna do something to make the game more stable ?


PVP. Whether it’s new pvp or restoring the old, we need pvp.


I would like to see the TSW auxiliar weapons in SWL as full weapons with unique special actions like the other weapons, some of the faction rank mission so it makes sense the difficult of ascending through your faction and the special pvp pve outfits exclusive to each faction like templar armour bought with the black bullion but this one with MoFs. And dark agartha release now. Pls make make the chance of obtaining agents from missions higher.



I can understand Fusand and El Dorado might have a lot of tweaking and reworking things, but bring us Stonhenge back, just make if factionless so it pops more often, you have all the code you need already there, you just need some duct tape and testing.


So many things… so many. I have lists. But to pick just one is pretty easy. I’ve been wanting this since TSW beta.

Lingerie layer.

Like the tattoos and piercings that were supposed to be a thing, way back when. Maybe they’re all part of the same system in different locations, altering the skin texture under the clothes. Lingerie would have to overlap tattoos, of course. Lingerie and piercings might have interactions and clipping, so maybe those share slots. Some of the slots. Tongue lingerie is not a thing, but body jewelry that doesn’t involve piercings is. Thin gold belts, welded anklets, that kind of thing.

If I had a second choice, it would be another thing I’ve wanted since TSW beta. Actual stealth mechanics incorporating lighting, noise, visibility, clothing, posture, speed, duration of exposure, and visual spectrum of observer (cameras and supernatural creatures and night vision goggles or just crazy but physically normal cultists). You know, like actual stealth games have had since Thief: The Dark Project.