Texture and asset loading issues after 2.4.4 - PS4Pro/PS5/Base PS4

Can confirm on my official PVE Exiled Lands server. I assumed this was in part due to some asshats who built a giant wall in the past week around an ENTIRE island, but when I fast traveled to my satellite base at the mounds, it still lagged a bit. I’m sure the asshats didn’t help with their wall though. :unamused:

The textures of my character are blurred as soon as he moves it’s like he can’t focus, it’s really horrible

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Normal PS4 here, created my account here to say what everyone above is saying. The texture lag is super obnoxious and I know the texture quality is much higher improved but clearly PS4 or PS4 pros cant handle whatever it is. I would rather have the texture quality go back to before 2.4.4 and not have this weird blurry lego block invasion everytime I turn around…its in my face.


THIS its driving me nuts. I love this game but my god. If taking away my ability to see cracks in wood meant this texture lag not happening. Screw the wood cracks.


It is unfortunate that I must report that I have this problem also. Sorry Im not trying to pour more salt on the wound. My poor white tiger was missing 50% of his textures. Prior to this update the issue was that textures were cycling again. Now they are just slow to render.


That is odd buddy. For me the water looks more black, whereas the sky looks like it is blanketed in white fog. :thinking:

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Are you in ps4 or 5 mate? I’m on ps5 and I’ve spoken with a couple of ppl that are as well and they have the same thing. The two consoles seem to have suffered differently.

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Funnily enough it’s not happening on Isle of Siptah, just the exiled lands.

same issue on normal ps4, invisible thralls, animal textures really bad, official server PVE


Figured I’d mention it again to make sure attention is brought to this issue.

In my opinion, the best thing about the PS5 and how it runs Conan was the fact that there was quite literally no rendering lag of any kind. This update has ruined how the Exiled Lands looks; the horizon, the sky and the water are incredibly messed up! Animal textures take absolutely forever to load, and even using a repair hammer to check my builds timers has a crazy lag that I haven’t experienced since my PS4 days.

On my wife’s PS4 the game was so laggy anyways, I’m not sure it could have become any worse, haven’t even loaded the update on her console!


The sky is another big issue. I’d take screenshots but I have no before and after sets to match. It has something to do with draw distance.

The sky and structures outside the draw distance rendering remind me of old WoW, not Classic WoW.


From reading other threads, it appears the Garbage Collector is too aggressive.

The discoloration in the textures is due to bad lossy compression. FC should switch to lossless compression.


Do siptah has the same grafical issues?


I don’t understand why they try to troubleshoot the connections. Has funcom no PlayStation to test before releasing or was this OK for the release? I can not believe they have a special PlayStation that works fine with this update.
On the other hand I don’t see anyone reporting issues with invisible thralls, grafic and sound on Xbox forum.
Is it becouse the Xboxes has more power?
At the moment I don’t read that funcom is working on it. The only thing I saw is that they said check your connections… While players report that this happens offline too there was no reaction.
Maybe i am too impatient but I was waiting for over an half year for fixing the pvec issue than I decided one month ago to play pve and now again a game breaker.
The rendering makes head pain ‘only’ but the invisible enemies makes the game unplayable for me.
In the last half year I spent more time in this forum reading and waiting for good news than I was playing Conan.
I am slowly losing my hope


Such graphics much wow


Hello ConanBoDk,

my opinion is that the ps4 has enough power for the game that it showed before the last patch. And I also think that funcom has a ps4 to test it, I assume, however, that the appointment for the ps store was more important than quality assurance.

Actually i expected an apology for the disastrous patch, instead of it, it’s a shame that the texture streaming and other bugs are now being pushed onto the players because of a poor internet connection or a broken download. But i have hope! :slightly_smiling_face:

It took me a day to create a video and translate the text into English, which proves exactly the opposite, as I play solo offline - there wasn’t even a reaction to this thread.I think conan exiles is good and like to play it, but at the moment i’m just sad about how the game is on the console at the moment, and how funcom deals with this problem.
I’m thinking about freeing 120giga on my hard drive the whole time, but then conan comes and whispers in my ear, Hah!, Yumi - Time enough for the earth in the grave … :slightly_smiling_face:


So I was observing the graphics on Exiled Lands, and it appears the graphics are almost like they use to be before they were nerfed. Idk why, but I noticed in third person (normal) view the graphics (when they eventually load) are extremely high res, like they were a long time ago. I use to only see the high res graphics when I viewed objects in first person. Now, it’s already there. I have a feeling the massive lag and graphic loading comes from the fact that they didn’t compress everything like they thought. Oddly enough, this isn’t really an issue on Siptah. It’s like they did Siptah right. Though, Siptah does have lag and oddities with creatures falling off or through the ground… just not anywhere as bad as EL. Anyway, just my two cents.


A screenshot…


Hey. Just wanted to add my piece to this.

I’m on PS5 and have experienced all of the graphics issues highlighted above.

Glad it’s all been mentioned already! Love this game, but my god does it break the immersion.


The PC players have ini files to modify and fix a few things, like the Garbage Collector and its aggression. We on the playstation have to wait until the next patch.