Character Map transfer in single player and co-operative

And really has nothing to do with this thread. Again, a positive in my opinion they took care of a very specific playerbase with a great option for them.


I can. Several someones.


Seriously, if you’re going to complain about this like that, then do your own searching. :unamused:

Here’s where you start:


Perhaps you just missed it at the time Funbags. But Singleplayers, myself included, were quite vocal in requesting it at the time, and understandably so. In my eyes it makes good sense that ALL modes should receive this benefit, not just some. There were several threads discussing this issue, but here were some of the main ones.

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Exactly. And thankyou for your kind words, your empathy and understanding here @biggcane55. We only wanted to be able to enjoy the same feature and as the online modes, which I do not feel was an unreasonable request. And obviously neither did Funcom, who to their amazing credit, were kind enough to oblige.


This is great news and indeed what many of us have been waiting for!
Just one question: if character transfer is possible in Single Player, than theoretically it would also work for private servers, right? Can I use the game.db file of my transfert character and upload it in FTP?

I would be careful about the following:

I’m not sure what this transfer feature will do to other characters that are present in the destination game.db.

@Ignasi, does the transfer nuke all the characters and replace them with the ones we’re transfering, or does it do a lookup by Funcom ID and only replace those?

Here’s what I did:

Edit: ** See below for the correct method **

I thought it would work, but it doesn’t. Shame. I guess it was too good to be true.

Is your server running the TestLive build?

Okay, I actually got it to work!

Here’s how:

  1. Backup current Exiled Lands game and download from FTP
  2. Replace file with single player game in Testlive
  3. Transfer character to Siptah on Testlive
  4. Change map on server to Siptah
  5. Uninstall all mods and delete all savegames
  6. Turn the server off
  7. Find the dlc_siptah.db file on FTP
  8. Replace it with the file with the transferred character from Testlive
  9. Restart server

As you can see in the video I’m on Siptah, I have the Lemurian armor feat (which you can only get in the Palace of the Witch Queen) and I’m on a private server. :partying_face: It’s finally here!

Thanks for your reply and showing me examples and not being a smart a… like some of the people on here i was not trying to complain i really did miss it like you said so thinks

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Seriously was not complaining about this topic just said I haven’t seen anyone asks for this i did complain about how character transfer for official online is taking forever to get done so get your facts straight before attacking people


Absolutely incredible. This could add years to my enjoyment of the game. Bravo Zulu.


Still don’t get how it will work but time will show,just wanna transfer my siptah character,I guess Funcom can make some limit for items so ppl can’t take huge stuff

Finally, I can now have my singleplayer character from the Exiled Lands leave her thralls in charge of her base, take a holiday to Isle of Siptah (copy existing EL to IoS), grab all those IoS feats and go back to the Exiled Lands (EL > IoS > EL) and a) her EL base will be intact and b) my lead thrall I left in charge won’t be going ‘Look at me. I’m the captain now.’


I mean I can’t do it on the official server If I get it right

Post in the wrong place, don’t read.

I think the transfer should work in its entirety! including from PVE to PVP.

THINK ABOUT: If everyone can use the resource then it is not fraud.
Dynamics would change, because many would move from PVE to PVP, this would give confidence. And PVP would gain new life by making it fast and at any time a clan could fall and come back and fall again. What about the Clan that tried to flee from PVP to PVE? just give a transfer deadline. Once a month. (Tell me where this could go wrong? and I can agree.)


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No, you can’t do the server transfer, because it’s not implemented yet. This is something new and separate from it. People who play mostly (or exclusively) single-player asked for it, and Funcom realized that they can implement and release that faster and more easily than the whole server transfer, so they’re doing that first.


This isn’t the thread for those kind of transfers. SP/Co-Op transfers are completely seperate from that, hence their own currently pinned thread.


I’m still new to the game. So does this mean I can transfer my single player character into one of my friends single player worlds?

I don’t think so. As this is about character transfer between Exiled land and the Isle of siptah in single player.