Which has been your favorite Downloadable Pack so far?

A family emergency kept me away from the game till this week. Finally updated and downloaded everything. I am completely blown away by the Mounts and new DLC packs. Astounding!

The horses are amazing. The movements are incredible - and my brain may have blown a spark-plug getting the moves right. Of all the Updates, this is truly a game transformer. I love the game (nearly 4,000 hours play), but this has made it surreal good.

All those guys and gals in the dev and art teams need special gold stars for their work. Flawless. I may need to complete redo my base to factor in giant stables.

PS: DLC-wise? I am lucky enough to have 'em all, and all are awesome. The Frontier/Pict and Arena (for the stairs and textures) and Blood (for armours) are all equal favourites, with Turanian a very near second. The Aquilonian is best for weapon and shield displays (all that white) and Khitan and Yamatai look great - DLCs make the best prizes for many who simply cannot afford them.

I am not sure how FunCom are going to match the newly set benchmark bar, but am looking forward to seeing it.

Thanks FunCom
@Jens_Erik @Ignasi


I think Turan ! The building pieces are amazing.
I want a Hyrkanian DLC with those sweet AOC armors dans Yurts !
Or a “character customization pack” with new hairstyles, faces, new warpaints, more beards and moustaches… !

If you really really want them to break rule on T3 DLC, it would have be T1, tents style stuff.
Sticks and fibers.

Thou I suggested this as lv1 unlock before you build sandstone, so you could build cloth style walls and over hangs, and tents to hide from sand storms.

Blood and sand arched parts are great.
Hyboria gate is a long-awaited part.
I would like to see many new shapes in the future.

I like Pict in armor.

Imperial East for me. First off, it finally brought a heavy encumbrance cold armor set to the game. The must have set for any encumbrance build. It is still such a shame we can’t choose the heat/cold and attributes for our armor. I just hope that one day it becomes an option.

Second excellent feature was the reversable walls. So nice to build walls inside the house that look like they belong inside. I do like a lot of the outside wall patterns on the DLCs that don’t have that feature, but it makes it hard to build rooms in a house that don’t just look silly. Also, please let us choose the hot of cold protection of our buildings.

I haven’t voted on a second DLC, but in general, any that adds new universal building pieces, that can be melded with other styles, like the Arena does & offers multiple textures for the surfaces (sanded or swept clean) is fantastic. Any that offers lots of new placable content for decorating (Derketo) is fantastic.

Finally, please make all the standard pieces when you create a new set. The stables set is missing some and I know it is intended, because the stables set is supposed to be just for making stables, but that isn’t what creative people do. We like to get creative and build in ways never intended :slight_smile: The more interesting and creative we can get, the better we feel about spending money on these DLCs.

Thank you for continuing to produce them!

If it ever feels like I get overly critical, it is intended as constructive, in the hopes it brings improvements for the greater community that enjoys the game so much.

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Debaucheries is my favorite. For someone who plays this game as a Solo role-player/Barbie doll house builder, “civilian” placeables and casual clothes are something I had always wanted.

So… My wish for a DLC would be more “civilian” stuff for those of us who have decided to colonize the Exiled Lands, please.

Survive. Build. Decorate.


If it is the Yamatai-DLC you like, then you are not alone :wink:


To be honest my favorites dlc’s where all of them ! They are all bringing something unique to the game.


Jewel of the West and Riders of Hyboria are admittedly the only ones I have, but just as it overall stands, I’m making an entire base of Stable related stuff right now, because it has a much more pleasing wood aesthetic to me than any other wood related build tier.
Jewel of the West just has a bunch of awesome armor sets and such, and I generally love them, especially mixing them with other sets too ^^

I 've only bought one so i don’t think i have realy the right to reply to this post. The reason i take a place on this post is to explain the reason i bought it. I always play on diferent servers, pvp mostly, and i always fix homes, not bases, on diferend biomes using tottaly diferent architecture every time. I always use combinations of stairs and elevators to change floors and fix communication to edges. This pack has (for me always) the best pack of stairs. I love the details on these stairs especially the railed one. The other reason is that it’s building pieces combine fantastic with black ice pieces. I think that my next one will be arena because i would like to fix catacombs, plus i love the stair blocks and the door set. Thank you funcom👍

/quote dlc tied with major content update is so scaaary <3

As for the poll even if i grabed it a week ago while returnin in game, Derketo-new-emote-gorgious-bridge hit the spot.
Can i spend money for new emote again plz funcom ?

Darketo was my favorite as it more more adult outfits in the game which is content that Funcom has screwed American console player’s out of with half-assed excuses for doing so. The MA rateing covers full nudity yet Funcom chose to block it in the U.S.

I love them all, so my vote is rather random cause I wanted to see the results.

I wish for a DLC with very old Architecture, like aegptian, babylonian …could that be a Stygian DLC?

That full nudity is not available on consoles in the USofA does not have to do with Funcom s c r e w i n g Americans over, it has to do with consoles being considered toys for children in the USofA. Simply said, Funcom is not allowed by US law to offer full nudity on consoles.
Thus it is your government that is s c r e w i n g you, not Funcom.


Not true kid. If that were the case it wouldn’t be playable on the PC as well because Microsoft the maker of Xbox also makes the windows software PC’s run off of.

And @Starwalker ts ESRB, and how the games is sold in Western world.

Euro has Pegi system which has 16+ to 18+ which is sold in stores. Were ESRB goes from Teen to M to AO.
AO is not sold in Stores, (very rare rating if you think about it)
requirements for each game to keep M rating is often something as silly as bottom nudity and whats and how its shown.

ESRB needs redo its end rating system. And game companies selling games to western market have got to do what they can to make M rating.

Witcher can have ■■■ scene and bottomless peeps cause there no junk down there. And how the thrusting ahem is done basically lets it slip thru.
But then you have Watchdogs were had ladies with downstairs parts, get patched out cause someone posted it on PSN Share like a fool. XD

Its not Goverment trying keep you down,(thou they try) Its ESRB and what Stores are willing to sell. And a AO rated game isnt gonna be sold at Bestbuy , Target or Walmart.

If ESRB would add a better 18+ category… we likely would not have this issue.

And since kids can look up adult stuff on PC’s, they basically get a pass, since Steam and other services can bypass ERSB.

Now Nintendo… is more direct, since they do sell to a set crowd, and go over that stuff alot better.
Sony… Sony is trying to cut back on that. there some blame there.

Really, it takes one angry mom (or dad) to cry on twitter to get stuff patched these days…


Did you, uh, skip the part where they said consoles are considered toys? Not to mention that Xbox is a walled garden – Microsoft has full control over what they’ll allow on it or not – whereas PC is still a platform that’s open enough for you to install what you want.

Also, @Sera67 nailed it – it’s ESRB’s fault. But ESRB is the product of politicians pandering to hysteria for votes. And so are ESRB’s rules.

So in the end, it is the government shafting the US citizens, only they’re doing it the same way they always do :wink:


Going solely by the packs themselves, and not the updates they were semi-bundled with, it has to be Aquilonia, aka Jewel of the West. The visuals, aesthetics and, err, fitting-in-ness is just insane on that pack. Not to mention it has the all-important placeables in addition to the ubiquitous armor and building styles.

Even if the stat allocation on the heavy armor is still a travesty /soapbox.


Me on Aquilonian Day 1: “OMG the architecture, many marble, such splendor.”
:spit take:


The thing is wholesalers are afraid of the MA rating.

The MPAA allows for an X rating on movies, yet producers and directors will trim movies until they fall in the R category, because X is box office death

The same is true for the MA rating on games, you can release a game as MA but you will not get picked up by very many wholesalers, who see consoles as toys.

That is why only partial nudity is available on console. Very few wholesalers would order a full nude version.

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