Unknown build limit?

I’m going to add something to this in the form of a hypothetical analogy.

Imagine the fantasy of each official server having assigned admins. Three per server, 8 hour shifts in a 24 hour timeframe. An ideal fantasy.

You still wouldn’t receive the quality of moderation that you would see on a private server. Many of those moderators will be doing an actual job. Not a hobby, and not something they are passionate about. Most of them will likely not even have played Conan Exiles, and many will not even be gamers themselves.

Which means much of the jargon and culture will be lost on them. They will be doing a job by following something akin to flash cards to try and measure an infraction. In the case of building, they will be sizing everything up by examples printed by the side of the monitor and the idea of aesthetics will be overlooked.

Since they don’t actually play the game, the location will likely not be a factor either. And since they don’t game, they won’t be able to tell the intent or purpose either. I could even admit that some of this may even be happening to this extent now, simply because I do not know exactly who the admins of officials are. I know most of the developers and community managers do play the game and play it often. But they’re not server admins to my knowledge.

But server moderation, even at a fantastic level, would not give any different results. Maybe the tickets will be resolved quicker, but the quality of resolution would likely drop dramatically.

As Hel said, if you play on official, you do need a tough skin. You need to understand that players aren’t going to play nice. They are going to use every underhanded trick, available.

This even includes goading you enough to break a rule and reporting you for it. How many posts have we seen where someone agitates an ‘innocent’ player into saying some bad word then they get banned for using the bad word, yet they didn’t start the altercation.

All the logs say in that situation is that he got raided or killed (PVP’d), the logs can’t show intent, they can’t show purpose. Just xyz building damaged and someone died. Which looks like normal play. But then they see the bad word and that is NOT normal play and isn’t allowed. Logs can’t show context (usually).

This happens daily. It happened yesterday. It happened today. Its going to happen tomorrow.

When you all choose to play on official, you have to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You have to accept bad things will happen from really bad players. You will need to be clever in your retaliation. You need to stay within the parameters of the rules. Because they WILL use those rules against you. To these players, that is part of the game.

I experienced alot of this when I played Archeage several years ago. That was an utterly brutal game where intrigue, betrayal, underhanded tactics, and even illegal crap was in play. I remember seeing a guild leader get banned because when the guild obtained castles, someone reported them for RMT. And with the first week’s taxes in, they had more gold then a normal player and they had to wait a week before it could be rectified.

Meanwhile the ones who reported launched an attack scheduled in that time knowing without the leader, without the gold available to the guild, no defenses could be set up. They literally used the reporting system and its automation as a tactic against the guild in question.

Other tactics used were using spies inside of Teamspeak servers and Discord to listen in to directions and plans being had. There was even attempts of malware, account hacks, and other stuff to get an advantage.

Most of the PVP in that game was NOT in the game. I’m reminded of a particular devious action I took outside of game. On our server our guild had around 300 members, with about 150 active at any given endeavor during peak time. There were larger guilds. But none of them matched the coordination. We could within minutes get two full raids to hammer a location. Because of that, it looked like our numbers were much higher.

Well instead of denying those allegations. People thought we were dropping far more than that, and I decided to use those allegations to our benefit. I doctored a screenshot of our guildpage in game. Instead of showing 300 members, it showed well over 3000. With about 1700 guildmates online.

Some smarter players deduced it was fake. Some. But even they were unable to show where it was faked. They simply refused to believe it. But MOST did believe it and the server went into total hysteria. Entire guilds simply broke up, the server lost about a quarter of the population as people simply quit thinking there was no longer any point. And for the next few weeks, we did trade runs and raid bosses entirely unopposed.

Not a bad victory for someone playing a healer role. Though admittedly that was harmless compared to some of the BS others were willing to pull.

You’re seeing some of that here on officials. And its the nature of official servers. MMORPGs have had this sort of thing for over 20 years. Survival games have had it since their inception. Hell Minecraft had/has it.

Officials have it the worst, but private servers of large communities can see some of it too. A coordinated admin team can mitigate it. But human beings will do their best to really malf things up with other people if their determined enough.

But then again this is why I don’t play Archeage anymore. Why I won’t touch officials. And if I do play on a 70/70 server its usually lowkey and not heavily competitive. I am too old for that crap nowadays. I know what PVP can do. I don’t even think all PVP is that bad (as I still engage in PVP in smaller scales now). But the drama I can do without.

Anyone who is playing on officials is choosing to be in the wild west. Where its dog eat dog. And the law will hang anyone who irks them enough to make them take action. The only difference between now and two years ago, is the law is actually present, and not some distant thing giving lip service.

If that is acceptable, then by all means play there. If not. Well you all need to stop kidding yourselves thinking it can be anything other than what you’re experiencing. Some of you are good people, sure. But you are choosing to play with some really bad people.

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You know what, I’m not even going to try to answer that. Rather, I’ll ask you a couple of simple questions. Can you explain what it is that I claimed was untrue? Do you know what is required to show that I was wrong? From the rest of your post, I would assume that the true answers to those questions are “no, I can’t” and “no, I don’t”, but I thought I would ask.

That’s actually lucky, considering that they’re supposed to hand a permaban on second offense. The real question is, did you learn what you did wrong those two times, so it won’t happen the third time?

My guess is that you didn’t, because Funcom doesn’t explain it, which is a real problem. And that’s assuming that they didn’t make a mistake either of those two times, which is entirely possible.

See, that right there, that’s what I’m talking about and what @Mikey was referring to. “I have to build small” is your assumption. It’s highly unlikely you were banned for the size of your build alone, but rather for some effect it had on the game. What effect? I don’t know, but more importantly, you don’t know either.

None of that means that Funcom is banning people left and right without any due diligence.

Correction: they either don’t know what they did or claim they don’t know.

The only ones who know what happened for sure are Funcom. As for possible explanations, there could be several:

  • The clan abused a building technique, e.g. fence foundation stacking.
  • The clan owns another base they didn’t tell you about.
  • One of the clan members had another base that the rest didn’t know about.
  • Funcom made a mistake.

Point is, I don’t actually know what happened. That’s why it’s important to do as @TeleTesselator suggested and gather evidence. Not because people like me want to imply you’re being dishonest – I know I don’t – but because nobody really knows anything without it.

There’s no way to know whether people are being banned unfairly on a massive scale or whether it’s just a tiny percentage of isolated cases where Funcom made a mistake, and there won’t be any way to know that until people start gathering evidence proactively and preemptively.

It doesn’t even matter what I think. What matters is that if there’s something that needs to change, you need to be able to show that it needs to change.

Until then, “Funcom is banning people without any due diligence on a massive scale” remains BS, because it’s just a handful of people saying one thing against the handful of people saying the opposite. Those of us who haven’t been banned and know many people with big builds who haven’t been banned either have no reason to believe that the majority of bans were undeserved, like you claim. If you want change, it’s on you to present the evidence.


Wow, you’ve had such bad experiences. You must have had to conclude such. I’ve played most of those and that many more again - and almost never had bad experiences like that. I get that a bit from sociopolitical discussions on Facebook but almost never in games. The one exception was GTAV a few times - but the OP actions taken against me by the admins even then were actually my fault to a small degree.

Most (as in “almost all”) of the players I encounter are not only willing to be nice but go out of their way to do so. Laughing at you or tea-bagging your corpse of course doesn’t count as that has become standard edicate - since probably Halo first released.

In my experience the only kinds of folks being any kind of real A** W***** are the people who buy and play cheats - aimbot, wall-hack, etc. Other than that I think everybody is great!

Very different experiences we’ve had - you and I…

how can i show proof if the building is deleted. :smiley: I don’t run around the map and take a picture of every building.
I am playing this game since release and have been one of the people advocating for more regulations on official servers.
I can just tell you, that I got the responce, that my base supposedly was producing lag at mounds and therefore got deleted and i got a 2 week ban, which meant i lost my other 3 bases as well. After my base was deleted, the lag at mounds was the same as before and a week later all the other bases around mounds got deleted. All of them were bigger than my base from the start.
So I guess it is safe to assume, that they aren’t that thorough when looking at the cause for an issue and I got caaught in the middle, probably because mine was the closest to the obi and someone reported it assuming it is the one producing the lag.
I am not bitter, just saying that I witnessed several times on our server where bases that were not huge, nothing special and didn’t block anything, got deleted and the players banned.
There is not a single player on this server that played since release and is still there who hasn’t experienced a forced deletion and that is a fact


I won’t present any evidence, as I am not the conan police and this is just a discussion forum.
You are totally right and I built smaller, because the answer from fc for the reason of my ban and deletion was “building abuse”, as I am not using any eploits, undermeshing or excessive deco and fc doesn’t specify further, I can only assume it is size and for the 2nd one I had to assume it is still size.
If funcom is not able to clearly state what is allowed or not or prevent it from happening technically, then fc is at fault here imo.
Playing since release on the same pve-c server, i have literally poured over 4k hours in developping those builds and getting them deleted without proper indication, what was wrong is very frustrating to say the least.
On our server, from the people that are playing since release, only 1 didn’t get his bases wiped. All others got their main bases deleted and got banned for a period of time.
All in the last 6 months, the last one last wednesday and their bases were standing they way they were for 3 years.
Anyway, I didn’t claim that FC is banning people without any reason, but I just replied, that not all remarks from people regarding deletions and bans are bs.
I built up again (smaller) and hope that I am adhereing to the guidelines this time, whatever they may be (as you rightly pointed out, no way to be sure and that is the biggest peoblem, we are not talking about a new release or early access here.
FC had a brilliant idea and base game with conan, far superior to any of the other survival sandbox games out there and building was/is a big staple in that, but the execution and communication lack in several departments and the only reason some players stick to it despite of this, is because we love the base game so much.

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Hmmm I dunno… Prolly it’s different for XboX users… ?

Mounds? You mean “Mounds Of The Dead”? Wait, you built a base there? Hmmm, maybe that by itself is why it was deleted? You sure they said “lag” and not resource blocking?

I’m not Funcom, but I think they should either massively extend their XboX specific “no build zones” or stop accepting user complaints about others causing lag all together if what you say is true. But at the same time… Four bases? :astonished:

OK, so you had a base close to the Mounds of the dead, AND close to the obi. And by your own admission the server was experiencing degraded performance near a valuable are. And you are questioning why your base was deleted why exactly? Now the simple fact that there were other people who also had (as you are claiming) larger bases that also were deleted and by your own admission the lag there is now no longer an issue I would say they did their job.

As for Funcom not not being that thorough when looking at the cause, if they are looking at a report that X is in violation of the TOS they are going to look at X. They are NOT going to roam around the map searching for Y, Z, A, B and C as well. They have a report on X and they are going to respond to X and X alone. That is how it works. I fail to see how this is a difficult concept. :woman_shrugging:


who is talking about xbox? And there are plenty of hills around mounds where you can build without blocking anything

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then let me put it differently, if funcom makes a no build zone (which they do) the problem is solved and noone wonders if they can build there or not. If I allow building in an area and then go in and delete bases with some justification that is not clear, then i am sloppy as a service provider and am alienating customers by taking intransparent measures, instead of fixing the cause.
still today, i don’t know what I did what caused them to delete the base and on top of that, if that is happening all around, it is pretty clear that it is not malicious intent by the players, why also ban them?
Don’t get me wrong, it is good that they enforce TOS, but if they are formulated in a way that it isn’t clear to players what constitutes a breach, then it isn’t the players fault and i personally know of quite a lot of players that left the game due to this behaviour by funcom.

Buildings which degrade server performance is pretty clear. You yourself pointed out that the server was experiencing degraded performance in that area so it is also pretty clear that you understand that as well.

Not even remotely. By deleting the bases which are causing the problem they are in fact fixing the cause. Adding massive no build zones all over the map will do no one any good and will only force everyone to build on top of one another thus making the issue of degraded server performance even worse. Furthermore it will also negatively impact people who play solo/offline co-op by restricting where they can and cannot build no absolutely no reason.

I find that to be false as you have already stated exactly why. Base was build near the Mounds of the Dead and near the Obi at the Mounds and the area was being effected by lag. These were your words. You do know as you yourself pointed it out. :woman_facepalming:

Yes. It is.

And when said payers also clearly point out the exact reason they breached said TOS, they cannot claim not not understand. :woman_shrugging:

So, a lot of players were breaking the rules and got caught doing so and left the game. What exactly is your point to this statement?

Sounds like the solution is to make the map entirely no build except for a few small buildable areas (limited in height too) where only one person/clan can build, separated by no build zones so they don’t influence each other.

Everyone gets a small plot and they can’t break any rules. :+1:

Good job, thread. Good job.

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Sorry, you don’t get the point. And if you play the game for a long time, you should probably know that mounds is laggy even without any buildings around, but that is another topic.
Apart from that, sorry, this is word play. I said several times that it is not clear what it was. If I throw the words building abuse at you, would you know what was wrong? Too big? Too many placeables? Too close to the obi? Malicious reporting? No way to tell what it was. Do I have any ingame tools or messages, that tell me, that I am building something that I shouldn’t, because I am exceeding whatever limit? No! So, you are saying, the unclear definition and lack of ingame signaling, the trial and error, which only will become relevant because somebody reports you, are sound game design? No, they are not.
So we built further away from the obi, we built smaller and we used less placebles at each of the new locations. Btw, we are a 9 man clan with 3 Bases at the moment and a total of 13400 building pieces, which i don’t consider to be that much and not abuse of anything.
And don’t get me wrong, I am not whining or blaming fc for enforcing TOS, I still enjoy the game, but I at least would expect a clear guideline, which the ToS and code of conduct, sadly are not and if you read them properly you would have to agree.
All I am trying to say, is that it isn’t as black and white as some people are stating it here and funcom are not infallible, some actions seem rather more like a statement (look we are doing something) than a well thought of action plan and that is something that also shows in balancing, patch history and some directions the game took. If you deny that, you are deluded, sorry, no offense meant.


Well, letting build people everywhere and then go in and delete things, they poured their heart and time into is also not the right thing to do.

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And at what point is getting serverlags at a place the players fault if they all build their bases up tos confirmed to that point?

I can go to any server, search for an empty spot to build and get neighbors after some time. They will not ask me, they do not need my consent, they just go and build because they like the spot too or because its close to a ressource like brimstone. So even if I only build a small base and try to stick to the tos as best as I can, serverlag is inevitable at some point. The more people build in one spot the more server lags will accure. Do you really think people will move their base every week just they got a new neighbor?

Funcom never said it is forbidden to build close to someone else or on certain spots like mounts, brimstone lake, black gallion or the sinkhole. They only said you should watch your base size so you do not produce impactful serverlags. Every base, even small once cost you serverperformance. There is no way around it since every piece you build has to be calculated. The only differents is its not that noticable if you are alone in that area. But the more people build close to you the more the server will lag at this spot. It is normal and not the players fault. In my opinion, a bann is only reasonable if someone is intentionally building up a hugh base to cause lag for others so they do not get raided or something similar. Just building up a decent base at a spot that you like to simply play and enjoy the game like it should be, is not.

Okay, so? If your build isn’t the one making the server lag, why should you be worried?

No one is arguing that they should say that or are saying that. You came up with that yourself.

Completely true and completely irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the rules. Here’s what the rules say:

So tell me, which part of that says you’ll get banned for having neighbors?


We all see art and adventure differently but if I came to that area and saw someone’s base I would cuss and blurt out names not repeatable here - very “immersion” breaking IMO. My guess would be (just of common sense) that if Funcom didn’t make the entire area I circled in red a no-build zone it would only be because they thought someone underpowered might wanna build traps, lay down a bedroll, or make a temporary bulwark. Yeah, If I was an admin on a public official server I would actively look for any excuse to demolish any builds there over about 30 to 50 pieces. Just me I guess.

I do agree that the admin or Funcom or whoever is on patrol should be more clear. I think maybe they should incorporate “immersion breakage” into their vocabulary if they’re having a hard time justifying the demolitions otherwise. Anyway, so on that point we agree. Yup.

I also think there should be a popup warning :warning: message letting people know some days in advance that their base will be demolished. Just having it deleted with no warning is very uncool IMHO. Let people know - pop up a message at log-in “All your basses belonged to us. Your base violates XYZ and will be removed in 48hours - this decision is final and nonnegotiable. - You have been warned.”

Or if they wish to keep it RP then something like “You have angered the gods! The gods have determined bla bla and will be exacting their anger bla bla…” with a count down. etc.


I think erasing people’s builds without contacting them beforehand (and giving them a chance to correct any errant building work) is just wrong.

Okay, yes, some builds (come on we have all seen them!) are just truly obnoxious, and were obviously going to fall into the ‘delete me now’ category.
That being said , there are some that might be more borderline, and while not created with any malfeasance in mind might just fall foul of the rules now being reinforced. Hence the calls from those calling for more clarity.
Honestly I don’t think it’s unfair to ask for that, in some cases it may not be clear that your base is the culprit for any server lag.


I agree, although I dunno about rectification… seems that might be more trouble than it’s worth. I like the RP version I mentioned above… “You have angered the gods…” - Heck, they might even wanna have a random god animate and go there to do the deed. Of course with proper messaging [somewhere?] to let the player know it was actually legislated by the admins.

Anyway, that’ll at least give the offender some opportunity to act. Like set up a small hut kinda far away with a buttload of boxes or storage vaults and go about salvaging whatever they can.

I wonder if any devs, asset creators or designers will read this thread and actually consider it?

And I must have one helluvan awesome machine and net connection. I never see server lag unless there are over 40 people logged in. So basically just on national holidays (Asian in my case). Another reason I assumed @lanier67 was on an XboX.

Regarding Email Correspondences:

Lot more work to do that. First, CE does not tell you who created the base(s) just the clan. So, you would have to contact everyone in the clan to make sure someone is aware of the issue. The admin who is working on the issue, may not even have access to that information.

Then they have to write up an email regarding why it was an issue. This could potentially slow down the help desk tickets farther than it is already moving.

I am sure, some would want screenshots of the issue (so more work and time). Let’s assume all correspondences is in English for arguments sake, which may not be completely helpful for the player who may not comprehend English.

Then if you do an email, then there probably require some back and forth between Funcom and the player(s) regarding the issue so the issue would not be resolved for a long while, which would make others (non-clan players) feel like nothing is being done.

In other-words more red tape and little progress… Government in action.

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Yup, a text message to everyone in the clan. Completely automatable and practically ZERO server processing time required. They could even use the chat window if they liked.

It’s a form letter. One person to write them all once. The Admin ticks the check boxes that apply and the messages are sent. Zero slow-down.

Well, sucks to be them… Not needed, not required, not happening.

No, not via email, that would be a bad idea, although part of the automated process could also fire off the same form-letter via email easily enough.

Way less red-tape and almost no users coming here to complain about unclear rules. The gods did it to you, you were informed, YOU deal with it, it’s part of the game!