The future of PvP in SWL



Why not add that as a Patron reward? It takes nothing away from those that already have the game, and might get those that would like to experience the PvP or game in it’s original form a chance to try it. TSW is being maintained and it’s just sitting there. Why not potentially make a few bucks off it? Sony/Daybreak has for years had an all access pass to their games - it’s down to four now - but if you play more than one, it’s a nice getting the sub perks. I never understood why FC hasn’t done that for it’s older titles that they’re still maintaining.

Sorry that digressed a bit from the PvP thread. Weekends haven’t been working this past month, but glad to see the events you started doing so well Drenneth!


I have always gotten the odd feeling that this game has a larger weekday population though I’ve not looked at the numbers closely. That being said I’ll decide to perhap run the event on a Friday next time? Will decide this weekend. Also that’s a brilliant idea you have there! I always thought ah Funcom doesn’t want to make the old game available cause less people will sub in the new one. But if it were a patron reward that’s a win win situation.


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In case anybody wondered about it:

Haven´t logged in the game for Weeks/Months(?).
At the moment I completely lost interest in the game and I will pobably only return for fresh Story-content and/or massive changes about PVP (New Modes/Maps, wich means it has to be live/ingame. Promises etc. won´t keep me playing).

Kudos to Drenneth and everyone else who tries to make the best out of shambala (including Funcom sponsoring it) but i just don´t feel like playing it.
I will keep watching the forums and how things evolve.
Have fun!


Glad to here your still checking in. One thing for me is just staying in touch with the community. I don’t really have the time to invest (like I’d want to) in another MMO. I’m kinda all or nothing in that regard. But if **** hits the fan and I’m forced to move on one day I can hope that many of the friends I’ve met over the last 5 years I’ll come across again. Fingers crossed there will be some good changes down the road and perhaps if you have the time you’ll be able to pop in for the anniversary.


I agree to the wish for some good changes!
Regarding the anniversary: I currently have the game deinstalled and it´s unlikely that i will reinstall it for that purpose.
But I will reinstall it instantly when content arrives, wich i really wanna play :wink:

SHAMBALA *MEGAversary Edition* Summary and Prize List

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Its a shame the post by @bugrasertel got closed, the OP raised some very valid and interesting points concerning PvP in SWL. To quote:

This game needs a ranked faction pvp mode that allows the players to earn ap-sp, anima shards, faction pvp outfits, and marks of favor, in an infinite amount; by just playing and grinding in it, and doing it’s pvp-specific missions.

As long as there is an everlastingly useful and symbolic way at getting whatever we need through participating in pvp matches, the idea of waiting for new contents will be that much bearable.

But we need something to get busy all day, and not worry about a thing at all. That said, the old Fusang and it’s constant mission rewards were abe to provide just that.

Thank you all for reading my post, and i await your replies. Good day!

I think that was a very level headed and non-offensive topic and was unfortunately closed early due to derailment but if anyone would like to discuss without getting to worked up over the matter Id really be interested in hearing ppls opinions on the OP topic since I’m certain it wasnt there topic alone that cause the post to be closed.

Edit: I risk the chance of having this topic closed so please keep it as civil as possible.


My personal opinions on the suggestion is that I do wholeheartedly agree but like Ive stated before this game has always been a PvE centric game and should never change from that. Really the point I take from this though is that there should be some way to advance through PvP related activities for the community that has an interest in this specifically. I’ve stated many times before that PvP was the one thing that kept me invested for years in TSW and yes beleive it or not I started TSW hating PvP. But it grew on me and became a source of continuous enjoyment in the game with dynamic and ever changing challenges. Like @bugrasertel I to would never ask the question “when is more content going to come?” If i just had that source of repeatable content back to enjoy. And balancing the rewards so that it is worth investing time into for players that are on the fence about PvP is an important part of making that happen.

Edit: sorry for the ramble I’m almost late for work!


It was a very good post and highlighted the need for endgame and current gear path options.

I think the “ye olde way” of gaining MoPs/BB for upgrade kits via PVP for us is often mis-interpreted as a need to have something similar in the way of MoF’s as reward. We all know that MoF’s now come from the daily challenges and any extra from sales on the AH - Which is completely fine in my view.
I have no need nor want to ask for any to be added to any missions - be it PVE or PVP.
Personally i feel, that would throw the whole balance of each communities chosen style of play into a whole mess of “you are getting more than me” - and that should not be the case - it would be unfair.
Nobody wants that.
Nobody wants PVP to be made mandatory nor should it be the sole way to gain something that can not be gained elsewhere (except for PVP outfits & PVP rankings perhaps).

I also wouldn’t ask for anything that devoted a length of time that would be to the determent of other areas of the game. Which is why i won’t ask for a revamp to any of the previous PVP zones, with new maps or new missions or objectives - they were perfectly fine as they were before and completely viable as a path to upgrade with the old system of tokens - and can be perfectly viable here in SWL also.
I don’t want other things in SWL to suffer because of anything else.

The token system we had before still exists - albeit in a different form. We get the green bags with those items - that can drop extraordinary items also, from all missions and it’s our choice what we do with them. Shard them, sell them for mofs or use them as fodder to upgrade. That is often overlooked i feel. The only place you get anything extra is in Tokyo with keys and New Dawn with Dawns favour. (i may have missed another little added extra im not certain) - but i don’t feel the need to ask for signets, nor anything else to be added to the loot pools of any of the rewards and certainly not any agents. I am used to the reward system that is here in SWL and use it how i see fit for whatever purpose i need them for.
If i need shards - i sell to vendors. If i need Mofs i’ll sell on the AH - if i need to glyph i will do scens - even the lower ones are totally fine, doing that with a friend helps (i wish it had a group option or even any number up to 5) The dungeons offer the best form of distills for weapons and tali upgrades and there are many choices available really.

But for PVPers their best route of play would be for PVP to be active and a viable choice - which is what i think was the intention behind the OP.

I do think i know where and how the topic was closed. I won’t mention it since i’m trying to be careful myself here. My own response may have contributed somewhat and i apologise for that. I perhaps should have just directed the OP to here and encouraged him to post a suggestion in the relevant threads.
however - i am not entirely certain as to why it was closed so soon as i feel it was neither derailed nor was it offensive in any way. I did speak with the person on discord and we cleared up a word that might have been, on their end, misinterpreted and combined with differing opinions and language - the issue must have felt exasperated and of course the reason for it’s closure could have been to avoid going over old ground or to avoid a possible back n forth of unnecessary opinions. The best possible thing to do would have been to have been merged with this topic.
(i am in no way questioning the reason nor the moderators reason for closing it - just passing a comment)

But my intentions were of a genuine nature and come from the heart as anyone knows of me, that PVP for SWL is needed and we all know how much it’s needed in terms of good, viable gearing paths and enjoyment as a whole - for what we know is a much larger portion, than previously led to believe, community.
I hope this helps clarify and i am available in game to discuss further my thoughts on that

The OP was right
We need the never ending and ever changing PVP as a choice to upgrade by that solely as our chosen style of play.

You can do this through PVE and Dungeons already and is it’s current, normal, regular route.

It should be able to be done through PVP also

(NOTICE - to minimise risk of this thread being closed: I offer any forum moderator to msg me before they choose to close it with an option for me to edit anything they possibly deem unfit for posting and i will do gladly and accordingly - so that it may stay open)

I do think i’ve been as careful as i can be here. Without knowing what is and isn’t acceptable to discuss i am at a loss to be even able to discuss. If this makes sense.



I also just saw the post open again and didn’t realise it was reopened - so thank you whoever did that.
feeling slightly less bad now but still cautious.


I had put an expiring lock on it so folks could have an hour to be less heated.


Ahhh that makes a lot more sense now - you were in that case very wise.
Thank you


I totally agree!