Funcom please do not do this!

Funcom if you read this I understand you want to make things more challenging for the players but you have to also understand this on the players part the grind is tough and players have to figure out ways to work around the bugs and crashes on your game us veterans have figured how to deal with most of the bugs but many newcomers don’t they play and eventually quit this week alone 7 players or clans quit on my server I know I scavenged 4 of the bases I missed the 3 others yes new players have joined but I’ve been playing since EA and it’s the usual routine … I believe these players play enjoy the game some deal with the grind others give up those that push forward try to figure out we’re to get all these weapons and recipes then they run into a tough grind trying to get enough high value materials to make flawless epic armors some have been able to make a few but then they realize they need to make many more for all there thralls but need to finish building there T3 base for purges and others things they need to farm and get done it’s almost an endless job and they just give up … when I scavenge there bases I see what they have and know what they were attempting to do and they just give up if your game was perfect (barely any bugs or crashes) then maybe increasing the challenge wouldn’t be so bad but having to deal with these problems and you changing the game to make it more of a grind even diehards like me might not be able to deal with it and in all honesty I love this game I’ve been playing since EA and imagine all that I have accumulated over all this time but understand this my love for this game can only go so far don’t push me away Funcom


Apparently, the plan is now we have to micromanage thralls.

That sounds fun.

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Cash shop is where tencent comes in.


Good grief. They aren’t going to do a cash shop. Just stop.

STONE … I’ve been playing since day 1 EA do you know how much stone I’ve farmed from then till now I couldn’t even tell you it’s the easiest thing to get I could farm probably 100k stone in 30 mins but now I have to force myself to make a run to farm Stone (I hate it) now I’ll need to repair my thralls legendary weapons, shields, and armor I’ll need to farm tons of legendary repair kits farming is not fun when you have to do it for a long period of time and add that to other things you’ll have to farm to get things done … yes I’ve done to majority of the work already but imagine new players that are just getting started

Hey there,

It does seem that this video might have jumped the gun and assumed these are intentional, undocumented changes and announcing them as such before reporting them as possible issues in the Work in Progress build available on Testlive, or waiting for our confirmation.
Please, instead of assuming something is intentional in a Testlive build, do report it to us first or ask if it is, at least, an oversight in documenting the patchnotes. In this case, it does seem to be an issue in the current Work in Progress build of Update 2.2 and it has been relayed as such to our QA team, pending confirmation.


I used to communicate and help new players when they joined my server I would give them stuff and a few thralls to help get them started but a month later they quit I don’t even bother anymore trying to reach out to new players since I know they’ll eventually quit there’s only two of us left (this one player who I’ve gotten to know and myself) from EA everyone else are new the game is already a grind besides dealing with crashes and bugs making the game grindier will definitely push new players away even faster and will even push us veterans to the limit

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This isn’t new with test live.

Durability loss for weapons on thralls appeared after one of the recent big patches. I noticed this many weeks ago.

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My thrall have alredy broke some weppons and shealds so im afraide thats (bug) its alredy in the game.

This is why most of us only trust videos from JustHorse and others. Rather than Firespark or Wak.


@Masmassu and it has been reported weeks ago.

I think (and that’s only my thoughts) Funcom added new shield functionality with stamina regain. In this case shields have to loose durability so they nerfed some shield durability capacities and added shield durability loose for thralls. But not for other weapons which I hope is a bug.
P.S. It seems logical that nemedian helmet lost possibility to repair weapons and shields too.

The video did not jump the gun. In Funcom’s “cut and paste” reply they mention this is intended for a future release. It is therefor something that needs to be addressed by the community. Apparently it’s already been live for a while if you read others’ comments. Don’t be diverted from the issue at hand: if Funcom is contemplating thralls’ items losing durability, they need to know that that is a recipe for disaster. And for those of us that love this game, this forum is our only way to communicate this urgent message.


In Wak’s video the thrall had no sheild

Yes, I am aware. I was replying to this:

Just to confirm and address some of the misinformation.

Durability changes to thrall’s equipment, shields having lower durability, shields not taking stamina damage and undocumented changes to some items’ stats are confirmed issues that are being looked into and being addressed in an upcoming hotfix on Testlive.


It’s good to see the staff giving us some feedback =)

Btw, tell devs that there are some exploits already reported breaking the game (more than 5 ways to crash the server, duping itens or getting full stats in the process), flying bases…

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much of what funcom is doing of late seems to be designed to cause people to decide Thralls are a waste of time ! I wonder if they want people to stop using them as thralls are causing stability problems and leading to crashing ???

IF they use durability THEN they must be able to repair their weapons provided you give them materials or repair kits.

Then they shud us to be able to park them in baracts or somthing and only come out when we need them.