When is the Next Patch

The sentential in your post changed while i was about to awnser. Thats realtime communication! :rofl:

Oml, you have an actual QA Team :flushed:

I haven’t heard those words in years, been living in the dark ages of Early Access and paid alpha testing for too long :sob:

You can reproduce this reliably and it’s extensively abused on online servers.

It does not work on Singleplayer though.

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And we’re aware of it and also working on a fix.
However, we do not tolerate threats nor users openly acknowledging going to violate our community guidelines in the future.

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I’ve heard what has been said in the latest stream regarding exploithunters.
However, there has no statement been made regarding giving feedback wether this has been heard about.

I would strongly suggest giving feedback in the way of “yep, heard of it, is in queue to fix”, “we’re working on it”, “cannot reproduce”, or “fixed internally” via email… That way only the one who filed the report at that thingy will receive any knowledge, which will still be rather blurry. But s/he will immediately receive a sign like “hey, we got that, thanks for telling us”.
I think there is no feedback at all currently (aside of what was told in the stream) and so people just see, that whatever they sent isnt being processed at all and grow grumpy. …and start to tell everyone about these exploits and get banned for themselves having turned desperate.

So as a shoutout to whomever reads and sorts exploithunter thingys… Please consider this.
If people grow desperate they will spread it in public instead of just telling you. I think it’s just human behaviour…


I think that we would be very happy if Conan Exiles was patched every month like Rust.
Rust has an amazing update regularity and all players are looking forward to beginning of every month there is something new and some fixes, and what is coming is announced upfront.
Here is what i mean: https://rust.facepunch.com/changes/1

But we do update monthly (or more often) and we announce upcoming changes and additions (via the News and Announcements section and Testlive) :slight_smile:


There is also the twitter, Upcoming features wiki page discord, stream summaries and streams themselves.


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So when can Console players look forward to getting the massive Testlive update?

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@Hotaru99 see

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was it moved again to next week or next next week?

Maybe tomorrow, as they mentioned wednesday and thursday, which means they have a target but it could be early into next week.

Well they’ve always had a target. The problem is it keeps moving.

True, I’m kind of tired of waiting too. Ngl, i’d take it even if there were issues :confused:

They listened to this kind of request once. It was horrible, broke more things then it fixed.


Many times they released a patch which drove people nuts because of bugs inherited. They were blamed to have no QA and do not the slightest testing of themselves. Now they delay it for a few days because of some serious issues and people have to complain about it. Just look how many bugs were reported in testlive section. If they would shove it to live and you find some issues everybody will blame them for asking feedback and then ignoring it. They do exactly the right thing and they should stick to it! Yes, this patch has gone a long way but it’s a big one, too.


Hey, as long as they don’t end up following the Duke Nukem Forever development cycle, I guess it’s ok.


Yet you do nothing about those that abuse without saying they will?
Honestly… do you not see the issue here…

People complain about exploiters, proof and all. Nothing gets done due to… err… stuff…
So result is honest players state they will use the same exploits just to keep the playing field level. And you want to punish them not the real exploiters? Sure, that’s going to make the problems go away…

Sounds similar to a gun control debate…

Let me know when you guys get your head out of the sand…

We’re working on it, just not talking about it since it’s a sensitive subject.
Also, please take a look at this:


And your point is?

As far as I know someone said he’d use an exploit that many other have been using for ages, yet he’s the bad guy…hmm…
Some threads that were just never ending spam you let continue, like a bad dr Phil episode… are there good dr Phil episodes?

People rant and rave with explicits censored for days without intervention aside from other forum members…

A while ago I flirtingy (yet innocently) gave a staff member a compliment, and moderators shut me down… in real life, it’s the recipient that says thanks but no thanks. Irl generally with a giggle or some such, but no big brother stormed in…
Seems to be a thing with mods on this forum…
Honestly, I’ve been around forums since the internet pretty much began, have been a member of many fora, (yes that’s the plural) and never have I encountered… (partial removal because apparently truth does hurt…)

Prove me wrong…

Thanks for proving me right rather than engaging in productive dialogue…