Next dlc? We cant wait. ☺️

So…Funcom has 4 months to put out 3 DLCs. It seems to me that Funcom has given up on Conan Exiles. I stopped playing back in June due to lack of content. But I did pay for the season 2 pass. Do I have to contact Sony Playstation support for a refund since Funcom is not delivering on its promised DLC?

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no you dont need to refund. They have said official that all DLC will come out this year.

There is only one necessary and sufficient DLC - Bug Fix DLC. This is the DLC that we have been waiting for since May 8, 2018.

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I’ll believe it when I see it. And hopefully it is not just a bunch of garbage DLC to avoid a class action lawsuit. Funcom is notorious for undelivered promises.

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I’m a newer player, I got the Deluxe pack thing when it was on sale, does the DLC add to the map or game experience, or just add cosmetic items for the most part?

only God knows how funcom will manage to deliver all those promised Dlcs over 4 months. And they are still on vacation lol!

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All DLC released so far has been largely cosmetic in nature. Certainly no new maps or mechanics in them.

Gameplay-related additions have been released as free-of-charge updates instead.

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Our vacations ended 2,5 weeks ago :wink:

And will continue to be so during the Year2 season pass.
That doesn’t mean we won’t add new free stuff to go along with it.



Like adding Ol’ Blue Eyes as a new entertainer Thrall. Shut up, yes you are. LALALA I can’t hear you.

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Some of you need to calm down. What kind of entitled child starts talking about class action and getting refunds from Sony just because you don’t know how FC plans to release 3 DLCs in 4 months? Jeez.

At least wait until December before you start talking about inability to deliver, if they are notorious for undelivered promises (they’re not) then it is more on your dumb*** for buying the season pass.

Most of us have hundreds or thousands of hours on a <$100 investment. Somehow, someway…we’ll live until January. We’ll survive. We might do some building. Maybe even get around to some dominating. Who knows.


Exactly, thankyou @Maedhros. So let me see if I understand this correctly. You stopped playing the game, want full refund and are threatening a class action lawsuit because Funcom is releasing new content too slowly…!? Quite a healthy sense of entitlement you have going there. God forbid we should ever have to wait a whole few weeks for the next one, and delay that desire for instant gratification.

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First, for all, 1 year goes by from May to May. Because the game was released in May, so the uprising that is made here is not justified!

So stay relaxed and wait.


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I am quite sure (as in absolutely sure but can’t be arsed to find the link) that @Ignasi said we would indeed get the rest of the DLC in this (calendar) year, so there’s absolutely no basis for complaint there. Once it hits and if people deem it below-par, then they may have a cause for complaint, but it is rather premature at this junction.

Confirmed unless something out of our control happens. Some of the later DLC is now on the testing phase, just so you all can make yourselves an idea of how things are prepping up for this second half of the year :).

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If it goes from May to May, then the 1st DLC for season 2 should count as season 1, since it was released on April 15th.

But, I believe the developers said that the rest of season 2’s DLCs will come out this year (2019).

But, I think there is some frustration because of how quickly the season 1 DLCs came out compared to season 2. June 22nd, August 2nd, October 9th, and December 12th. That’s 4 packs in around 5 months. So far, for season 2, Treasures of Turan released on April 15th. And here we are, 4 months later, still waiting for the 2nd one to drop. I hope the delay means that Funcan is listening to the fans about what they like and didn’t like about the other DLCs. Personally, for me, that means more placeables and less pet skins (or no pet skins). And adding a “civilian” outfit.

A follow-up thread was created here:

He responded to a question i posted about what a year was to Funcom. Some where , and then again in here. Theue are talking calendar year. So all things stay on track, last 3 for the year 2 DLC will be out by midnight, Dec 31st their time.
Sounds like they are trying to align a major patch with the next one, which is why it is taking more time.

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I know…English is hard. Or maybe you just don’t like to read. Either way, false advertising is false advertising.

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September. Major patch, DLC.
October: Minor patch, DLC to coincide with Lost Souls.
November-December: Depending on how mean people are, maybe just a DLC.

My opinion. Give them a break.


Yeah, from what @Ignasi is hinting at with September rains and such, and some other comments from Funcom over the last few weeks, we may be getting a few things, a major bug/fix patch, new content, and DLC with some cosmetics tied to the new content.

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